Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Asam Laksa in MidValley - Halal wan

Famous Asam Laksa can be found in many places in Penang. But we stumbled upon this place, Garden Cafe, in 2nd floor of Jusco MidValley. It is unusual to find a cafe situated in the middle of a Electronics Floor. While walking pass this cafe, you cant help but notice, bustling with activity and a long queue waiting to order. Usually it doesn't take long for the Asam Laksa aroma to hit your nostrils.

(Ting ! ) Light bulb glows, hmm looks like a nice place to eat.

Two months after that, we finally came by to eat.

Asam laksa smelt very nice. Serving was small, but it does taste different compared to the Penang ones. Penang Asam Laksa , tastes sweetish, got more of that Prawn paste while this place I think they stinge on that abit, instead, they hentam more MSG into the bowl of noodles. Garden Cafe's Asam Laksa is a bit more salty compared to the Penang Variant. Here they stinge on the fish, noodles serving is quite large.

Overall, it tastes quite okay, just that they stinge on some of the ingredients. Penang flers go try la !!! Not bad wan.


karynn said...

try many times before already... yum yum! :)

Anonymous said...

aiya you different, you kl person ma... wakakakaka

Anonymous said...

i think the nasi lemak is much better leh...for authentic asam laksa, haf to go to Jalan Alor lor..good stuff..or La Manila in MV is not too bad too..loads of ingredients