Thursday, February 01, 2007

Restoran Yap Chong - Jln Pudu Ulu

Its FT Day and Thaipusam combined today. This means nobody works which means traffic congestion every where in Kuala Lumpur. So what do we eat for lunch if we were too lazy to cook ourselves or we have been eating the same old stuffs everyday ?

Yong Tao Foo ??? The Jalan Pudu Ulu Yong Tao Foo restaurant has been a favorite for Cheras and Kl people, for many years now. I am not sure how I came to know about this restaurant, but I remembered many many years ago, mu uncle brought me to this place to eat Yong Tao Foo.

It is the little lane next to PGRM HQ at Jalan Pudu Ulu. It used to be a squatter area, but since the PGRM HQ building was completed, the government systematically cleaned up the squatter area, relocating the Squatters into little pigeon hole low cost flats in the area.

Okay so we ordered, Curry Fish Head, Yong Tao Foo and a serving of Fried Vegetables. It was really cheap, the place is air conditioned and the food is quite tasty. Really have to point this out though, Yong Tao Foo comes with soup right ? Their soup does not seem to contain MSG. But then the rest of the dishes were too oily for my liking. Especially the curry fish head. If I were to eat there everyday, surely my arteries will be clogged up within a year.

Kekeke... nice food , cheap and tasty

How to get there :

Sorry address I tarak, but can show you on the map...

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Note: Updated Aug 4th 2007


Anonymous said...

why not go for Ampang Yong Tau Foo lar?

Anonymous said...

Difference is price, and range of food available. Ampang YTF has a factory that mass produce their YTF and distributes it to their various branches all over the City / Country

Yap Chong still makes their own YTF. Their dishes are not bad also, only problem is that they are all too oily