Wednesday, April 25, 2007 Part 4

They came and took my blood every morning. There was a period of 2 - 3 days which I remembered those nurses kept coming in on the hour to monitor my bp and temperature. I experienced a suppository for the first time in my life.

They stuffed fever, gastric and anti vomitting
medicine up my ass. I gotta say, suppositories worked really well for me, especially for the fever meds. The reason why they had to stuff meds up my ass is as according to them, I kept throwing up meds they put in through my mouth. Not true, about my meds getting vomitted, but I did involuntarilly vomit quite often before meals and sometimes after meals.

My appetite was not there at all, and of course the hospital food did not help much. Coupled with the fact that I haven't had curry ( fever not supposed to take curry or something like that), the food I consumed during that period were like, white bread, milo O, fish porridge ( with no fish ), chicken porridge ( where the chicken smelt like they didn't wash it), we get cream crackers for tea time ( not bad but too dry for me to swallow).

Mom will always ask me, what can she cook for me? She tried Mee Suah with fish. That was a lot easier to swallow, because mee suah is thin noodles, with soup. Lu
ckilly I had mom to cook stuff for me, but once she knew I could eat those, she just repeated it. Yucks !

She also brought double boiled bitter gourd and frog soup. Supposed to have the cooling effect on my body.

I'd moved rooms, the doctor put me next to another dengue patient. That young fler seem to recover much faster and easier than me. I spent two nights there and the fler was out liao. I had another Indian fler who had kidney stone problem he, also got discharged. And also another old chinese fler whom I did not know what his problem was, also got discharged on my second night.

Saturday afternoon was a quiet one. I was the only patient in the ward of four. I hate ward visitors, they are fucking noisy and they come in numbers. This is supposed to be a fucking ward, where patients are usually feeling fucked up and wish to rest. But they allow visitors to come in flocks, and make a lot of noise. Talk on their handphones and shout across the room , etc.

Sunday I had a new room mate, some mamak fler. He had a crowd too, but at least the
y were much quieter. I totally hate it when they bring kids to the hospital. They run around, make a whole lot of noise and disturb the patients, who were already feeling fucked up. I am sure after the kids run around and make all those noise, the patients felt more fucked up.

You know what? I got a theory. The hospital people know that by having visitors around they will make noise and disturb other patients, it won't make you die, but instead they make you feel more fucked up so you'd stay an extra 2 or 3 more nights. That way they make more money.... coz they got two or more days to feed you their medicines, you sleep on their uncomfy beds and utilize their room for a few more days.

People wh
o visit should just come, say hello , wish them well, give them their flowers, fruits , whatever and leave. If they want to catch up, they should do it at the cafeteria downstairs. Its like when their friends / family members are not sick they don't come visit....

My time I had dengue, was never pleasant, not even one second of it. The vomitting helped me feel a little better. The nurses were just doing their job , except for one fat nurse, who abused me while I was bed ridden.

I had no idea why she did try to inflict pain onto a helpless dengue patient like me, but she did.
She inserted the digital thermometer into my mouth, when inserting you should do it gently, but instead she'd poke the thermometer in my mouth, ouch !! Then for dunno what reason, the thermometer took an extra long time to stabilize, so she turned the thermometer while it was still in my mouth. It felt like fuck, I had no energy to fuck her , otherwise I might have slapped that Bitch ! So we know , that there are cases where the nurses would let off steam on helpless patients. Why they do it , only they know.....

Sayang brought the traditional remedy of Papaya Leaf Herb drink, tasted very bitter , but it was said to help a lot of dengue patients overcome their fever. So I took it obediently. My fever subsided for that night and I was able to sleep much better. The papaya leaf was pounded and the juice was squeezed out. Look I found a website of similar testimony about papaya leaf juice. Her daddy pounded them for me. :D

So Sayang and I had this debate, of whether it was the Papaya Leaf Juice or was it the blood transfusion that helped cure my dengue. I'd say a little of both. My body wasn't really responding very well to Panadol, in fact I never have been very friendly with Panadols. It doesn't work for me most of the time. Mom had tried to make Lin Yong , that made my fever worst.

Luckilly the Doctor moved me next to this dengue patient. Western medicine will not approve of administering Papaya Leaf juice as a cure in their hospitals, but instead, they put you next to the patient who has had similiar success with Papapya Leaf Juice. Smart right this doctor.

So when I was first given this remedy, my platelet count was down to 9. Earlier in the day, the had already given me 4 packs of blood. Two days later you could see my platelet count had risen to 167. By the third day I was discharged.

I had lost 10kgs after the 9 days of fever, mostly muscle mass. My body fat percentage is 28%. It didn't change much, but since my weight has gone down, I assume now my muscle mass has dropped tremendously.

My liver is enlarged, and the hospital actually tells me that I owe them 4 packets of blood. When asked whether I could give them blood back, they said no, not in a year or two will I have enough blood for myself. So now I am on a quest to look for 4 blood donors to give blood back to Pantai Cheras. The damage on my liver is quite bad la, so it seems.

Until today I am getting my blood taken to continuously monitor my liver condition. My doctor wanted to be sure that my liver is recovering at a good rate.

I looked up Medline Plus Medical Encyclopedia and it lists liver damage as one of the complications caused by dengue fever:


  • Shock
  • Encephalopathy
  • Residual brain damage
  • Seizures
  • Liver damage
Hopefully I didn't get any brain damage from the fever.

to be continued

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Anonymous said...

You did not go into shock, cos they were transfusing you. Encephalopathy means accumulation of fluid in the brain, which didn't happen to you either. As for seizures...errr...belum lagi, so most probably tak akan jadi. Liver damage...only time will tell. until then, no drinking lor!