Sunday, April 22, 2007

I know I have not been updating this blog for quite a while, there are lots of shit that happened to me in that time. I also don't know where to begin writing..... Ok, lets begin by looking at my picture when I first arrived in Korea, first images, @ Incheon International Airport. Remember that fat face !!!

I was in Korea for a week, on official business and in the after hours, we went on to see as much Seoul as possible, eat as much Seoul and to enjoy Seoul's outdoor weather as much as possible. That face got much fatter by the time I returned home to KL. In that one week I came back to KL, I ate more Korean food, but unfortunately, the eating spree did not continue for very long. A fucking Aedes Mosquito bit me, and I got dengue ( aiyah !!!! got bitten)...... as a result..

I am now, half the man I used to be........ almost everything.... :D

During the time I was admitted in the hospital, 5.5 days of it, I had a lot of time to do some thinking. All in all I was feverish for 8 days, before my last fever symptoms were cast away, and discharged, but those 8 days really took the toll on my body. Today I am still recovering from it all.

To be continued....