Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Revisit Nasi Kandar Kudu @ Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman

There must be something about this Nasi Kandar stall, but everytime I come by, it won't disappoint me unless they are closed la. It was just that I had brought a client over to check out this place, since they can't accompany me to eat at Kin Kin, I sold him the idea of eating at Kudu's.

I remember the last time I posted a review about this place, I was assured by someone , that the food is priced reasonably. After my experience at Pelita KLCC, Rm110 for an unedible Fish head, I am scared liao. Anyways, not to be side tracked, I picked up a Duck Varuval dish, one fried fish and some bean sprouts and some lady's finger. As usual I'd drench my rice with mixed gravy.

My friend on the other hand, went for a squid Curry, a fish and some lady's fingers.

Its nice, and its a must try place. I once asked my colleagues, if they'd walk past the restaurant one day, not knowing of its reputation, are they brave enough to try the food there ? 3 of them said, no... but after I brought them over, they were all amazed at how good the food tasted.

For map and address click here


Anonymous said...

Have never come across a duck varuvel before wor. Next time call me pls. :-D

HairyBerry said...

ya lor...pelita's kinda overrated hor?? everytime go to Sogo sure pass by this shop one...hehe...i've always wanted to check it out lar..maybe it's the compact glass (or plastic) panel display or just the large crowd during lunch or the colourful time! no time! *sigh*

oh, happy chinese new year, btw!

Bernsy said...

lyrical - hmm... duck varuval was on Today's Special that day, and just like you, I never had anything like dat before.. so I couldn't pass. Indians cooking duck, thats a first for me too, and it was good... the spices left only a little hint of game meat on the duck...

Nic - my friend commented there on my last post, got one nice nasi kandar around that area too, but not sure which one she is talking about. Because got a lot of Nasi Kandar that area..

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

so how much was it wor..u say until rm110 a fish head until i interested in how much ur plate cost haha..

Anonymous said...

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