Friday, August 10, 2007

Nasi Kandar Kudu bin Abdul @ Jln Tuanku Abdul Rahman

I never knew this place is called Nasi Kandar Abdul bin Kudu, but I knew all my life that this place serves great Nasi Kandar. My first visit over here was probably , when I was in secondary school, and my uncle was the one person who brought me here.

And this time around, I brought two of my colleagues to come eat. One Malay fler, from Kelantan, who usually very reluctantly touch Indian food , and a chinese fler who eat almost anything.

This restaurant is no looker, but I must say, since Abdul Kudu's daughters took over, the place has looked much brighter and noticeably much cleaner than before. Business is not as brisk as before. I remembered long lines, people queuing up to get their nasi kandar.

Having been going round eating, quite a bit of mutton and beef, this time I opted for fried chicken and vegetables. I also asked for kuah campur. Its really a good mix of kuah they give, but the server is careful not to drench the rice, unlike some of those guys in Pelita KLCC do.

I find their kuah, not too salty, certainly quite spicy ( you get to taste a full range of spices in their gravy), and yet, not too HOT, which is definitely cooked to attract more patrons. Just what I like. I can't remember if their curry had a lot of MSG or not, but it tastes fantastically good , for a dish that doesn't look really good... no big deal right ? Usually you will do the talking after the first bite... not before.

They also have crabs, prawns, squids, beef and mutton. Still don't dare to makan seafood in these type of MAMAK establishments. I had a bad bad experience at Pelita KLCC, so called want to show off when belanja customer makan. So I ordered, Curry Fish Head for Four (unlike a smartforfour which gives you extra mileage and extra air bags, etc ).. my curryfishheadforfour, cost me RM100, and we couldn't eat the fish, coz the fish head too hard.... I felt cheated... but didn't want to make a commotion infront of my customers I just paid and wowed never to go for those stuff again.

Kelantan fler: Said, hmm sedap, he loved it. So I asked, if you walked past this restaurant, would you walk in and try their food ? He said, no la... if not because you brought me here, I wouldn't have sat down and ordered food.

Chinese fler: said, Ho Chiak !! Give Thumbs up all...


Rasa Rasa Malaysia

Look out for a Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman, where at the corner lot ( there is a Pizza Hut), drive a little further until you see a Honda Showroom on the left, turn in there and look for parking.

No. 335, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman,
50100 Kuala Lumpur


Anonymous said...

food was good, price was ok.... always eat there when possible...

2 sotong plus 1 boil egg cost you 5.5 to 6.5 ringgit (plus rice). Crab will cost you 9-10 ringgit (plus rice).

BH said...

ok , can go try and eat some of those stuff when i get to go down to Kudu's again... Penang flers should go try and give me feedback , see whether Kudu's Nasi Kandar can rival their expectations or not

sunshine said...

Actually the really good nasi kandar which is at par with the Penang ones, is further along Jln Tar, past Sogo. On Sogo's side, there is a small shop where the nasi is served with the "kandar" on display. That one is bes sekali....soooo addictive...but can be pricey if you order the prawns.The kuah is dark brown, redolent with the spices, yummilicious!

tankiasu said...

Yea me seldom eat at curry houses, as they tend to overcharge us.

Bernsy said...

sunshine - read about that, infact most blogs review that place, Kudu's place get less reviews... will be looking to trying that place too...

Tankiasu - yeah lor, but anonymous said quite reasonable wo this place