Saturday, April 01, 2006

Operasi April Fools 06

The Royal Malaysian Police have always been an ambiguos figure in the eyes of the Malaysia public. To say the least, they have been empowered by the government to safeguard the Rakyat's safety and security. However so, with the negative press coverage on the wrong doings of the Police force, like for example, the increase in the number of bribery cases, the increase in cases of Policemen involved in serious crimes, have given the public a mixed reaction towards this same people who are supposed to protect us.

Last night was one great example. The gang decided that we would want to go clubbing, since its a Friday night. We all went to our usual hang out place, BarFlam in Bangsar. As usual we would open our bottles, the girls will drink, we will drink and dance all night long. Everything went on the usual way, we had fun, we got to know a few new friends at BarFlam which we always do. The music was playing and it suddenly stopped. The time was 1.30am. The lights came up and I was wondering, what the hell is going on. They are not supposed to close until 2am. I remember PJ or Selangor clubs are to close at 1am, which is the reason why we had stopped frequenting Qbar in Sunway.

An announcement blared out from the speakers shortly, " Ladies and Gentlemen ! We are sorry for the interruption. We are from the Polis DiRaja Malaysia. Please remain calm." After a few minute pause, the speakers which was playing our favorite tunes blared out again, requesting us to group up according to gender. Guys on the right, and Girls on the left. Later we were all made to surrender our IC , or passport or whatever documents to proof thats its you. The announcer spoke again, saying, they will be no urine test, we are just checking. If you are alright, you will be able to go home shortly. NO urine test, so I went for a pee pee straight away once I found out they were no urine test.
It took a while before all of us surrendered our ICs, as some drunked jerks, were not a cooperative. In the end, they also surrendered their IDs to the police. Then they started calling out names from their IC...

First Name Called out .... Vincent Teo !! *cheers and clapping from the crowd ensued*
The announcer said, Ok thats the last name *cheers turned to jeers*, because you people are so noisy, please be quiet... * WTF , the police actually have a sense of humour* The announcer was even dressed up like a DJ, quite "IN" so to speak. Like a fellow partyer himself.

During the calling of names laughter crept in and out as some of the names were really funny. "Said Al Hassan, Nibong Tebal" , somemore have tell people where you live. Walao !! Paiseh man! Some of us were just anxious to leave the place, as the music had stopped and we
were wondering what was really happening.

One drunk fella even toasted and shouted CHEERS ! to one of the plainclothes policeman.

Some of the names he called out, were like Ho Chi Minh (this one real chick la). It took about an hour to get everyone out, although I wasn't sure what the operasi was all about. Perhaps a practical joke made by the Malaysian police on us Party Goers. It was a low that night, for BarFlam. This picture on the left shows a few policement dressed in plainclothes blocking the entrance. The lights in the club were all switched on, and it was so much brighter than outside.

I really feel bad for Amanda whom I just go to know that night. She said it was such an unlucky night for her, she banged a lorry earlier that day and now kena raid by police while clubbing.

By the time I made it out, almost half the people originally in the club has already left. Most of them who are still hanging around outside were very likely waiting for their friends who were still in the club. Overall, I found the Royal Malaysian Police quite funny although I do not quite understand why they had raided BarFlam. The crowd are all decent people, who just loves to drink and dance. And of course there are people like me who goes there just to be with friends. Of course la, got drink. But then if kena road block that time, the traffic warden will surely ask, " Ada minum tak ?" , the instant reply will always be, " TAK ADA boss !!" Although the face is red.

For those people who drink and drive, be aware of those patrol cars that patrol the streets in the heart of KL. They will stop your car if they suspect that you are drink driving. Very intimidating to say the least, because they will tail your car for like a few minutes before they signal you to pullover.

Careful anyways when we drink and drive. Cheers! We will definitely go back to BarFlam again after what happened last night. Its still a nice place to hang out with a nice crowd in it.