Thursday, April 13, 2006

Watching Movies all !

Tuesday night was alright and it went by smoothly to say the least. Being absent from the movie theatre for close to, hmm... I think since January, and from then until last Tuesday , the previous movie I watched was Memoirs of A Geisha. To me that movie was just a hyped up story about prostitutes, in Japan. Besides the Geisha team had the marketing budget to advertise their movie, and that was probably what made it a big success. However, should you compare the numbers, their budget was 80M, and they raked in only 150M worldwide. I'd consider that a failure, although they made money from it.

Now this movie is something I want to rave about. Anyone watched Goal ! , you have to go for this one, although I am not sure if they will show it locally. My first impression: what the fuck is a hobbit doing in a hooligan movie ? Elijah Wood, a Yank , in a Brit movie ? Oh come on !!... The movie starts off showing how Elijah's Character got framed for pushing drugs as a Harvard Student of Journalism, got kicked out of his school, and fled to England to look for his sister (Claire Forlani ) *drool!!! man!!*


Being a football fan, I had to watch this movie, because its totally about everything you need to know about a Hooligan Gang that supports West Ham. Its really a story about grown up boys who loves football and drinking, and after getting drunk they always look for a fight with opposing gangs. It sounds like a fucked up movie, but after watching it, I now understand why there are hooligans. Well they dare to put a hobbit in a hooligan movie, I dare to watch it. Its a must watch. Football movie of the year. Hmm, I gotta watch GOAL too, and since Alf told me its a Trilogy, and its a damn superb movie, I really can't miss out on this movie too.

Winning Eleven 9

So, whats the think about WE9 ? I have been training to get myself accustomed to this game now. There is a difference in this version as compared to V8, and V7. The AI can learn on its own, and somehow the ingame tactics changes quite fast. For example when the team is winning and defending from a goal, they would change formation and sometimes substitute players just to use up a little bit more time. Secondly, the controls are abit different. It used to be that you had to press a few buttons to do a feint, but now everything is controlled using the Analog Stick, walane ! I suppose now you won't have to experience too many blisters on your left thumb anymore ! Wrong ! I am still using the joystick and controlling the keypad with my left thumb, and this game been getting me hooked onto it. Everynight, I will surely try to play aronud with different types of formation that would fit my team in the league.

It is indeed a damn good game, as a different formation gives you different results. I am not sure how FIFA2006 is now, but I am Winning Eleven Convert since 4 years back. Since FIFA2002 , if not mistaken and that was on the PS as I remembered it well. To make the game a little bit more interesting , each individual players can be asked to make certain runs, or you could quickly reposition them just by pressing the preset Strategy buttons.


So are there anyone willing to participate in a Winning Eleven League ? I am looking for people to gather up and play Winning Eleven once a week and play against each other. Oh well, lets just put it here first, later only try to organise some goons to come get their assess kicked. If got people interested contact me la..

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