Wednesday, April 05, 2006

American Chili's at Bangsar

Last weekend was just as hectic as the weekday. Not kidding at all, the load at work has been piling up since the end of CNY holidays. And to think back, when was the last time I had a Tex-Mex meal ? The answer was, too damn long. So when Connie asked to go for dinner, the answer had to be Tex-Mex and chosed Bangsar's Chili's. I suppose the environment was nice, although it had a sports bar setting. They have TVs at every corner but sad to say they only show one channel, ESPN. The place is dimly lit, and the crowd, decent to say the least.

Definitely a nice setting for a non-romantic dinner, but decent enough for two person to sit down and chit-chat. Moreover, the drinks there are bottomless, it is really a good place to have long chats. So, we arrived there at about dinner time. The crowd there being mostly families, the baby boomer type family, usually with kids under 12, mostly. And some tables we had yuppies, and only very few college or school kids occupying the tables. By the time we arrived, both of us were already starving so we just chosed to go to the smoking section which offered us free seating. We chosed a booth table just big enough to fit both of us. Sadly the table was really a bit too small for both of us, but at least it was cosy.

Both of us looked at the menu, Connie stared at me blankly, and said, " You choose whatever la !! ". For the first time I had a free hand at choosing what was nice. Great, we shall have something light then. Better don't eat so much for dinner, afraid that we might grow fat from eating too much. YA RITE !!! The friendly lady who was serving gave us a million dollar smile, and instantly, I totally forgot about watching what to eat. So here goes, Soup(Chicken Mushroom) and Dinner Salad, Triple Play, Combo Fajitas Nachos, Molten Choclate Cake, Banana Choclate Shake (for her) and Bottomless Fruit Juice (for him). After the soup arrived, it only took them like 5 minutes to get the soup ready, I suddenly realized, that I had not eaten all day ( kena HANG OVER) . So don't care la, belasah some and let Connie have the rest. The rest of the stuff were all right, I saw Connie keeping up with me, when it comes to the portions. The killa was the dessert. "MOLTEN" One big piece of brownie topped up with Vanilla Ice Cream and Choclate Fudge and Caramel Toppings. We both stared cock at each other for a while and said, how are we going to finish this ? Hahaha.. we did the best we could, but in the end we gave up. The taste was nice, and MOLTEN made the dish sorta like sound like some Danish Badminton Racquet Brand.

Connie was more than satisfied with the food there, and she said that, she would like to come back again someday. Want to try makan the steak, and the burger. All look damn bloody juicy. That I must agree with her. She really does have taste. Yummy !!! Flame grilled steak and burger.

*Drool* *Drool* *Drool*

Ok la, it was a superb Sunday night, capped off with superb company and superb food. What more can you ask for ? One absent minded TAI KU MA, SMSed while we were on the way to Chili's, " Pls come for buffet dinner at my place, Water Baby's full moon celebration." So after dinner and more chatter we adjourned to Tai Ku Ma's place. She said , " Food no more liao, people all still around", in my mind I was thankful to God, that the people actually finished all the food. I was not in any mood to see food again for a long long time, not after what we had at Chili's.

American Chili's, Total Score 7/10. Food was good, friendly service, the taste was alright, The Bufallo Wings a bit too sour, and the Molten abit too sweet. Other wise, superb. More than acceptable ambience.

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