Friday, November 10, 2006

Nasi Lemak Bes @ Kuala Lipis

After dinner last night we were all wondering what we could have done all la, so we all decided to try out this so called nice Nasi Lemak Stall next to a TNB transformer station along the Kuala Lipis - Merapoh Highway. So we set off of Lipis town straight towards Gua Musang, its only about 10 minutes out of town and we saw the TNB station.

Being early in the morning, all sure blur blur, but when you talk about food, everyone can wake up. We had to come early because they always sell out by 10am or something like that. Whats special here ? Nasi Kerabu and their Nasi Lemak. Try la, jangan tak try. Its really decent food, besides they keep their food in a cupboard with netting to keep flys out. Che wah, bersihnya gerai ni.

The pic on the left is the Nasi Lemak, they serve it with the usual condiments, the Sambal Ikan Bilis is served on a piring, and I ordered an extra piece of chicken. On the right, you have nasi kerabu, with telur masin and a piece of fish masak lemak. Two pretty nice dish , and very cheap. Although they could have spent abit more on the ingredients but they do taste nice, clean and is presentable.

Lunch and dinner was nothing special as we managed to see the Rakyat, turn up to support their local pasar malam , on a Friday night. Nice.

How to get there ?

From Benta (KL) drive towards Gua Musang. Drive past the first and second exits (right) to Kuala Lipis, and shortly after, you can see a TNB transformer station on the right. Its huge and hard to miss, with those huge pylons, being very visible in the station. This stall is situated right next to it.

They only serve breakfast and lunch.

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SC said...

Maybe the nasi lemak is bes from all that radiation....its fried your brains enough to make it taste good