Thursday, November 09, 2006

Up and Down , Lipis Jerantut


The day has passed on to be quite eventful, although it seemed like I was gonna bitch about it since early in the morning. Apparently people who live in small towns do wake up before the sun rises, I am saying about 530am. What makes it worse is that I could hear my neighbour talk on the phone as if he was right next to me. If he pull that talking loudly on the phone again, I am gonna make sure he doesn't get enough sleep.

Alright , the morning was okay, we set off to Jerantut for a quick site visit before we started work on building the house at the site. Its raining season and the riverbanks are bursting. However so, the site we were visiting is about a good 15m above the maximum recorded river level. The river is flowing much more faster and is only slightly higher than the previous visit, which was about 3 months ago. One look at the river , it reminds me of Teh Si ... flowing , yucks... that gives a new meaning to the drink doesn't it ...

Lunch came soon after we quickly finished our work there, identifying the site where the building and equipment should be erected. Mak Long's Gerai was where we headed to. Standard Malay cuisine is offered here , I had Nasi Ayam. Whats nice is the keropok which they pack into little plastic bags. The one in pic is called Keropok Bawang. Hehe, and this stall has Cili Jeruk.. wow this one made me sweat buckets. Siapa Makan Cili Dia Akan Rasa Pedas, but me I just sweat... What else do they have here, Kuih balam, Kuih APit , and many more funny kuihs which they packed neatly for sale.

So this Gerai is situated right in the middle of the Jungle, or Palm Oil Estate on the way to Kuala Tahan, about 1 hour's drive from Jerantut. So after lunch we quickly rush back to Kuala Lipis as we have more discussions to make with our contractor.

Along the way we managed to stop by Kuala Tembeling Jeti, the place which marks a 3 hours scenic journey to Kuala Tahan, the main entrance to Taman Negara. Nice little jetty it was 20 year ago, today, you call it a huge under utilised jetty. As you can see, there are three other guys in the background, those guys work there. No tourists in sight.. oh ya, there is one... taking photo ma.... :rolleyes:

This jetty somehow got one of the nicest toilet entrances I have seen in this part of the country.
The entrance is graced by yellow curtains, as if inviting to go sit on your throne, for 30cents. Pricey but I couldn't resist the temptation of visiting my own throne for only 30 cents.

Anyway we adjourned back to our quarters, after making our way round this new jetty building. It is really one heck of a jetty complex without anyone using it. We had our meeting with the contractor and then we went back tidor awhile.
So after a short rest we picked up the guys at the hotel and then went had our dinner. Lipis punya Bahtera Karam, fuiseh, punyala glamour nama dish ni. At first I thought what was this hoo har all about this Bahtera Karam, see see, ceh, SeeFood Tomyam wo. Not complaining, the dish was ok la !! hehe

After that tried to blog but couldnt, grr !! Anyways here it is.... Hope to bring more nice food stuff during my travels here at the Lipis area... Hope to see some nice food in Jerantut town also. and perhaps one of these days when I can escape my Colleague I can find some really non halal food to share. muahahahaha !!!