Monday, November 20, 2006

A Wedding Day To Remember Part 1

It was indeed a day to remember, and one which we were looking forward to, for a long long time now. Hmm, I really forgot when Yew Meng actually messaged me on MSN and told me, I have to be free on Nov 19, 2006. So I asked him, why ? Getting Married ah ? Surprisingly, his reply was , YES, how did you know .... Since it was gonna be many months more to come, we quickly forgot that he was getting married come November and talked about Golf and life in Atlanta. Oh ya thats the fella there on the left getting married on Nov 19. Had to take a picture of him dressing up like that also, because you will never see him dress up like this ever again.

3 weeks ago, our friend called up, eh, how many people coming for dinner ah ? I said two la, I replied your RSVP ma..... Suddenly I realized, wuah, our friend's wedding is coming soon jo. With a blink on an eye, so many months has passed, although I still don realize how many months has passed since he told me get myself
free on Nov 19.

VIDEO = Getting Ready in the Morning 9am

My day began 730am, when I woke up, and slept back again for another 10 minutes. These days, sleep is
precious. So by 8am sharp I got a call from Sayang ! wei u coming yet?. " On my way out," zipped up my trousers and off I went, raced down the Loke Yew Road towards Kepong to pick Sayang Up. We reached Yew Meng's about 9am. By that time, Wei Sing and Alvin has already reached. I scanned around to look for more guys to form the Motorcade to the Bride's house. 2 cars, Alvin's and Mine. And the Yew Meng's Flower Car. Alamak.

So we set out for Pick Yuen's place at about 915 and reached probably at about 10am or something like that. Little did we realized that they had the grill door locked up , with all the girls in there. Fuiseh, they formed a human wall of some sort, and after we handed over the Roasted Pig, Wine and Fruits, as our door g
ift, we were staring blankly at each other. The Big Kam (the lady who talks almost in rhyme all the time, you can hear her in the background most of the time) began her work. While we began ours.

The negotiations began,as we the Brothers (Heng Dais) face up to the Sistas (Zhi Muis). First thing, they asked for was Money, alamak. So nice , pay RM9,999.99 can get off scot free without having to do any tasks. But instead we also have ask la, what tasks we have to do first. hehehe. So they let us pick Cue Cards, nicely printed and slotted into Ang Pows (wow, nice touch to it). So the First Tast we had to do was EAT FRUITS.... yikes... What fruits la.Nice touch, A banana and two grapes tied to the waste of one of our brothers. The girls must have a wild imagination. Wakakaka.... Then we had DO EXERCISE, DRINK WATER and SING SONG. Wakakakaka. Obviously we passed the tests with flying colors. Oops except for the SING SONG part. Nobody spoke Hokkien. kekeke.

This video was from our final task, DRINK FRUIT JUICE. KEKEKE. After which we proceeded to the next stage, after they opened the grill door. I noticed just one thing through out the entire ordeal. There was lots of laughter.

To Be Continued.....