Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mum's Place - Damansara Perdana

I arrived late for Combat class on Monday night. I was just recovering from a back ache due to bad ergonomics design of the Proton Waja which I been driving up and down to Lipis and back. It was a terrible ache, so I decided to skip Combat. Got to the curve, ngam ngam 830 saw Calvin after class chatting with his girl friends... Said hi and off to shower.

After that, Wookie said he wanted to makan some stuff, then only I realised he was actually going off to USA for a fortnight on a business trip. He suggested Mum's Place, Peranakan/Nyonya Food. Hmm.. ok la since long time no eat nice nyonya stuff jo.

It looked like a normal restaurant from the outside. The motive is very retro, all furniture is made of carved wood, Marble tables ( just like granpa dining table ), hand carved wooden dividers, a little indoor fountain and slow nice music. The restaurant also sells these furnitures and some paintings. Anyway we were there for food so we sampled some good stuff.

Cencaru Petai

Four Angled Beans Fried with Sambal Paste

Sotong Honey Stars

Chendol with Red Beans

The overall cooking was good, I liked it, not sure about Sayang.. keekke.. The food was hot and spicy for most of the dishes we ordered. Oh ya we also ordered Kangkung Belacan , which I thought was done pretty well. The price here is so so, quite reasonable considering the fact that, it was clean, very nicely decorated, and the food was good also.

Location wise, a bit far for a Cheras fler like me la. But this place really is nice. Unique so to speak and is definitely worth a drive to sample the food here. Will come back to try more dishes here.


Anonymous said...

I like Mum's Place and in fact i was supposed to join my colleagues for dinner on Mon nite if not for the fact that i had to go see the doc for my flu...

Anonymous said...

aiyoo so cham.... anyways no need to hurry coz mum's place looks like she will be there for quite a long time .... good food , good environment...