Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bangkok International Airport

First impression counts a lot they say, and defintely Bangkok doesn't have the nicest airport, thats the first impression I got. although they can boast to be the biggest and newest and whatever la. Maybe the reason behind it is because their airport , which was only recently opened, September 2006. Suvarnabumi International Airport brags of biggest, tallest, newest. What the heck, first thing you see upon arrival is that you have to board a bus to get to the main terminal. Alah, I was clearly dissapointed.

Anyway it is a pretty airport if compared with KLIA. Since AirAsia moved out of th
e KLIA main complex, I must say the airport looks abit empty. I can't say the same for Bangkok's new aiport. It is huge, got lots of planes parked here and there. Many foreigners all whom speaks English their own way. Nice to see that Bangkok doesn't make a huge airport just for show.

As I walked from the arrival place to the international transfer terminal I walked the Horizontal Escalators, I wonder what you call them in English, they put nice paintings on the walls. I believe those are historical landmarks in Bangkok or something like that.
There are lots of shops everywhere you go. Selling just about the same stuff. The shops sells booze, perfume, chocs, and oh ya, durian chips and jack fruit chips too. The include some local stuff over here, interesting la. But I wonder who will come buy the stuff here. So I have only just arrived at Bangkok International Airport and I have already been Caught Water Fish Liao ( Sui Yee). I bought a bottle of mineral water for 90bads, and a power adaptor for 220bads. The currency is bad man.STRUCTURES

They also put up some really nice structures, and this airport resembles one huge Shopping Complex. There is nothing much to do here other then to eat, shop and drink (they have bars here). They also put up nice Ugly Statues by the side of the walkway, they are 6m tall and very very ugly. Its like they wanna scare 9 visitors away from Bangkok like that. Its a really huge terminal this one, at least to my expectations. Much improved from the last time I was here of course, in 1988. It used to be small, and smoky, everyone smoked everywhere. Now they have smoke lounges.


Talking about food, I haven't actually looked around the terminal yet. I know what I am having for dinner for sure, and that will be Burger King's Bacon Dbl Cheeseburger. Yum yum. It cost a whooping 195 bads. Shit man everything in this country is expensive. Duty Free stuff also expensive. I did not recall seeing a McDs in this terminal neither did I see some KFCs. I was looking for a Starbucks in this terminal, tarak also. Not that it is important, I am definitely doing the Bacon Burger... slrrrrp !!!

As I look around I didn't feel like I was in an airport terminal. It really is like a shopping complex, minus the bowling alleys and cinemas. You have people hanging around here and there, occasionally you have a lone ranger walk up to you and try to talk to you. People here are generally helpful, and I am not talking about the staff. The travellers are nice, helpful and try to be as informative as possible.

Right at the back of me is a large kids playing area, floor laid with foam like material so that kids can run and bump into floor as much as they like. Not really my kup of tea. They provide you power points, for travellers with notebooks to hook up and wifi is available also. From here i could connect to any of the 12 access points. A lot better compared to KLIAs lounges which only open up 45 minutes before the flight. No power points at KLIA.

My stay here at Bangkok International has been quite okay la. On my left you have Chung Kok Lous ( mainlanders) , An Aussie in front of me, a fellow malaysian just about 10ft away. Interesting crowd. The view from this pic above is the lounge. One half of it, with my booth in the middle, and a seating lounge of equal size at the back.

Its 512pm now and people are beginning to gather round this booth again. People come and people go. Mostly ang mohs la, no big deal. Anyway its a new Airport, I hope they are still working on improving their services and ammenities here.


Anonymous said...

Cheeseburger looks good...hungwee oredi. You got try Pork burger or not? Also very nice.


Kryptonite said...

Hi Bernsy,

"Horizontal escalator" - I like that! If I recall correctly, we can also refer to them thingos as Walkalators. I remember this from my old days working on the Y2K Audit for an international airport in 1999. Our job was to make sure that any desktop computer or laptop in the airport were Y2K compliant - even if they were:
1. clones, or
2. only used to play SOLITAIRE

What wonders, one wonders...

Now, back to SC's blog :-)


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