Wednesday, December 20, 2006

KLIA on the way to Ventianne

Alamak, this must be one of those dreaded days, of travelling. The idea of travelling for the whole entire day does not amaze me a single bit. Here I am sitting in KLIA waiting to board my flight to Bangkok where I will wait another 4 hours to board another friggin plane to Ventiane. They claim to be the world's best airport, whose world you would wonder. The wifi here is free to say the least but very very slow.

So far managed to get to window shop at the sports shop, nike having 10% off, the duty free shop as usual a haven for Ziggys, Chocolate and Booze. Oh and look what I found in one of the KLIA shops. A friggin TV waving at me, so I took its picture. I bet I will see a lot more of those in Bangkok... wakakakaka

I just found this out, this airport announces in many different languages, English, Malay, Chinese and Arabic. Fuiseh.. terrornya. Anyways its time to go off and board the plane after having to wait and wait for the pics to upload. Here is me blogging at the station, opps I am actually another 10 minutes walk from my boarding gate. 1240pm signing off now to board the bloody plane.


Anonymous said...

Hey baby...nevermind la, travelling is like that mah. At least you get to see things right? Take lotsa pics ok? Will miss you and can't wait for Vientianne on the way to KLIA.


Anonymous said...

eh, one more got duty free boh?
sayang again