Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Day I got Stuck in Jam

Whoa ! So long no post liao... *wink* lazy plus buzy combined to prevent me from posting. Anyway it was one nice Monday to wake up to, it was a public holiday for me. I'd anticipated to work this Monday, but what a pleasant surprise after a long drive back from Lipis on Friday evening, after having driven up and down from no where back to home, a colleague caught up with me and informed,

" Tau kan ? Monday holiday "... '
ya ka, ok la, thanks.....

So nice kan ? Holiday ma... But Sayang had to work so I decided to go look her up for lunch.
This was what greeted me. Check out that pic on the left, ridiculous traffic, at Mid Valley. Lucky me, I had my early warning early on, so I parked my car far far away and walked in. First thought that came to mind was, Got Gold to pick meh ? wkakaaka.

Anyway lunch was at Little Penang. Nothing special, I ordered Hokkien Mee ( Prawn Mee or Mee Yoke), and Sayang ordered her Nasi Lemak. Ice Kacang for me and Cendol for her. Their food nothing special to be honest. At least not up to my taste. Although I gotta say, the Prawn Mee was quite tasty, the prawns were too small. The Nasi Lemak was a rip off, other than the Nasi, the sambal, the chicken the fish, all tasted like , so so only. Ice Kacang, yucks.... they put raisins and huge ground nuts into it. Cendol was good though. kekeke.

So lunch was ok... I wouldn't say the food was all lousy, but when you call yourself Little Penang, you better serve extra good , extra Tasty Food. You gotta do justice to those Penang flers from the North who are so proud of their food. So after lunch we walked around and shopped abit before Sayang had to get back to work. So back to the question what so nice about Mid Valley ?

Look I found this Lady doing a workout Demo in MidValley. Workout1 and Workout2.

I rushed back to my car and took another picture of the jam on my way back. Oh my gosh ! The little red Kancil only moved two inches , after I had lunch and shopped. Either these people love to sit in the Traffic , listening to Mix FM or they just got no life. Maybe and perhaps they were all queing to catch a glimpse of the new workout sensation ? Makes you go , Huh ? ... isn't it.

So I was lucky to escape this magnificent Traffic Jam surrounding Mid Valley. Next time take the Train.. Mid Valley apparently offers Free Shuttles every 30 minutes to and fro a few places. One of them is Bangsar LRT Station.
Take MetroBus I saw a few picking up passengers. Take A cab, etc...

Managed to get home in about 1 hour plus. I wasn't listening to the Radio, otherwise I could have caught the Traffic Report from Mix or Hitz. Mid Valley not the only place tersekat kot. I wonder how the traffic report would have sounded like on Monday.

Welcome back to another edition of the DHL Road Ranger Traffic Report ( or some shit like that ). DHL Road Ranger Kong just called in to report that he is stuck on his way to Mid Valley. Another Road Rager, called up to report that there is no more empty car parks in Mid Valley. So please find alternative car park spaces , he also recommended we stack up our cars on the streets and keep our Radios tuned in, for more traffic reports.

All Roads leading to Jusco Maluri, Kepong, Balakong, 1 UTama all non moving. The DBKL camera reports shows a stalled lorry on the left lane of KM10.5 of the LDP. Please guys do not slow down and look , the number plate is WDD 6769. For those who are stuck in traffic please stay tuned for more reports, the others please just stay at home.
No wonder they don't pay me to do traffic reports. Wakakaka, I suck big time. Anyways, Dinner was something else. We opted to dine simple and headed back to Kepong's One Noodle for some nice noodles.
The one on the left is Seafood Curry Noodles ( Lai Meen , pull noodles) while the one on the right is Seafood Tom Yam Lai Meen. They put in everything you call seafood into this dish. It is worth every penny you spend on it. It has fish, mussels. three big prawns, La La ( wat you call that in Engleesh ah ? ), sotong, everything la in short. They give you lots of stuff. The Lai Meen ok la. Only complain is that the Curry , not thick enough leh. Lets compare this Curry gravy with those they serve you in Red Ginger @ D'Sara Heights or even the Stall at the 1 UTama Food Court, whoa the Auntie serves superb curry mee there. Anyway I'd still recommend you go One Noodle at Kepong or SS2, they win just on the amount of seafood they put into that bowl.

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SC said...

hehehe...why your blog always about food ah? 6769? You ah...trying to be funny is it? Mid Valley will be jammed until 2007..