Saturday, December 16, 2006

Online Pub Christmas Party Dec 15 06

It must have been one of the earliest Christmas Parties I have attended ever. No punt intended , but, I think they must have had this planned out early early to avoid clashing with other pubs. The Online Pub in Damansara Kim, in case you have never heard of it, is a pub which their Guiness Draught tastes a little bit better than the one you drink at Finnegan's. You know why ? This pub serves some of the best Hokkien Mee I have ever tasted, I wonder why it tastes so nice, but it look oily and greasy. Anyways, if you ever have problems eating, first down two glasses of Guiness and then anything and everything will go down a lot easier.

Now first look from the outside, it looks like a small little pub which serves a small community in Damansara Kim. You know, business is slow, everybody knows everybody kinda scenario. Look, on the contrary its not. The pub is full of people. Packed and this picture only shows you one half of the pub. Re
member this two dishes, Hokkien Mee and Pork Ribs !! Yum Yum !!
Oh ya, we were talking about the Christmas party, they served up some roast lamb, roast chicken, salad, mashed potato cubes, mushroom and chicken soup (I think campbell wan), and some bread. Simple, but suffice and it tastes nice. Whats our favourite drink there ?

Yup, thats it, the drink thats so frothy and rich in taste, it leaves a
moustache for you after you drink it. There you go half a pint of Guinness, and people will start snapping pics of you left right center. And it was a party wasn't it, and what more, whats a party without a live band. Yeap, one small shop lot can definitely fit one small band. 2 and Half Man Band. kekekeke.. and they played The Reason, hoobastank to begin their performance.


Hmm what else did I miss out. Hey Carolling... we have a bunch of little kids, adolescents, grown ups and senior citizens who came by to sing Christmas carols. Oh how sweet !!! A bunch from Sec 12 PJ Church.

And of course we all had to leave because it was getting kinda late. So we all said our goodbyes and went home with our bellies bulging with Food and Guinness and a feeling of time well spent in the pub.

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P said...

stumbled upon your blog!!pretty interesting.. :) looks like you had lotsa fun!