Friday, December 15, 2006

Dec 14 - The Day I got jammed up

Its has gotta be one of those days, where the roads of KL were all totally jammed up. I came back from Lipis, as usual after getting conditioned with the Over Maintained and under utilised roads of Kuala Lipis, I come back to Kuala Lumpur ( both also KL) a get lambasted with traffic jams here there and up everyone's asses.

I set off from Home (cheras) towards Kepong at about 7pm. Here is what I see on the other side of the road, @ Tmn Connaught. No wonder Calvin C always comes late for his class in LM on Wednesdays.


So smartla being a KL fler myself, I have had many years of running away from jams , and driving a longer distance to get to my destination. Just imagine this, when we need to get to one place from another, for example Origin A to Destination B.... a visual map will appear in my mind and instantly alternative routes will be plotted. In an instant a route will be chosen. In case Route A you still get stuck, this virtual map is pulled out and more routes will be plotted and chosen , so on and so forth.

So this particular route takes me from Cheras - Connaught Highway - Mid Valley - Mahameru. As such in the Mid Valley - Mahameru strecth I was able to record this on the opposite side of the road, it was going towards PJ from KL. Perhaps the video was blurry but believe me, it was fragged up , and I cant imagine myself sitting in that jam ( more examples of Newbies to the City getting jammed up in traffic in KL). Welcome to KL you outsiders. Do you know of anything else to do other than getting stuck in a fragged up jam ? I am sure you have , but loads of people doesn't as such they contribute to this mad rush to go home from their work places.

I finally reached Mahemeru and I felt like I was travelling at the speed of light ( with Coldplay - Speed of Light as background music all.. kekekeke), although I was actually only doing 80kmh. So bloody song man.... From Mahameru - Duta - Kepong. All in a jiffy.

So managed to meet up with Sayang who wasnt feeling well.

( Fast Forward till midnight, time to go home.)

Guess what ? Only in KL will you get stuck in a Jam in the middle of 12am. Fragg !!

It must have been a terrible accident, a pile up of some sort under the bridge. I thought I could read about it in the papers this morning ,but nothing except for NEW TOLL RATES. Fragg again !! So we live in a town where we pay some of the lowest Toll Rates, we earn some of the lowest incomes in the world, but then we get stuck in the most Traffic Jams also. I am sure the government will be looking a new plan to ease the traffic for KL citizens. Well done sirs ....

Dec 14 was the day that commemorated my return to KL, and witnessed terrible traffic. Dec 15 the government announces increase in TOLL rates and they kept reminding us we are paying the lowest toll rates in the world, and yet still get stuck in traffic jams. Sigh !!!