Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Goodbye Loganathan Arumugam


I was quite shocked to hear two days ago that Loga , one of the icons of Malaysian music was hospitalized. Sayang must have read some place that he was suffering from cancer. And then in a short time, she had read on some blog that he has passed away.

Although I was not a hardcore fan who knew the lyrics to all their songs, I have time and time again, confessed to how much I like their music. Although I have never bought their albums, I have always been able to walk into a pub where they were playing their songs.

The most recent gig they did was at a Pub in TheCurve, Damansara. Or was it Hotel Royalle Bintang. That picture was taken in Dec 16 2006. We never suspected how come Loga got replaced. Bands always change members, but in this picture Loga was replaced by someone of similar built. The only thing missing was the ball of hair on his head.

Anyways, thank you Mr Loga, for all the nice hits, you have given us.

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Anonymous said...

You should have seen the band with its original members which included their younger brother Shun who was the lead guitaristwith them for 34 yrs! He and the other 3 members of the band were accomplished musicians. And together with two great singers the band was superb and a total band!!! Now what kept the band going after the original members left is only the voice of loga and david. The band had lost its oomph after new members joined the band. They did not have a hit song once their younger brother left the band together with the keyboardist for further prospects. There is alot of dirty linen regaridng the band not being being shown to the public.