Thursday, June 21, 2007

Miracle O7

I was pretty much doing what I did in Miracle 06, I did a lot but I was not there to work out. This time my excuse was I had back pain, cannot jump. It was a Saturday, I had just come back from Pahang.... the terrible long drive gave me back pain ( however some other people might come up with their stories as to how I might have gotten my back pains).

Sayang took a half day off, so that she could attend this special launch, charity and get together with the body combat guys. I of course just like last year came by because she was there.

Service with a Smile (FF staff on the left, helping with registration)

By the time we arrived, the place Cineleisure was already packed with people. Not so much from Fitness First members, staff, etc, but the complex had other plans of their own. We went straight down to the LG floor to register Sayang and buy those tickets.

On the way down, we saw many familiar faces, especially CLM members whom I missed dearly. Since I wasnt gonna work , I might as well walk around and start taking pictures, to remember this event by. I got to say hello to my Body Attack gang, Body Combat Gang, and my RPM gang was there too (also just standing around ).

After watching the BC launch from the side, I found that I have either become less interested in BC or those choreographers at Les Mills are running out of ideas. Songs, becoming more and more rock like. On the bright side, I loved the Queen Song.

Back to just the launch, and looking at the 6 instructors on stage, at least this time around, they were each given a track to present. Unlike the last time, where only one fella , (eh Rene right ) presented the entire launch.

Its nice to see 3 other instructors up on stage for cool down as well.

THE REST OF THE PICS and One Video Right at the bottom

Combat Challenge Group from Cheras Leisure Mall (whats the group's name again ?) - Leader Jason , right most

Combat Challenge Group from - Leader Leslie (holding guitar)

Combat Challenge Group from Axis I think () - Leader Michelle left most, and The two Combat Instructor Trainees, Weng and Darkside

Also managed to get Body Attack Challenge Group, Pentium 5 see their hands ... they werent trying to grab me, just showing us 5

Before the launch, Shades getting his hair sprayed with color

The males instructors getting ready , putting on make up

Later that day: before the launch started, I went horsing around outside Cineleisure

Rings on FCI's head, angel ? hmm...

Ok the whole launch team including the three instructors who participated in the Body Combat Challenge thing.

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fatboybakes said...

was there a queen song in BC? which one ah?
but yar, i agree with you. i guess its quite tough also la, for les mills choreographers to come up with new stuff everytime, given that there are limited movements in the combat syllabus anyway.

Anonymous said...

Track 5 , the fun track wan...

The One you guys ran around Cineleisure with...