Saturday, June 23, 2007

Oldtown Kopitiam

Everyone's got their own Kopitiam franchise nowadays. Oldtown, those fellas who commercialised Ipoh White Coffee has also jump onto the Kopitiam bandwagon. In my opinion they are doing very very well, and to my knowledge has got the most outlets opened and has a good presence in the Klang Valley.

The general public basically flock to these kopitiams. They serve simple food, in cantonese we call them "siu sik" , Small food to directly translate. The decor is simple, yet nice and warm. The coffee tables are made of marble tops, similar to those I used to find in my grandpa's house.

On their feature wall, they have a wallpaper backdrop of the first OldTown Ipoh Kopitiam street.

We were on our movie pilgrimage, since we couldn't get our tickets from our preffered cinemas, GSC 2Utama (New Wing) and Cineleisure, we headed down to 1Utama TGV to watch our movie. We walked into this Oldtown , right outside of TGV. There were lots of people in this small little kopitiam. Ok, maybe it serves some decent food.

Here's what we ordered.

Thick Toast
Prawn Mee
Lum Mee
and White Coffee and Hazelnut White Coffee.

The thick toast arrived first followed by our coffees respectively. The toast was a pleasant surprise. It comes in a 1 1/2 inch thick toast with a half spread of butter, and the half of Kaya. Then its got condensed milk laid on the toast just before it was served. Special.

The coffee was just standard White Coffee, which everyone simply loves. Their Hazelnut flavour makes their coffee much more aromatic than it already is. Definitely given a thumb's up for their coffee and toast.

So thats the end of the good stuff in Oldtown.

Oldtown Kopitiam serves lousy noodles.

Why did I say that ? My LUM MEE, Beehoon, came out in clear soup, and almost dry. So, when I first saw it I thought it was bloody weird. The first mouthful was then followed by utter dissapointment. I finished the rest of my noodles complaining that this stuff shouldn't be made like this or like that.

Sayang ordered her prawn mee. When it arrived , after taking one look at it, I said, aiyah, their recipe tak menjadi la. I mean to say, Penang flers out there , no matter how desperate you are, just don't bother eating their Prawn Mee. Its served with the correct ingredients, please refer to the picture below, but the soup is made out of the same Ching Tong (clear soup) added with Sambal.

Prawn MEE

Lum Mee Bee Hoon

Other reviews that sang lots of praises about their food. I was the unlucky one who have tried their lousy serves.

KampungBoy Citigal - Ipoh Food Guide


I recommend you go for their Hazelnut WhiteCoffee. its definitely much better than any of your Dome's or Starbucks and it costs you about half the price. Their toasts are toasts la, I won't hoo haa over their toasts, but I wont'complain about Oldtowns choice of serving them.


Arena Green said...

Their Tomyam noodle is a huge joke too! I make a more authentic bowl with instant tomyam noodles than their watery version. Same goes to the Asam Laksa that never comes to you piping hot. I dunno why they can't hire a better cook. :-(

Bernsy said...

there aren't suppose to have any cooks. Its a franchise where they get their gravy, stuff, pre cooked or pre set... they just heat up and serve. Thats what I think la...

karynn said...

oooh... but am sooooo i luve with their hazelnut coffee. i get regular cravings for it!! in fact, i just had one earlier 2day :D