Thursday, June 14, 2007

Raub, Chinese Tarts and Pastries

It 's time to go back to Merapoh again. Stopping by at Raub purposely to go back to this unmarked Kopitiam in the heart of Raub. I previously had stumbled upon this Kopitiam , keyword "stumbled" after I had lunch at Ratha Curry house, "Famous Curry Fish Head Restaurant". Unfortunately for me, it was only famous, I wished it was delicious too.

So the story begin after we had lunch at Ratha's. While walking back to our car, we were talking about how you can be famous , yet your food sucks. How come in the heart of Raub town we couldn't find some nice chinese food to sample wan ? Just as that thought came by, we saw a Chinese Kopitiam, really traditional koptiam la. Inside I saw a lot of people queing up to buy something, that attracted my attention.

What were the signs of a succesful restaurant, or a place that sells good food. Firstly, you must see a crowd. Secondly there have newspaper clippings of their establishment published in various news papers. Thirdly, if their business is unmarked, and yet you find so many people in the koptiam... I concluded, this place I must try....

I contributed to the long que myself. I took my place behind a line of 6 persons. Since they were people infront of me, I got a lot of time to do my research on what they have to offer. Kaya Puff, Curry Puff, Egg Tarts, Siew Pau, Chee Cheong Fun.

On special occasions, they also sell Lou Por Biscuit (wife Biscuit).

So I ordered, Kaya Puffs, Siew Pau, Egg Tart (sold out), Lou Por Biscuit. Their kaya puffs were simply better than the normal ones. Their pastry smells nice, crispy and yet moist. Their kaya fillings are thick, and had a rich santan smell to it (definitely home made kaya). Their siew pau, tasted very sweet, not from sugar, but from the lard and pork they put into it. I must say those were some of the better tasting siew paus I have had.

Okay , so how do you get to this kopitiam ? I remembered if you were standing at the Raub Bus Station, looking across the street, this place is at the Kim Fah Hotel, opposite of the bus station on the Right Hand Side. It is just simply called, Kedai Kopi. Nama apa ? They didn't mention. On the outlook it just looked like a simple kopitiam, if not for the crowd they had inside there, I wouldn't have ventured into the coffee shop at all. I really Stumbled ( Pak Chong ) into this place this time.

Today I made the trip to go down to this Kedai Kopi again. This time I managed to sit down and ordered some drinks. I ordered a Teh C Ping. Chee Cheong Fun. It took a while for them to serve the drinks, and then the food. While waiting, I helped myself to one egg tart (which was sold out previously), Kaya Puff and one Siew Pau. The quality of their pastries, I just reconfirmed today are of excellent quality. I wouldn't say its the best, but for this price range, I must say they come in at the Top 3.

So the tea finally arrived after waiting for 5 minutes, abit too long for my liking. I took a sip. If you liked Uncle Lim's Teh C, this kedai kopi serves much better Teh C. Their Chee Cheong Fun, is also slightly different from the usual ones we eat in KL. The Cheong Fun is standard, the sauce is just nice, not too sweet and not too salty. Their chili sauce is standard, the usual chee cheong fun chili sauce, but they do add a tea spoon of sambal cooked with small shrimps (hmm... har mai sambal ). That probably made their chee cheong fun, a lot different and a bit better than the usual ones we get in KL. Their Fu Chook is rolled up, like a Fu Quin . Overall they also served some of the better tasting Chee Cheong Fun. There is another thing to this. They sell Chee Cheong Fun not in pieces, but by servings.

So after eating all that up, I was feeling full. More patrons came in and ordered different types of food. One of them that interests me is their empty thick toast, served with Chicken Curry. Will definitely come back to try this the next time.

So the next time you come down to Raub, do stop by and ta pao some pastries back to KL. They will obviously be better than a lot of pastries you've had.


SC said...

The egg tart compared to Tong Kee one how? Tah pau for me please? Muaks!

Bernsy said...

Tong Kee still got better egg tarts.

I am looking to go check out their roti and curry. Untoasted, traditional kopi tiam thick bread, slrrrp!! yum ! yum! ( nampak macam sedap , only belum try yet !)

Mise said...

I first stumbled on this place 10 years ago and have ever since faithfully made a stop there every time I was in the area. After a rather long hiatus, I was there again today and found that the quality of the pastries has deteriorated. We spoke to some people at Tras, a village nearby, and apparently the old pastry chef has passed the business on to the younger generation. It's still not bad though.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.