Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mee Goreng @ Taman Million, Jalan Ipoh

Jalan Ipoh, has many places that hosts some nice eateries. We were at one recently which we drive past quite often but have not had the time to go. Its at Taman Million , this stall is famous for serving nice and delicious noodles. I have had the pleasure of eating at this stall since, 1999.

This noodle stall is situated at the corner of the children's play ground, right outside of the stationery shop, facing Jalan Ipoh. I have been here many times but not recently.

The view of the stall from across the road

Wantan Mee , without Wantan....

Fried Kuay Teo, must add Mee.... alamak..

Its been I think 3 years since the last time I paid a visit to this stall. It hasn't changed very much. They still have 3 stalls, one for Frying, one for making the soup based noodles, (ching tong and curry ), and a drinks section. Whoa, road side stall also got organisation wan...

So the lady, who hasn't aged abit since I last saw her, came by to ask for order. Sayang had her wantan mee... but they don't serve wantan wan.... wakakakaka.....

I ordered Char Kuay Teo ( I remember very nice, and taste like Penang style wan). The lady exclaimed, " Kuay Teo only boh la.... only got Kuay Teo Mee...." Since no choice liao had to order that lor.

Their wantan mee not very nice la, although they add some curry on top. But the Kuay Teo Mee Goreng was superb. It was really, quite close to what you get from Lorong Selamat Kuay Teo, Penang Road Kuay Teo, get the drift ? However, I don't believe the Penangnites will agree with me wan....

I used to just eat their Curry Mee, but since we only had the tummy to eat one serving , so Curry Mee here will have to wait until the next time we come here again.

Oh ya , if you see a Satay Stall next to this place, don try it. The uncle burnt all my sates... yucks!!

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Anonymous said...

You no need to mention the mee coz they always put the mee with the kueh teow. LOL. Anyway, most of my friends preferred the curry mee compared to the kuah teow. They said, the curry mee is more famous. I enjoy both. :)

Bernsy said...

Agree with you , their curry laksa is good, but too much santan not so nice ma. Will come back try their curry mee again and put on my blog... ;)