Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Marmalade Cafe @ Surfer's Paradise, Gold Coast

I think I was under the impression that in Australia, everything closes at 5pm. I guess in Gold Coast, this doesn't apply. We made our way back from Brisbane Gold Coast after sundown. The weather has gone from nice and warm to cool and dry ( lovely weather of about 20C).

We were to meet up with cousin's Friend , Albert. I told my cousin I wanted to try 2 things, crocodile meat, and kangarro meat. So they brought us to Marmalade Cafe, in Chevron Renaissance. Owned by Steve and Sandy Tan, but apparently run by their Restaurant manager, Nigel. Anyways, I was quite surprised as to how the restaurants here really do it, because while we were waiting for a seat, my cousin when off to buy some wine to be consumed here. So I guess BYO is allowed.

So we ordered one entree/appetizer and three mains to be shared by the four of us, while I think Albert who is native here, decided to go for some Fish Steak, didn't take a picture of his food, because his arrived last, and I think he must be hungry.

Spring Roll ( Entree/ Appetizer) - about 15 bucks
Grilled Lamb - about 22 bucks
Kangaroo Dish - about 22 bucksCroc Meat , about 25 bucks

The dish I enjoyed the most, must have been the Kangaroo dish. Not sure what it is called but on the menu, Kangaroo meat only appeared once. I really noticed something about the way they prepare food in Marmalade. Their mains are accompanied by some sort of salad underneath. The Kangaroo's salad tasted very Greekish - Mediterranean which was totally foreign to Sayang and Me... some kind of herb in there which made it , yee whats that strong smell.

The crocodile meat, tasted a bit like chicken, but otherwise I'd say its tasteless and felt like rubber in the mouth. If not for the way the kitchen prepared I could have thrown the meat back at Nigel and broke his nose or something like that (the meat was so tough). I think the way they prepared the meat made it much more appetizing. This dish was consumed mostly by me, because the rest of them just didn't like it.

The duck spring roll is a specialty dish, and one that they are famous for I think. It tasted really good, and they served it to us in 5 pieces. Must have been because they were 5 of us. I gotta say too, Albert and Andrew did a great job selecting the 2 bottles of wine.

As you can see, all the plates were empty before the photographer attempted to take a picture of us. Again, don't mean to bitch, but the crocodile meat was something of a unexpected experience, and I would like to try that again someday. Unfortunately for us, its illegal to sell Crocodile meat in Malaysia, but I was told it can be found in Jurong Market for S$70/kg.

shop 36 Chevron Renaissance
Surfers Paradise, 4217
Open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (7 days a week)
Tel: 5504 7353

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Anonymous said...

Ouch, Kangaroo meat?
What else a human won't eat?

Anonymous said...

dude, Kangaroo meat is a delicacy over there. Better eat them other wise they contribute to a pest problem to the farms, and also most of the road kill we saw on Aussie highways, mostly dead kangaroos... heh...

its 98% Fat n Cholestrol Free, and it tastes like RED meat....yummy !!

MidnightJelly said...

I live in Sydney, and kangaroo meat can be found in almost every supermarket. Kangaroos aren't in short supply here and they breed fast, well, certain types anyway. And it's true what bernsy said, they really cause problems to farms and to the natural bushland. In any case it's not so much a delicacy as a really common staple meat and, in my opinion anyway, is perhaps better than beef in some ways!