Friday, March 07, 2008

MamaChops Papa Grill @ Amansuria PJ

We were just wondering what to eat after we finished a fitting session at Keith Kee's Boutique. We got to our car, and was driving to Amansuria, when we drove past, MamaChops and Papa GRill. To tell you the truth, no one have been to this place, and why not try out this place right ?

Thats how we always try food la, and so we walked right into the mamachops and papa grill outlet in Amansuria. It took awhile for the waitress to come take our order, as suddenly there was two more tables that arrived, just before us. Since they only had one girl working in front, we had to wait to get our orders taken.

After ordering, our sidedish was quickly served. This was a basket of garlic buns. Just KFC Hotbuns, spread with garlic Butter, grilled and served in a little basket.

Sayang's mom ordered her Mushroom Chicken Chop. She thought, it was just ok la. For me, it looked like it was styled towards the Hainanese Chicken Chop style of cooking. I took a piece and thought, ok la, it was really nothing special.

I wanted to have my beef, so I ordered this Grilled Ribeye Steak. I asked for Medium, but I got Medium Well. The rib eye was served with coleslaw, ala KFC style. But their fries were nice, and luckilly it wasn't served KFC style also. hahaha.....

Sayang also abit short on her Red Meat, opted for Mint Lamb Chops. Grilled a bit too dry for my liking, but she loved the lamb. Again the lamb, was not of the better ingredient, but in the end, our meal costed below RM50, so no complains la.

My complains with this place would be just two things, SERVICE, and they served me a 90% cooked Ribeye, when I asked for Medium. I wanted a bloody piece of meat, but they gave me a dry one, no hint of blood, and so on and so forth ( I like my meat Juicy !!! ) heh !!!

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Pros: Really Cheap for a Western Restaurant. Huge Drinks
Cons: Don't know how to cook steak wan.


KA said...

haha got to agree with you on the steak.

Anonymous said...

For a moment, I thought they were serving cat meat. Okay...lame joke.

The presentation is very clinical, isn't it? Too bad about the steak. Maybe you should have said "bloody" instead, but they may think you're cursing. :-P

Bernsy said...

Andy - most steak houses are like this in Malaysia, dunno how to cook their steak and still ask you, how would you like your steak sir ?

Lemongrass - wakakaka, presentation is no big deal, At the end of the day, you taste their cucumber and tomato,you instantly know its the cheapest you can find the market that is not rotten.... but really at those prices, we shouldn't expect too much....

Precious Pea said...

I saw this place everytime i passes by the highway (which is daily) and wondering if i should drop by one day. I like my beef bloody juicy too. So sad it doesn't taste as good as it looks hor?

KA said...

next time gonna answer :

how would you like your steak sir?

i like it blooddy juicy.

HairyBerry said...

yeah, i remember seeing one at sri sinar, segambut. very DIY western food, hor? but that kinda name makes me wanna rhyme lar...haha!