Saturday, December 08, 2007

Foods of Auspicious Meanings for Chinese Weddings...

Oh wow, I am getting married on Monday, and I am just learning about the cultures the our Ancients has been practicing. The ironic thing is about how the Chinese people uses food items to represents symbols with auspicious meanings. I was very surprised when my sister in law, actually bought these stuff and said, its to be put on your bridal bed wan.... I really stun 9 only. But after they explained the various auspicious meanings to it, I also accepted it with open arms... hehehe..

When the furniture arrived, my mom (the good fortune woman), symbolically installed the bed. The bed sheet's bought by Sayang's mom, which was very very nice to touch. Obviously, following traditions, it has to be pink in color. The foods stuff you see on top, is laid on top of a sepcial silk quilt cover, which Sayang's mom bought specially from China. Very smooth, very song !!

So back to the food stuff, and symbolic items. We were to put an even number of Tangerines, but in modern times we substituted it with mini tangerines (kat) which symbolizes, Tai Kat Tai Lei. Then you have a packet of dried foods, which consists of, dried longans, dried red dates and dried persimmons are sweet and will bless the marriage with sweetness [Source: The Wedding Blog].

The Pak hup, is there to symbolize a hundred years of harmony in the marriage meanwhile the lotus seeds and pomegranate is to symbolize the blessing of the marriage with fertility.

Tomorrow, my baby nephew will have one heck of a time, jumping around the bed, also as a way to bless the bed with extra powers of fertility. kekekeke...... Its fun and its really cute to see the little baby jumping and rolling around the bed. Its actually a pantang, for any adult to sit or rest on the bed before the wedding.

Last but not least, the long hexagonal black stick , is actually a long piece of coal (in cantonese its "Tan" ) to symbolize good fortune and good life for the couple. "Tan kei".

These are basically my last posting as a bachelor. Seriously, before I had to go through all this, I had no idea whatsoever, that there are so many auspicious meanings the items involved in a chinese wedding.....