Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Restoran Taktaz @ South City Area, Serdang

Recently I have had the pleasure of taking out some Arab friends to lunch. They can be very choosy as to what kind of food they eat. Rice is definitely not one of their favourites, although they are open to our local delicacies as long as they are branded halal.

So to save me the trouble of choosing where to eat, in the Serdang area, I asked them to bring me go eat Arab food. To my delight, and to theirs as well, I was brought to this row of shop lots, opposite South City Plaza, to this Restoran Taktaz.

As you walk in, you can't help but feel their sense of camaraderie amongst the Arab world, and their many types of people, as they speak the same language. My friend identifies them easily, this is from UAE, he is from Egypt, Iraq, and so on and so forth, while I was clueless as to how he knows.
We ordered a pitcher of Yogurt with mint. I believe its called Doogh, a kind of yogurt drink which is very popular in the Middle East. My friend, was telling me, they can drink these stuff all day back home, especially when its really hot and dry, Doogh, helps to keep them hydrated.
It wasn't to my taste, as it is watered down Moru, with salt and dried mint.

I ordered myself a Lamb Kebab with Rice dish. Its very different from what I am used to eating. This dish is served with a rack of lamb meatballs (similar to pork ball noodles ) but they call them lamb kebab, heavily marinated with black pepper and mint. I think it is fried then put in the oven before it is served with long grained rice on top, with just a touch of spice on top. A grilled tomato on the side, and single serving of salted butter as condiment to the white rice.

I finished the lamb kebabs which I thought was quite enjoyable, although I know a lot of chinese who will never touch lamb. I found the rice a tad too bland as I added only a little bit of the butter given (fat ma....)

My two friends went for this chicken curry thingy. They both enjoyed it so much. They finished everything including the hill of rice. The only difference with their rice is that it has raisins on top.

I couldn't resist the idea of ordering a non alcoholic beer that day, which tasted nothing like beer. Never try it again... and neither will I recommend it to anyone....Their prices are quite reasonable, main dishes are from Rm 8 - Rm25.

Restoran Taktaz
No B-G-3, Block B, Persiaran Serdang Perdana,
Taman Serdang Perdana,
43300 Seri Kembangan
Tel - 8941 3364


choi yen said...

from the outlook of curry chicken, it's same with out familiar curry but how's the taste?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

aiyoh..damn cheating rite? halal so got non-alcoholic

Bernsy said...

mimi - tastes like chicken masak merah, abit sweetish, and less spicy

Joe - wakakaka, non alcoholic beer, is weird dei....

古墓街第7号當鋪 said...

Omgz.The Lamb Kebab with Rice dish is simply awesome. Will bookmark it for future eating.

Anonymous said...

i am nafiseh i'm from iran ...taktaz restaurant is our restaurant and also it is iranian restaurant i will be happy if i see you again in our rastaurant...and now i am exicted about what did u do was nice..thank you

Anonymous said...

oh damn/....... Taktaz rstaurant is amaizing, Im crazy abt Iranian dishes specially with taktaz suitable prices

Anonymous said...

Taktaz is an Iranian restaurant which has targeted the students' budget as the main customer. If you want to tast better quality Iranian foods, please go to Nab, Zeitoon or Alibaba in KL.

and let you know that Iranians' food are mostly cook at home. In fact, we can not find most of our food in the restaurants.

Unfortunatly ONLY Kebabs and 2-3 gravies (not curry as Iranian foods are not spicy expect in the south) are availble in our restaurants.

By the way. your blog is interesting and delicious :)

Anonymous said...

I hav been there in other restaurants, but the koobide quality of taktaz is not faound anywhere even in the restaurants in Iran, by d way Taktaz prices r reasonable...naab or zeitun prices r too high for students

Anonymous said...

hi you know taktaz foods are so trible and iranian ppls in kl dont back there fr second time ..haha if u have plane to test real taste of iranian foos try NABresturant in kl(bukit bintang)but price so high..

Anonymous said...

Hi friend . first of all i mention that the TAKTAZ Restaurant is an iranian restaurant not Arab . that meal that you served is completely iranian not arab meal . Lamb Kebab and Dough that had been made according to an iranian recipe .and also that non alcoholic drink called " ISTAK " are iranian too . dont let other guys like arabs kiddin' you .
good luck

Anonymous said...

hi buddy
Taktaz is an Iranian restaurant and all dishes are iranian which are so different with arab food in taste. for making sure you can ask from Taktaz management!
by the way, your blog is really intersting and I'm so happy to got familiar with your blog. thank you

Mustafa said...

Hi, it's nice post, but you know, Do you know whats meaning of TakTaz?
This is a Persian world and Its mean unique rider or nearly mean,so it isn't Arabian restaurant,bu the way

Anonymous said...

Istak is not real iranian beer. It is kind of juice mixed with beer. If you want try real Iranian non-alc beer, try DELESTER.
If you want to know who to make kebab see: