Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Chinese Founded America !!!

What would have happened if the Chinese decided to colonize the Americas ? To me it would be simple, just many sleepless nights trying to live with or without the Native Americans. That has just been what I been doing while everyone has been sleeping at night recently.

I have downloaded FreeCol, an opensource developed Game which is a Free version of Sid Meir's Civilization Series. With that I immersed myself into a world back in time, imagining short Chinese warriors (ala Gay Chou) fighting against Tall, Skinny Long Haired Native American warriors ( starring Lou Diamond Phillips). LMAO !!

It took me a while to get used to the interface, because it is less intuitive and is less informative as compared to the Pirated Sid Meir's Civilization II ( I think the last one I played was Civi2). The current Civi4 has got video requirements too high for my PC to play. So, while I was browsing for free software I could use on my office notebook, I delightedly found this title, FreeCol.

Instead of putting in English names like, Georgetown, or Ducth names like New York, I decided to name the New World, China. And to use names like Shanghai , Xian , and so forth. Its pretty fun and very very addictive.

At the end of the day, this is free software, the developers, hmm I do not believe they wrote this during their collective freetime I believe. So I won't complain so much, but its a warning, it will take many hours of your life away from gym, and sleep.

Summary: Graphics not so nice, abit like Civi1 , Gameplay very very similar. Of course if you buy Sid Meir's latest Civi Title , you probably have to buy a new PC to come with it.


Anonymous said...

I love the Pirates! series

Bernsy said...

Yup , from my 386 days I played the Pirates

SC said...

Finally a non-food or political blog

Ultraviolet said...

Gosh, this so techie-speak...the last game i played was probs Grand Theft Auto..anyways, was never good at strategy games...played Warcraft with cheat mode...kakakaka