Monday, January 08, 2007

Kopitiam in Bangi

When the word kopitiam is said, what rings in your ears ? Kopi-O Ping, Kopi Cee Ping, Teh Cee, Teh O, etc, right ? The other thing that comes to mind, and I begin to visualize, Ah Hia, Ah Pek and Ah Bengs playing chinese chess, or a bunch of Ah Peks playing Mahjong.

Oh well, I must learn to strip myself of these stereotypes. I was in Bangi Seksyen 8 recently, looking for a 120Ohm Resistor ( Pasar Road too far), but instead I found this Kopitiam.

The decorations were all nice , floor tiles were the ones bercorak corak, marble top tables and kopitiam style chairs, everything in there gives you a retro feel la. Even the lighting was nice and dim. The owner definitely spent quite a bit on renovating this establishment.

So now even Bangi also got kopitiam, but I don't know yet, what they serve in there.


SC said...

Erm...the apeks playing mahjong got kena raid and have their heads shaven ka?

Bernsy said...


gambling I know got. They also play checkers, chinese chest, and english chest.

love said...

need to get in contact with the owner of bangi kopitiam

Anonymous said...

need to get in contact with the owner of bangi kopitiam..please help..