Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Hello 2007 goodbye 2006. It has really been quite a year. Nothing much planned, but I did tell myself I'd kick the habit of smoking in 06. And so I did, very much with the encouragement of Sayang. Kicking the habit of smoking has been made much much easier with Sayang going the extra mile, with me, especially during the first 3 days of going cold turkey. Thanks Sayang !!!

06 also marked the year I met Sayang, kekeke. As well as the year I regained some of the weight I lost in 05. It is sad to say that I have ended 2006 with a lot more pounds then what I have begun with. Some say, that it was because when you are happy , you tend be have a bigger appetite. Whatever la, what's been done has been done. This coming year, I will strive to manage my weight closely.

Anyway here is the year in Review ( sorta kinda thing)

Jan - March were pretty much dark months which I prefer not to remember. Anyways it was filled with spending lots of time partying at Zouk, Bar Flam, Rum Jungle and Thai Club. Pretty much spending most of my free time outside of gym clubbing away into the wee hours of the night.

April marks the beginning of a lot of visits to the jungle, in search for a suitable site to install our monitoring equipment. As such less partying and the beginning of a busy year. Jan - March was marred by frequent breaks and festivities.
March - As part of our aggresive marketing strategy, we demonstrated how powerful our new equipment was and succesfully gauged a 120m wide river in 2 hours, and with pretty good accuracy too.

April - PDRM's contribution to my life on April 01 2006 this year. They raided Bar Flams in Bangsar as a gesture to patrons of nightclubs in the vicinity that big brot
her is watching us. Nothing much was done except that they had a film crew from TV3 which accompanied this raid. Footage of the girls which were on the other side were shown in 999 Tv Show. I pity those girls whose images were shown on TV.
May - We made the first Vectrino sale in Malaysia. A very precision measurement instrument that can detect the smallest movements of water. Met Sayang at the gym and one day she was doing boxing training at Leisure Mall. SO loud went to see what's the noise, and I saw her throwing those powerful punches. Stim liao !!

June - We visited more rivers and finally I found a building similar to St John's Institution's building. This one can be seen in Kuala Lipis, it houses the government offices for the district. Lovely building and very well maintained.

June - I discovered an erotic form of dance at Thai Club - upstairs. Pole dancing. Young girls que up to take turns showing their dexterity around the pole. While the boys strut their stuff below them. Apparently these girls are pole dancing for fun, I do not believe that they are paid dance at this club.

June - Miracle 2006 , Les Mills program launch for FF clubs.

July - Probably the fittest condition I achieved since I joined Fitness First. Now far from that.

August - Had the most wonderful Birthday celebration ever. But no pics. :(

August - Fitness First Screwed up their marketing promotions by out sourcing it to Pro Direct. They must have under estimated the power of direct marketing. Too many new members flooded the gyms for one month causing much discomfort to loyal members.

A quick fast forward to tonight. A tired and determined me, still blogging in the wee hours of the morning. Will go to gym for first Combat Class of 07. The year 2006 ended with a cocktail party hosted by Gobi Huang a very good friend of Sayangs. Pickles and BF was there too, infact the invitation was from them. The picture shows everyone before they were wasted.

This picture shows them playing Indian Poker and in the progress of getting Wasted, definitely having a good time.

The mascot of 2006 , Year of The Dog was also enjoying himself watching us humans getting wasted. Seen here chilling out in between having to be forced to layan so many ppl.

And of course the countdown.