Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Vietnam Kitchen - Neither here nor there

Have you been eating a lot of good food lately or your tastebuds are becoming increasingly picky ? Thats the first question I asked myself when I looked at the bowl of noodles the waiter. It wasn't even aromatic, instead it smelt like blend soup with hor fun in it.

I have had two other unsatisfied visits to this restaurant, Vietnam Kitchen ( Leisure Mall branch). Name only Vietnam, but instead it actually serves up a Vietnamese - Chinese fusion cuisine. Whatever the want to claim to be, they do not serve good food, neither do they serve authentic food.

I ordered a special Beef Noodle Soup. I could easilly quote two other places , Jln Alor and Jalan Silang Beef noodle stalls that serves much better beef noodles than this restaurant. And those are only Standard beef noodles.

The other dish is Special Seafood Fried Noodles,at first sight came to me instantly as Kong Lam Mee with Seafood in it. Alamak, how lame can a Vietnamese restaurant trying to be ? Viet trying to be Chinese or Chinese trying to be Viet ?

My recommendations for Vietnamese Fusion Cuisine - Go to MidValley , CoDo... you will enjoy the food, its really a twist of Chinese and Vietnamese Cuisine combined, with a very nice environment to savour your food in.

Six Treasure Drink
Special Beef Noodles
Stir Fried Seafood Noodles