Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mother Porridge @ Pandan Perdana

My mom always to occasionally have a meal with porridge once in a while. She loves it everytime we have porridge, and that's probably because she is a Teochew. So one day we drove past this place and noticed the sign board, Mother Porridge. The name of this place is supposed to be quite catchy in Chinese, Ma Zhi Juk.

Their specialty is their Claypot Porridge. We usually would order plain porridge just as we would order plain rice when we order at a chinese restaurant. The only difference is that their porridge is actually flavoured, not too salty and not too bland (like those Teochew porridge). This style is actually a version of the Cantonese porridge, where the porridge is boiled down to little pieces and is quite thick.

That night we ordered this fried beancurd with fish paste. More widely known as the "Signature TaoFoo" (Jiu Pai Tao Foo). Not sure why they call it the signature taofoo, because nowadays everyone cooks this type of taofoo. It came hot and very crispy.

What is suprising to me was that, all their dishes come in a little claypot, except for their taofoo. I thought that was quite cool. The next dish is Ginger Onion Frog. I thought this was a brilliant dish as the frogs were very fresh and tangy. Good stuff.
Next up is a Kung Po Escargot Claypot dish. This one came as a spicy and salty dish. The main reason was probably because the escargot had no real taste to its meat. My parents loved it, but for me I thought it was a little too close to rubber meat. Didn't enjoy the escargots, but liked the gravy.

We also ordered a Claypot Ginger Onion Fish Slice ( Yee Pin), but the pics came out too blurry to make out what it was. Too bad, because I thought that dish was the best, the one I enjoyed the most.

What I like about this place is that the fact that it is very unique. You can order rice to go with the dishes, or you could also go for plain porridge, or porridge with salted egg. The dishes looked very shiny in the pictures, because they are all very starchy and thick. Sayang didn't like it, but it did not really bother me very much. Because I use the porridge to dilute the gravy...

Its really something different, as it is not like a stall that sells just fish porridge or chicken porridge.


If you are coming from Bandar Tasik Selatan going towards the direction of Ampang on the MRR2, take a left after you drive past Econsave. You should see Mother Porridge facing the main road on your left. Turn left at the junction where the Driving range is situated. Its next to a Proton Dealer ( I am sure you can't miss that)


Somewhere on Jalan Perdana 6/4

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choi yen said...

I think the plain porridge will goes well with the flavorsome gravy of the dishes

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ohhh..i just love canto style porridge..rather then the "poor man teocheow style" which is not cheap nowadays also..

SC said...

I likey the escargot..didn't you notice I finished most of it? Hehehehe