Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ipoh Rd Yong Tao Foo

I think the names gives it away, that Ipoh Rd YTF is somewhere along Jalan Ipoh. Its true some years back, but it has since moved from somewhere along 3rd Mile Jln Ipoh into this new Segambut bungalow which they have spent quite a bit of monies refurbishing, a few years ago. Hence, a change in location but the name stays.

It was a Sunday afternoon and the entire family was wandering around Kepong searching for a suitable place to have lunch. My in Laws are small eaters and has very healthy eating habits. They usually don't take a lot of red meat, and would like to eat in places that do not add a lot of MSG into their food.

Therefore, we eat at home quite abit... because it can be really difficult to find low MSG food in cafes, and restaurants nowadays, that still tastes good.

Surprisingly, one of those restaurant that they do not mind going to is this Ipoh Road Yong Tao Foo. I wouldn't exactly say their YTF does not contain MSG, but it does contain a lot of Soya, Vegetable and lots of fish.

One of the main attraction about this Ipoh Rd YTF is that everything comes out FAST. Just tick down the items you want to add to your YTF bowl, the food normally comes in within 7 minutes.

You know the part about the MSG and stuff, I think this place has begun putting in more MSG into their YTF, and I find it very tasty. I don't know how to explain it, but this place makes Ampang Rd YTF, just like any other YTF seller. Their food is quite good, although the way they make their fish paste ( YTF filling ) differs from Ampang's, some may still prefer the original recipe. The recipe can differ in terms of how much fish to meat ratio you mix into your paste, as well as what herbs, and seasoning is used.

I noticed that at Ipoh Rd, they now also sell Paper Wrapped Chicken ( Chi Pau Kai). Made famous originally by Sungai Besi's Yong Tao Foo sellers like Leong Ya, Ipoh Rd also put this item on their menu. Curious how it would taste, we ordered two pieces. My recommendation, if you wanna taste a real good paper wrapped chicken go to Leong Ya, or Leong Ya Indah @ Sungai Besi.

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choi yen said...

They have a few branches now @ Jinjang & Metro Prima

Precious Pea said...

Yumzz...drooling over your first picture of those golden crispy fried foo chuk and sui kow.

Bernsy said...

Mimi - Prima got ah, have to find lo, no nid go Segambut so far away...

PP - hehehe, very crunchy, and crispy....crunchilicious