Saturday, November 17, 2007

The burgers arent that good @ Carl's Jr - Mid Valley Branch

Note: I am posting this review without picture because I had a bad experience. You can look at pictures of those allegedly "best and succulent" burgers from other blogs, links below at the end of the review

Now I usually do my research before I do a review, and the first link that came up was Klue Blog. Sarah Chan, blogged a review of this Carl's Jr, and sang praises for the outlet in Sunway Pyramid. She totally loved it, like its the best freaking burger ever. I guess she's paid to do it, because I don't believe what Klue tells us nowadays - they are paid to say nice things....

I was at MidValley's outlet, newly opened of course, with all those anticipation of this "really good" burger hype la.

You can't miss it, its located on the third floor of South court of Midvalley, right smack infront of GSC's ticketing counter, and next to McD's. I had bought myself two tickets to Beowulf, 7pm. We arrived at Carl's at 615pm...

The line was ok, 5 customers ahead of us and we reached the counter in about 5 minutes(not bad). Counter guy asked, Eat in or Take Away ? I said EAT IN. I ordered a Western Bacon Cheeseburger, and Sayang ordered something like a , LOW CARB Chicken Sandwich thing. Low carb being , burger wrapped in lettuce ( I seriously think this is quite cool, low carb burgers and all).

So we paid 40 over bucks for our combos... which means you get free flow soft drinks, and a small bucket of fries. They also give you a number, then it dawned on me... have to wait for my burgers wan ah.... We turned around to look for a seat.. to my horror, the freaking restaurant was so small, it was full with about 50 seats only. Shit !!!! Why did the counter guy ask eat in or take away ???

Its not a good situation, we waited 20 minutes, for out food to come out, 640 pm already. Finally I managed to stare a lady out of her table (yeah it actually worked, lol !) and two minutes later , the food arrived. We were trying to catch a movie, at 7pm, and we had to wait for a seat and had to wait for our food. So Carl's Jr, heres a new tag line for you, free wan, no need to pay copyrighter fees... "A place where you WAIT for your FAST FOOD..." , "Its so GOOD , you don't mind waiting for FAST FOOD!!!!"....

I ate those burgers and thought, maybe the Big Mac tasted better, but I agree, those Big Mac's definitely not as big as these Junior's. But to be fair, I don't really think it was that big a burger. Was it a quarter pounder patty that you gave us ? My burger was a single patty serving. In actual fact , the BUNs were huge, much bigger than the beef patty ( hint of overcooking the burger perhaps or patty too fat, shrank too much!!!).Big buns, small patty ? I AM NOT IMPRESSED ..... To pay 18 bucks for that burger , fries and free flow of soft drinks is totally not worth it. Burger King's Double Whopper will kick Carl Jr's ass anytime, I recommend it (go ask at BK's counter for a double whopper, they also give you free flow of soft drinks, and a bigger bucket of fries).

My sayang however, enjoyed her chicken burger very much. Her low carb chicken burger or sandwich came wrapped in Lettuce. I liked that idea, and she thought the chicken was quite tender. Nice, soft, juicy, and tasty. She really thought the chicken bacons were a nice touch, tasty and crunchy, definitely adds texture to the burger (I agree...) Her low carb burger costs 22 bucks I think.

You add up our meal, its 40 plus bucks including tax.

As for free flow of soft drinks, we aren't impressed by it.

Question: Do you ever go for refills when you order a LARGE burger meal at MacDonald's ?[rhetoric]

At this rate Carl's Junior is going, by the end of next year, you will find some Pro Direct salesman knocking on your door selling you 2 for 1 deals @ Carl's Jr. They will come up with some bull shit, CNY promotion la, In conjunction with the opening of Carl's Jr la... something along those lines la...

Before you read the other reviews below or click on those links for pics, I recommend that you try the Beef Burgers @ TGIF or at American Chillies (they costs about the same price but give you real juicy and thick patties) or go TRY Burger King's Double Whopper Combo Meal.

LimMeiYen @ 1 Utama
Ipoh Mali
Masak - Masak (not blown away by the taste)
Voch - who totally loved it


Anonymous said...

carls jr is a fucking rip off.. you get a much better burger at chillis for a cheaper/same price.

Danny said...

The only Carl's Jr. burger I'd eat is their superstar. And for me, if I compared that to any McDongles or Chillis or TGIF, I'd prefer my superstar anytime.

The first time I ate Carl's was while I was in Singapore. The quality there is much better than here. And the first time they opened in 1Utama, it was similar however following visits weren't as good anymore.

Our quality control here sucks.

Anonymous said...

Bro, I think I've waited for fast food even in McD's, BK etc when teh crowd was huge.

Anyways, the pyramid and 1U ones that I've been are fine in terms of service. No waiting at all. Maybe the newly open one in Midv really lack in QC and that they're not living up to the FAST FOOD speed.

Give it another try, you might like it! Cheers

Anonymous said...

tingtitlei - lol, they're expensive...

Danny Foo - Maybe they hope that their reputation will carry them forward....and they let their guard off

Voch - I will definitely go back again, but it wont be in a hurry... Let them sort things out first...

They are slowly spoiling their reputation of serving expensive burgers, which don't carry well with the general public... I hope they improve..

MeiyeN said...

oh... i passed by da mv outlet on saturday and it was so packed with people! i guess they just don't mind to pay so much for a not so "yummy" burger.. and for sure, very expensive!

Bernsy said...

Meiyen - yup. Thats the one I went to. Don't go there if you already bought a ticket to wash a movie...otherwise you sure kancheong wan, have to wait for seat , wait for food, have to rush to eat, etc.... not going to be enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

you have to wait because the food is THAT much better. the six dollar western bacon is godlike, especially with crisscut fries.

two combos for fourty bucks? bullshit. upload a receipt haha.

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