Saturday, November 03, 2007

Tony Roma's Ribs.Seafood.Steaks @ Sussex St, Sydney

It was a full day of walking and sightseeing that day. It was the same day we went to the Sydney Fish Market as I remembered it. After brunch we went on our day long sight seeing tour around Sydney Harbour, followed by a visit to the Outback Center, and the Sydney Aquarium. The day ended with a visit to Tony Roma's.

As I remembered it, it got pretty cold that night, and our feet were aching walking for hours, doing the tourist thingy (walking up and down, looking lost).... But we already made an appointment with my cousins, to meet Tony Roma's that night.

Apparently there is only one , Tony Roma, in Australia, so even the Aussies (from all over) have to go to Sydney to try their ribs. In KL we already have two, one in Sunway Pyramid and the other in Cineleisure.

After ordering, the waiter walked off and in a matter of minutes, he returned with this bread. Whoa, big wo.... and I loved their garlic butter. Yummy and sinful...have to make confession liao...

We ordered the Tony Roma's sampler (32.50) which had a variety of ribs. It comes with their Original Baby Backs, Carolina Honeys ( sweetish abit like PaiKuat Wong), Tony Roma's Red Hots, and Southern Smoky Beef Ribs.

Now I underestand what the fuss is, about Tony Roma's ribs. They are all so tender, moist and juicy ribs. They choose the best ingredients to cook em ribs. Although I do not agree with some of the tastes that came on the sampler, for example the smoked ribs did taste like they were smoked ( not a fan of smoked stuff) but it was done quite nicely, tender and well cooked.

I noticed one thing though, they serve their Fries, thin thin wan, like McDonalds like that. I have to say and admit, their ribs do taste above average. Serving size also quite impressive.

For dessert, we ordered this Snickers Cheese Cake, 9.90. Its really just a slice of cheese cake topped up with Snickers on top. How else can I describe it, lol....

Basically Tony Roma's price in Sydney is quite biasa only(not expensive) if you compare them with the restaurants that are around them. We basically walked around and had coffee in QVB
a shopping complex owned by Ipoh Gardens (IGB). We had coffee (much over rated italian coffee) at a cafe, called QV Bar Cafe. I thought The Gardens @ Midvalley do look a lot like QVB, very similar.. At QV BarCafe, they serve gourmet sandwiches at 11.90ea, and Pasta at about 10.90ea. So if you compare these prices with Tony Roma's 32.90 for 12 slabs of ribs (I think its about that size), they are not expensive.

Most Cafes and Restaurant in the vicinity also price their Desserts at about 8.90 / 9.90 ... in Malaysia you can get a slice of cake from say Secret Recipe for say, 5.5 (ringgit some more).

These pics were taken using an Olympus Mju600 (mostly not very sharp and abit OOF due to hand shake, while taking this pic under low lighting conditions).

Tony Roma's - Sydney
121-123 Sussex St
NSW 2000
Phone (02) 9299 8500
Fax (02) 9299 8956

Some honest Reviews here -
Grab Your Fork - he's been, like everywhere

Its just too sad that our Tony Roma's in Malaysia do not serve Pork Ribs... plus if you look at other blog reviews locally, our Tony Roma's suck big time in service. I wonder why ? Tony Romas. A Place Where the Service Sucks.... lol... Fortunately for us, our experience in Sydney was a pleasant one.


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Now there's a Tony Roma's in Pavilion too. hehe.

The snickers cheesecake looks really tempting. I think I have a sweet tooth. :-P

Anonymous said...

Wow..... lovely food. Burgers at AppleBees are also one of my most favorites.

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