Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Things you notice when you have time to kill

It was an extra long drive up to Lipis this week, reason because the client decided to get his immigration stuff done up so he could be ready for his long long trip. So I was busy , collecting and delivering the equipment to another one of my clients, and decided to shoot off from Shah Alam straight to Kuala Lipis.

It might have just been a normal 2.5 hours drive but because they were gonna be late I decided to make a few stops on the way whenever I could find something interesting. First thing first, Durian Season is back , and Bentong is a town which I pass through on the way to my destination, so happened to be famous for producing some mouth watering durian kampung , and I decided to look for it.


Guess what, this town also has a road called Jalan Loke Yew, kekeke, the only difference is that this one you couldn't spot a traffic jam unless its chinese new year. Its in season alright , they were selling some kind of Durian Kampung, over there, the lady said something like , Shi Mai durian.

Raub was my next stop. To me no big deal with this town full of Balak Tycoons. I did blog about Ratha's Famous Curry Fish Head , which wasn't very special. Famous maybe, but food so soonly. From Raub I drove towards a small Village called Cheroh. On the way , I saw a field full of cactus like plants, so I stopped the car and went into the field. The field was full of it, and the field looked like a desert if you ask me. Not only after I got off the car with 4 fellas in the field staring cock at me, wondering , what I was doing. I just slumberly walked over and asked, whats this ? Still wondering what or who I was , they answered, Dragon Fruit Farm ....Any fruits for sale ? Tarak.. oh,.. thanks, and I was on my way.

I slowed the car down as I approached Cheroh. Small little town full of rubber tappers I think, I spotted one coffee shop, and pulled over. I wanna try their Kopi-C Ping, see anything special or not. Walked into the shop and noticed, hey, this place is a real KopiTiam... minus the air conditioning or pretending to sell you Authentic KopiTiam Food. They sell those real KopiTiam Bread... kekeke, it doesn't serve you peanut butter sandwiches, it doesn't sell you pork chop/chicken chop. It apparently only sells Drinks and Bread.... and according to the auntie the knife she uses to cut the bread has been used for many years, berpuluh puluh tahun wo... so I took a pic of that blade. She can even fix the blade , check that old handle out.

Ok so I managed to get my Kopi C Ping, no big deal. Ok only. Then I reached the site 20 minutes later and waited for the other car to come. I picked up a bag of Limau Nipis from a tree nearby. Hmm... should be nice to have limau nipis. Yum yum, home grown or wildly grown wan some more.....

Its just ironic, when you have time to kill, you often notice things that usually you don't , even if they are in front of you. Some people take this time to reflect of what they have done in the past, while some make use of the free time they have to plan for the future. While I know some who take this opportunity to communicate with their respective Gods. Perhaps we should take time off everyday just to reflect on all things beautiful and positive. Maybe then this world could be less stressful. One minute a day ? Thats a start...