Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Canadian 2 for 1 Pizzas @ Tmn Tun

If you were looking for a quick bite, don't mind eating sinful food, and want to catch up with a buddy and chit chat all, you should drop by at one of the Canadian 2for1 Pizza outlets. This particular stall is the TTDI branch.

We have always wanted to try out this place, because everytime we go to Saravana Bhavan in Bangsar, you can see their sign.

It must have been a Tuesday, after Shades class. By the way, congratulations to Darth Shader for winning the best cross-dressed for FF's annual dinner. Going back to the pizza place again.

It was just the three of us, in the restaurant. This either gives a clear indication that this pizza joint does mostly Deliveries or they are not doing very well. As the name of this restaurant goes, its a 2for1 pizza place, which means when you order 2 or more pizzas , you get the least priced pizza for free.

So we ordered a Chicken Tandoori (L) as above and a Chicken Fajitas Pizza (L) as per below.

Its a bit different from joints like pizza hut all, but it was our mistake that we did not request for thin crust pizzas, which I personally prefer la. Shades enjoyed it very much and he did us all a favour by finishing up most of it.

I thought the meal was cheap, because you normally can't find 2 large pizzas for 35bucks. But tastewise, not sure what to say about it, but it definitely did not imprint a lasting impression on me, neither did I get a withdrawal syndrome from not eating the pizza for a few months now. So in short, it wasn't that good, but the company was superb.

RM34.90, Mineral Water RM1.50 each.

Also congratulations to Shades, and LazyMelody on their big step towards a new era in their relationship.

Their Locations:

No. 30, Pesiaran Zaaba, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur

Block G-0-4 Plaza Damas, Jalan Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur

54-1 (1st Floor) Jalan Maarof Bangsar 59000 Kuala Lumpur

No. 16, SS 15/4D, Subang Jaya 47500 Petaling Jaya

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bukit Mertajam Food Crawl - Penang Dec 07

Now this post has been postponed once before, because, I lost my camera on one of those trips, Tamiya actually took me around hunting for food. Now back with a bigger camera, Tamiya, Rinoa and Ranjeet(dats me) partied up and wandered around the streets of Bukit Mertajam.

The idea of this food hunt @ Bukit Mertajam was quite far fetched until I spoke to our lawyers who happened to be from this area too. He was describing to me how from the Highway you drive past Pacific Mall, bla bla bla. I asked Tamiya one day and he said, sure we should go round here.

The first stop is Sunrise Coffee Shop. Its one coffee shop out of like thousands of coffee shops here along this Jalan Raja Uda. The main attraction of Sunrise Coffee Shop is of course its Char Koay Teo. The uncle who mans the shop has been frying this koay teo, since don't know when, even he lost count himself. He is also secretive and abit cautious to tell me things when he saw me taking pictures of his stall. He said don't write so terror-terror about my stall, scared of IRB going after him all.

After a bit of persuasion, our friend said, ok la, you take my back side. From the picture below, you can see our friend actually uses Coal Powered stove to fry the good stuff.

Tamiya and myself, we both ordered a plate each. Its only Rm 2.80 for biasa, and Rm 3.30 for a large serving. Of course one of the reasons why Tamiya recommended this place is because, its just outside his house, and its cheap.

Now this is the second time I have been back to this stall in as many visits to Penang. I believe this stall is actually frying up one of the best Penang CKT in town. Since most of us prefer to eat around the Penang Island, most of us will overlook completely about eating in these parts of Penang.

What I like about this CKT is that, you can get the "enough fire" (suppose to say in Cantonese) hope someone can help me out with the England. He did not over taruk the lard into his CKT, the sambal is hot enough, although it doesn't exude the redness in color. He actually put in a few pieces of medium sized prawns (Lrg Selamat being large), a few pieces of the waxed sausage, and a generous portion of koay teo and beansprouts. For RM 3.30, thats a hill of Char Koay Teo being served there.

Rinoa, ordered a bowl of fish porridge. It was quite good and tasty.

Then I looked around and saw the Satay stall. I asked the tauke, ada Satay Babi ka ? She said got. So I ordered 10 pcs, and found the satay to be very tasty. Its definitely marinated with some kunyit, salt, pepper, lemongrass (quite strong) and sugar. The peanut sauce was quite kau also. Even Tamiya did not know this stall actually sells Satay Babi....

Chai Leng Park

In my previous visit over here,we tried to come here but it was closed. This hawker center is located in an old abandoned cinema in Chai Leng park. So this time around we swung by and it was open.Ayam goreng belacan. This ayam goreng is superb. I first kena a dose of this ayam goreng belacan when I was walking around Kimberly St, in Penang Island. Ever since then, whenever I spot a stall selling this, I sure go for piece minimum. Thats RM2 bucks, and it tastes really nice. It smells like it has belacan, but when you bite into the chicken, you get the aroma of the fried chicken, with just a little hint of the belacan.

First stall was to to get the Asam Laksa... but found the laksa too watery, the fish chunks werent enough, but the gravy still tastes like it has tissue paper in it.
Standard, penang Asam Laksa ( tissue papery texture to its soup). This stall, I will pass the next time, unless you are hard up for Asam Laksa. Thats a plate of RM3 Asam Laksa for you. If you ask me, I'd still drive all the way to Air Itam market or to Balik Pulau for the better tasting Asam Laksa. Verdict: Nah!! just not as good as the island ones..... or maybe I just didn't know where to find the good ones

Then we ordered Penang Yong Tao Foo. Its cheap and the fish paste is white color wan. Definitely taste different from what we are used to in KL. Their YTF comes attached to pure fish paste. Otherwise it wouldn't be so white right ?

Their yong Tao Foo comes with additional vegetables also. Unlike in KL, where we only get chives, this flers get real vegetables that comes with their YTF. However so, when it comes to taste, the KL YTF definitely better.

I won't say so much as that the food on the Island is no good. But at least over here, the prices are still cheap, and servings still big compared to those on the Island. A plus point for me is that, these coffee shops have not started charging us 50 cents for sitting in their shop or something like in Lrg Selamat. I thought these two places is huge, Chai Leng Park area and The Food Stalls along the entire Raja Uda area... its just massive la....

Monday, February 18, 2008

Amy Yip Big Pau @ Onn Kee , Taman Connaught

Recently, the HK movie industry has been embroiled in another Sex Scandal, involving one male artiste and many other Celibaties. Believe me you in time to come, people will start serving up food named after celebrities.

Hahaha.. can you imagine eating Edisen Banana Splits ? At least Gillian Chung, and the likes of Cecillia Cheung doesn't have to. wakakaka.. Word has it, Maggie Q is also apart of the scandal.

Lets not get bothered with this scandal, we rewind back to the 80s, if anyone remembers Amy Yip. She is regarded as the Dolly Parton of the East. Huge tits, and small little waist, and they both claim to be natural.

In Taman Connaught, there is one stall that specializes in selling Paus, and dim sum. Amy Yips Big Paus its called. Its really amazing, so I decided to put this Pau on a weighing scale.

It weighs 660grams, 1.1 katis. Thats like really huge for a Pau.

Putting it down and taking a picture of it, it looks like a mountain of dough.

Just to illustrate the size of this thing, I tried to cover it up with my hands. Its about the size of a size 4 football (futsal size ball), oh well half of it anyway. Still big for a pau.

After having all the fun with it, we decided to eat it. Haha, I know thats Amy Yip's big paus, but I bought it to eat them. Lol..... The filling's made of chicken, although I'd actually expected it to be pork. It looks like those Sang Yuk pau kind of filling except that its made of chicken. Not as sweet and rather bland.

To summise, this fler, looks big only. Taste wise, I'd go for a small little Char Siew Pau anytime. Even Pau Ahmad's Beef Pau is made better than this. My mom thinks its difficult to make a pau hold itself together if its too big. One of these big paus, costs about Rm4. Along with these paus, the stall also sells all kinds of dim sums, and pastries.

Let me warn you though, most other blogs think or imply that these pau is great, a favorite or something like that, my summary will be :

Nice To See,
Nice To Hold,
YOu can Gawk at it,
but it ain't nice to eat.

(even Sayang was like, whoa... so big one ah.... , my reply was, yeah thats what most people say about Amy Yip's assets. )

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Revisit Nasi Kandar Kudu @ Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman

There must be something about this Nasi Kandar stall, but everytime I come by, it won't disappoint me unless they are closed la. It was just that I had brought a client over to check out this place, since they can't accompany me to eat at Kin Kin, I sold him the idea of eating at Kudu's.

I remember the last time I posted a review about this place, I was assured by someone , that the food is priced reasonably. After my experience at Pelita KLCC, Rm110 for an unedible Fish head, I am scared liao. Anyways, not to be side tracked, I picked up a Duck Varuval dish, one fried fish and some bean sprouts and some lady's finger. As usual I'd drench my rice with mixed gravy.

My friend on the other hand, went for a squid Curry, a fish and some lady's fingers.

Its nice, and its a must try place. I once asked my colleagues, if they'd walk past the restaurant one day, not knowing of its reputation, are they brave enough to try the food there ? 3 of them said, no... but after I brought them over, they were all amazed at how good the food tasted.

For map and address click here

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Creampuffs @ Beardpapa , MidValley

My first ever experience of eating Beard Papa's was some time back, and thought they were quite delicious to say the least. My instant reaction was, " This is good shit man !!", language wise, totally unappropriate, but the expression was.
Since I did not suffer from emotional setbacks, hormonal unbalance that causes be to crave for Sweet stuff, it took me about one year later from that incident to actually walk up to their outlet @ Mid Valley, and very blurly went, eh , Beard Papa's is here leh... My sayang's face went =.=
"Its been here for ages la... "

I remembered the cream puffs were great. Some more they claim to be the world's best. We bought one cream puff to share, and was duely rewarded for it. Its really nice, as it has the crispy crunch on the outside and the moist and softness of its pastry on the inside. The puff will bring you to another place when you sink your teeth in, the cream flooding your tastebuds and all. ( not sure where it will take you but when I opened my eyes, I was still in MidValley !!) wakakaka....

I find their moist chocolate cake, not sure if it is the real name to be much better shit ( excuse my language) than their cream puffs. It doesn't have the crunchy exterior but the richness of its molten chocolate on the inside, fuah... reminds me of Fatboy's Chocolate cakes... yummy !!

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Friday, February 01, 2008

Waroeng Penyet @ The Curve

Eateries at the Curve come and go. And as I was walking towards the Ikano link bridge on the second floor of The Street, I came across Waroeng Penyet. The font for their signage also abit cartoonish. Quite striking la I must say, so I got detoured and stuck my nose at the glass. Found out that this is an Indonesian restaurant.. then got TV play Indon Rock MTVs.. so nice..

So we planned to try out their food one day, and we did find the time to drop by.

I had no idea what penyet means until I came here. It means flattened. So The dish above is the Ayam Penyet (RM7.90), which means the fried chicken was flattened with a roller first before it was fried. Apparently this makes the fried chicken more tender and moist. Which we found to be very true.

You see those crispy batter , whoa , those are so delicious they are to die for. I remember as a kid in my primary school, our chicken rice stall used to serve only Fried Chicken rice. And sure enough we used to ask the uncle to add the crispy batter... Obviously good stuff like that is bad for your health, go figure la..

The ikan bakar (Rm9.90) came out looking very presentable although I was hoping the fish to be alittle bit bigger. Its a small size Telapia which is grilled on an open fire. Hence, it tastes a bit like a smoked fish. The little saucer there contains the secret to making this dish superb, its the kicap cili, bawang and garlic mix for grilled stuff.

This next one is called the Pete Udang Berlado(RM7.90), better known as Sambal Petai Udang. I give this an A+ and seriously their sambal petai is superb. The petai was fresh and very aromatic, plus the chili looks like it was fresh out of the pestle & mortar.

This is the first time I have tried their Jus Jeruk limau which I thought tastes like , Kam Kat drink, which you can find in the normal chinese kopitiam. Really nice, cooling and refreshing drink after a meal full of chilis.

Of course this is their only outlet in KL, but hope they could open up more outlets.


Imperfectly me
masak masak
to eat or to live

Lot 132 , 1st Floor The Curve
No 6 Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara,
47800 PJ

017 2003 988