Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Curry Leaf Restaurant, Seremban

There is one part about preparing to leave which can be detrimental to my weight problems. Relatives are all so eager to say, come over and visit us la, we''ll do lunch or we'll do dinner. It's obviously a good gesture if you know what I mean, they just wanna sit down and have something to eat with you, chit chat, and catch up that sort of thing.

Come to think of it, no other activity would have been acceptable for the entire family. I was thinking perhaps the whole family could gather up at Cosmic Bowl and say, lets do a farewell Bowling ( its cool but not everyone bowls )...

Anyway this one is with our Seremban relatives. Father in Law's side to be precise. But the trip down there is not to be wasted as our cousin brought us to try our Curry Leaf Restaurant, Jalan Rasah, Seremban.

My cousin was vegetarian that day, and Sayang and Mom-In Law also opted for the more healthy meal, while FIL said, lets get some chicken ( aiya so nice of him, coz he doesn't want me to go vegetarian because everyone else is... so he ordered a chicken for me). Anyway, the first tray came and I saw deep fried bitter gourd, yummy !!!!, not salty and not bitter wan... just the way I liked it...

Some kinda mixed vegetable, which I did not really fancy.

This is the chicken peratal dish that I shared with Appa. Really a nice dish, I totally didn't regret sinking my teeth into this succulent and spicy chicken peratal dish. Again, I like it because the spices were totally infused into the chicken, every bite into it flushes out all the flavours the chicken has absorbed.

Mother in Law's garlic naan. She opted for bread instead of rice.

If you were going for just the basic Vegetarian Banana Leaf set, this is what you get. I mean the waiter came in once started putting vegetables onto the leaf ( 3 at first). He continues with everyone else, then he walks out for awhile. Then he came in and started putting more veges onto my leaf. Whoa.... 6 varieties, very rare to find this even in KL, then he walks out and came back with the rice.

The curries were all hot, and you are given a choice of vegetarian Dal, fish curry or chicken curry. Taste wise, this place is definitely above average. The curries were tasty, what to ask for some more ?

The bill didn't burn a hole in our pockets either. So I am definitely recommending anyone going past Seremban to try this place...

Curry Leaf Restaurant
NO 1274 & 1275, JALAN RASAH,
70300 Negeri Sembilan Malaysia

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Restoran New Paris @ SS2, PJ.

One major thing about Malaysian culture is that whenever someone is leaving, they always organise a farewell party in the form of a sit down dinner. If you are chinese like me, you are very likely to end up in many Chinese Restaurants. This is the first of many to come and just two weeks from the day we leave.

Pastor was first to ask us out for dinner. Although we have already had many sessions at our apartment (nye hehehe...), this dinner was with Pastor and family. We were looking for a place in PJ to eat and Pastor asked where do you want to go ? Immediately New Paris came up, and we ended up there.

First dish we got was Stir Fried Vegetables. Very green, and nice. Also a very decent sized serving.
The yam basket was also nice. It has the usual deep fried beehoon base, a small yam basket, but the chicken that came with it was diced in bigger than usual cubes.
This steam fish was cooked just nice.
One of their specialty dishes over at Paris is this one. Watermelon chicken. Sweetish, and sourish, easily mistaken for pork and all. Its a nice dish and is a hit with most visitors at New Paris.
A late addition to whatever he ordered earlier was this Deep Fried Brinjal wedges. That would be how I desribe them. Really very nicely done and not too salty. A recommendation.

You know what really surprises me is how fast the food is served after ordering them. The food usually comes in less than 10 minutes (usually la ! ).

62,64,66 Jalan SS2/72,
47300 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia

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Monday, October 06, 2008

OUG Pan Mee Stall

Sometimes the really nice stuff is hard to find, because they are not always as visible, or appealing for the general public to just walk in and say try their food. This place in OUG, is actually situated at one of those food stalls behind, OUG Parkson ( formerlly known as Yaohan). The stall just looked like just any stall, but as Ben led us through the back alleys of OUG Parkson coming through the main road, that revealed this hawker center in OUG, it didn't look very appealing. But since Ben brought us here, it couldn't be that bad right.
Anyways, the wait would have been quite long if it had not been for Ben sharing with us his interesting experiences, and Sayang catching up with him and all. Both Ben and I went for the dry pan mee, which was recommend. Make no mistake, it is just remotely similar to the dry chilli pan mee, from Kin Kin. But I have to say it was quite nice.
Sayang wanted to be different and went for the standard pan mee soup. I tasted abit of her soup and found the soup very tasty and rich in flavor. That kind of taste you find in real soup which has been boiled for hours.

When the biill came, I think it was just about RM4 per bowl. The price made it even better, and one of those very rare occasions I'd say its Pang Leng Cheng ( Cheap !, Nice ! and Good!)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Restoran Chicken Hot Pot @ Taman Usahawan, Kepong

Ever since we moved to Kepong, I have been excited about looking for new food to try in Kepong. With Mimi who has already reviewed so many places in Kepong, I definitely can't say, that there is not enough eateries to try, infact the Metro Perdana area has so many eateries mushrooming, we did not know where to start.
So one night we were driving around the area, when we spoted this place. It looked really interesting so we parked our car (parking is usually not a problem), and walked in. This chicken hot pot concept originated from somewhere in China, and it serves chicken, pork ribs and dinosaur ribs, on a hot pot. We also have the choice of eating with a spicy or extra spicy gravy, and served in a claypot with fire underneath it.

We tried the chicken and dinosaur ribs that night.

To sum up it was just very much like a pork rib stew in spicy gravy or a dinosaur rib stewed in spicy gravy. We were both very disappointed, and was looking for something really special, but it wasn't. If you were to take it as a fast food, I guess its not that bad, and if you like the spiciness of the hot pot, you will love it.

Restoran Chicken Hot Pot (Kepong)
11, Jln Metro Perdana Berat 2,
Tmn Usahawan Kepong,
Kepong Utara, 51200 KL

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Restoran Hee Lai Ton @ Shaw Parade

Our family had many catching up sessions, and this was one of them. At Restoran Hee Lai Ton. I have not heard of this restaurant, but formerly this location was occupied by Six Happiness. Apparently they are famous in Serdang ( formerly known as Sheraton or something like that ), and they also have an outlet in Puchong.

This soup is just crabsmeat chicken soup. I really do not like soups with starch, or sharksfin in it. The soup was just ok, not exactly the kind of start I was looking for, but I never really look forward to the soups anyways.

When the appetizer I was like wow, so big meh the plate. This one had a platter of four different appetizers, and depending on the menu you order, some come in a 5 variety appetizer platter. The food is alright so far, although nothing special came out from this restaurant yet.

The Peking Duck dish came out and we saw the waiter cutting the skin out. We had a room and we constantly had like 2 servers in our room, changing plates, serving our dishes, etc.

Pretty nice thin and crispy pieces of the duck was the result of careful slicing.

I think this dish is called Tiger Prawns in some special sauce... yumms... nice big prawns.

I think it is normal for restaurants to serve up two fish instead of one, if they can not get one big one. This is a Tau Tai Chong - a premium type promfet fish.
Their vegetables are always greener than those we cook at home. I really wonder how they make them this green...

Remember the duck skin we had earlier. The remaining duck meat is stir fried and served with lettuce, and a sprinkle of sun flower seeds. Did not like it a single bit, too salty for my liking.

To finish off the night, this fried rice was full of stuff in it. But it all came in small pieces of shrimp, char siu, vegetables , etc....

Quality of service is not exactly their plus point, but their food is definitely above average. Chinese restaurants like this usually charge about RM488 per set like this, although I have seen more expensive sets that weren't as nice.

3rd Floor, Shaw Parade,
Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah,
Off Jalan Pudu,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

For map and other details click here

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pasar Ramadhan @ Kampung Batu Muda

Yesterday was a public holiday for Selangor, so Wendy, Sayang and I planned to go to this Pasar Ramadhan to get some food. The main item we went for was the satay at this Pasar Ramadhan. Its actually off Batu5 Jalan Ipoh, and when we turned off, we went on a 5 minute winding road ride, and eventually arrive at an intersection with High Tension wires running over it. Thats Kampung Batu Muda.
So when we arrived, I immediately whisked out the camera and caught them grilling the satays. I was told that these satays were only 50sen each, and they are huge. I mean where to find la 50sen satay nowadays, mostly half the size of what they sell here.

The uncle knows that I was there for the satay and even posed for the camera abit. The marination was quite standard and not too spicy. The peanunt sauce was just nice, and not a wee bit spicy. Should have asked for some Sambal la... since I like them spicy...
This uncle's wife sells cucur udang. When it was smoking hot, I bet those cucur udangs had a nice aroma, crispy and everything I could say to describe, a good cucur udang. Unfortunately, for us, for the courtesy of our fasting friends in the area, we had to tapao them back. By the time we got home, it was soft liao... but the gravy was chun la...

I was looking for some roasted chicken or ayam golek kinda chicken to tapao back. We saw a stall with a huge sign, saying Ayam Dara... whoa ayam dara wo sure nice wan right.... I am not sure how they check whether the chicken is dara or not, but when sayang went over there, she didn't buy it, because of flys buzzing around those chickens, so instead we walked a few stalls down and saw them grilling this chicken. No flys around so we bought this instead.

It was a some kinda sweetish, honey roasted type of chicken, which I likened it with char siu chicken. If you know what I mean.

So after buying most of the stuff we wanted to get, we were just walking around. This murtabak man was showing off his stuff to me, so I obliged and snapped a few shots of him, flipping his murtabaks.
This next picture is quite nice to see. After a full day of fasting these flers are still full of smiles. Happilly posing for pictures all...

Oh ya, we also stopped by this stall to get some Satar. Since I missed the opportunity to eat some satar the last time I was at Cherating, I thought, heh, maybe this one ok gua. Unfortunately the satar wasn't what I expected it to be, although Wendy did mention to us that this is not the best Satar you can find.
Even the kids come out to help during the ramadhan month....
By the time we finished shopping, the sun was setting so we all also rushed back home to eat up stuff we bought....

Monday, September 15, 2008

Banana Leaf Rice @ Sri Nirwana Maju Bangsar

Talk about wanting to do something and actually doing it only after 1 year. I have always wanted to write about this Sri Nirwana Maju banana leaf restaurant. It has always been regarded as one of the better places to go for Banana Leaf, although I it might not be the cheapest.

This visit is a first for me in 2008, and surprisingly the first ever visit for Sayang to this restaurant. I mean we have dropped by at Saravanan Bhavan but not to this place. So as usual all banana leaf meals begin with, is the standard vegetarian meal. I think it costs RM5 or something like that, with unlimited rice, and vege. The deep fried bitter gourd on the right most, was on top form that night, it tasted totally out of this world, so naturally I asked for more during the meal.

We also asked for Sotong Goreng, which was made just nice. The marinate was aromatic, and forms a thin layer of flavouring onto the squid, which otherwise would have tasted like nothing. This was a great dish, deep fried, squid wasn't hard, and it tasted great.

We also tried their Fried Balos fish, Rm2 for a small piece each. It was quite alright.

Their fried chicken was so so, and nothing really much to shout about.

Overall I found this place to be quite alright, the food is good, service is fast. It can get quite pack during dinner hours, and you might have to wait for a place to seat. Now that can be quite a turn off. However, having said that, the reason why people come in droves is that this place serve some really nice banana leaf rice.

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Sri Nirwana Maju
Address: 43, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru, 59100 KL.

Telephone: 03-2287 8445

Monday, September 08, 2008

Hawker Delicacies @ Champs Bandar Utama

After trying their most talked about ribs, I had aways wanted to come back and check out their pork noodles. So much so, that one day Adrian was in the Centrepoint area, and asked me, dude, whats nice to eat here, immediately I said, try their pork noodles @ Champs. Although I have never even smelt the noodles before, the recommendation was based on reputation.. hahaha... So our friend came back on Monday morning and told how nice the noodles were and all...

So fast foward a few weeks later, I mentioned pork noodles again, and I got him fantasizing about Champ's Pork Noodles ( Chu Yoke Fun ), so much so, we ended up at Champs that night.

Surprisingly our friend arrived on time while Sayang and I made it there slightly later. It seems on weekends this place can be preety slow, either that or as I remembered it, it was the day Petrol prices went up to RM2.70.

For a pub, they surprisingly sells drinks like Teh Tarik , Kopi - Ping, Barley ice, etc... I ordered a Tiger for myself, while they ordered their Teh Tariks. Drinks were quite alright, and they have Guiness, and Kilkenny of the tap too...

Starter of the day was, half a dozen chicken wings. Marinated with spices, it is deep fried and served smoking hot. Usually when its smoking hot it tastes the best, especially when you rip the meat off the bones, and you see smoke gushing out, followed by its aroma, definitely a feast for your senses. Unless of course, the next table start blowing cigi smoke over la.. hahahaha...

Sayang ordered her prawn mee, which came in a big white bowl, its broth oozing out with aroma, before they put it on the table and all. It had two pieces of big prawn, lots of chicken and pork slices, and the soup was sweet and bursting with flavours. Spiciness was just nice for Sayang although I might "ka liu" with the additional sambal provided.

Adrian and I both went for the Pork Noodles that we have both heard so much about. In this bowl is a generous serving of bee hoon, lots of choi sum, lots of pork slices, pork liver, eh what do you call chu cheong in English ?, minced pork, and lots of lard...... The soup was so flavourful, and sweet man... this is what I call in Cantonese, lok chuk liao ( the right ingredients, in generous amounts ). The noodles costs about RM18 / bowl I think, and it was all worth every penny. The pork noodles were like freaking awesome....

There shouldn't be a need to call up and reserve, although on weekends, you have a lot of families coming in to dine, and they fill up the pub in no time.

Champ's Bistro

Address: Lot F10, 1st Floor, Centrepoint,
Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Telephone: 03-7722 5800

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sup Tulang @ Kg Dato Abu Bakar Baginda, Bangi

I was driving down to Bangi one afternoon, taking an unusual route towards Bangi, via Uniten, calling it the back way la....

I drove past uniten, and then those training centers and the junction into MPOB, I saw a crowd at a very down to earth stall.  I instantly told myself, after I finish whatever I am doing I am coming back this way, to see whats in store for me.....

The stall is bawah pokok, hence, it wasn't very hot. I'd normally keep away from hot stalls with zinc roofs, so that I don't perspire to the point where I smell stronger than the food. Anyway as I walked in I looked around to see what those people were having... soup... omigosh.. soups... soups and nasi lemak bungkus (that's weird !!)....  Normally people just eat soup and white rice isn't it ?

So what the heck I also ordered myself a bowl of Sup Daging.. and Helped myself to one pack of the Nasi Lemak bungkus.

The bowl of soup was nice.  Really full of spices, aromatic, and not too salty.  Plus the aunty at the stall gave me a generous helping of meat in my soup.  I finished all of it, clean, nothing was left, except for the bones.

The Nasi Lemak was really nothing much to shout about really, and I would have much preferred it if they actually served white rice to go with the soup. 

Directions all I can tell you is that from the UPM toll drive towards Bangi, where all those Pusat-pusat Latihan of Public Bank and Maybank is situated in Bangi.  Along the road, you should see that water tower, the stall is opposite of that water tower. 

Also look out for this Police Station that says Dato Abu Bakar Baginda...  thats the Kampung Name I guess, in Bangi.  Their sup ayam, sup daging and sup gear box is superb, as I was told.


Thats what I saw, how not to turn back and see whats the fuss all about... hehehe

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Mother's Chicken Rice - Linda Onn

Was at Shah Alam the other day for a visit to UITM.  Its funny and sad at the same time because that school has been getting into the news for the wrong reasons.  I think researchers in that school work doubly hard to prove to the world that they are just as good if not better.  

Anyways, back to the food.  This is Linda Onn's restaurant, although she goes, My Mom's Chicken rice.  Wakakaka, just in case the food sucks or anything like that, she can always back out and blame her mom for it.

I mean its not like its a terrible place to eat.  To begin with, its quite clean.  Its looks like a simple cafe, thats clean , and serves chicken rice.

I asked for a Nasi Ayam Special Set, which came with this nice little plate of drumstick, drenched in Sambal, a bowl of yellow rice, and soup.  This was like one of the better plate of chicken rice I have had in a long time.  The sambal has everything to do with that statement.  Its just nice and simple.  

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Lot 84, Ground Floor,
Lorong Memanda 1, Batu 4 1/2
Ampang Point, 68000 Ampang,
Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel: 03.4251-1177 

Sorry don't have the address for the Shah Alam branch.