Monday, July 30, 2007

Wong Ah Wah Chicken Wings @ Jln Alor

Yes, this is the place where we began our journey to try out food @ Jln Alor that night. We parked our car at Hotel Novo's carpark and walked up to WAW first. Just ordered 2 pairs of chicken wings, and shared it with Sayang. She happilly chowed down her share.... and she looked so happy after that ( like what chocolate does to a chick !! wakakakaa !!)

Look, its a chicken factory over here. No where else in Malaysia do they churn out so much Chicken wings in one shoplot. This flers should go into Malaysia Book of Records for selling the most Chicken wings in a day.

I remembered the previous visit over here, we had one Crab Dish ( sweet and spicy sauce ) with Roti Bakar - damn chun that dish , One Fried Snails ( Gam Heong ) and of course we also had their chicken wingz. Although a bit pricey but their food was quite good, ada standard punya dei !! Unfortunately, we wanted to try other stalls along Jln Alor, so we took a rain check for WAW's crabs.

Other reviews ( I think everyone had only good things to say bout this place)
actually this was their reviews when there all met up for a gathering ...

2)Fatboy's Recipes - when acolyte meets the masters (wakakakaka)
3)a whiff of Lemongrass
4) - got some really nice pics there
kampungboycitygal - who also tried tinkai porridge (frog porridge) - nice pics

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Restoran Sai Woo @ Jalan Alor

Jalan Alor, the street full of food. But which restaurant serves good food and which doesn't. That night we were walking up from WAW (famed for their delicious BBQ Chicken Wings). We ta paoed, one each and ate our chicken wings as we walked up to scout what/where to eat our dinner. We walked all the way to the other end, stopped by at Loong Kee, and bought our bacon strips. Then we made our way back down.

Sai Woo, is in the middle. We noticed a crowd outside and saw some people actually standing and waiting for their seats. Whoa.. jam packed wo this place (it was about 730pm) and we were getting hungrier by the minute. So we sat down and ordered some stuff.

Char Koay Teo, O Chien, Fried LA-LA.

The Char Koay Teo came first, looks damn good, red color, and I thought for once I get to eat Pg style Koay Teo here. Mana tau, after first bite, then second bite... alamak... the taste a bit off la. So, in the end, we gave up. I give A for looks, D Fail, for Taste....

O Chien Came ( fried oysters) but the taste was so so only.

The fried la la was quite decent la, but we ordered kam heong lala ... ok la.. won't complain so much.

Okay here is the thing, I read in some other online pages, but I tried none of it over here... kekekekeke.... So I will probably go back and try the Pork Mee...

BB Guide - The Sai Woo coffeeshop (Jalan Alor) serves tasty fried tung-fun, with generous portions of vital ingredients like dried prawns and beansprouts.

KampungboyCityGal - few steps after Meng Kee is Restoran Sai Woo, famous for their delicious pork mee suah. Again, we were too early and the piggy is not even slaughter yet.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

South Korea V Iraq - AFC Cup Semis 1

I suddenly felt like I wanted to go watch a Football match, and what more, a AFC Cup Semi Final between South Korea and Iraq. It wasn't planned or anything like that, but I guessed its not one of those matches where the tickets get sold out or something like that. I went during lunch time to get my tickets and this was what I saw. Luckilly they were open , ahahaha.

Furthermore it was between 2 very good teams, South Korea (favourites) and Iraq ( who did well to reach the semi finals , definitely my dark horse for this tournament). And the plus point is that, is was held at Bukit Jalil, a world class stadium, that leaks ( yups bocor wan).

It started raining at about 5pm. By 6 the stadium was already wet. Luckilly this magnificent stadium, has full covers for spectators.

A shot of where all the fans congregated for this match

Listen to the chants of the two sets of fans, separated by one fence only

Moving on I managed to mingle with both sets of fans and I took some videos to show for it. In a nutshell I find the Iraqi fans the friendlier of the lot. Partly also because they are mostly young and single men who just loves their national football team.

Mingling in Korean Side

Mingling in Iraqi Side

The Korean fans were great too, but not as friendly. They made a lot of noise, chants, and sang throughout the entire football match. The atmosphere was incredible, really nice. The Iraqi's were just as boisterous, applauding and cheering their national team on , throughout the match.

I only hope that Malaysia could learn two things from this AFC CUP Tournament.

1) How our Asian neighbours play football.
2) How their fans support their national team.

Some really friendly Iraqi Fans
Never too young to watch football, eh
A see of RED , magnificent chanting and singing all night long
Fans waving their nation's flag

D/Meat + M/Floss Bread & BBQ Dried Bacon Strips @ Loong Kee Jln Imbi

[Short note: After a short trip to writing about Harry Potty, I am now very happy to go back to blogging about food ]

Jalan Alor, is definitely one of those places which I tagged as, I wont go there unless I have to, in the afternoons. The traffic jam here is terrible, and parking spaces are hard to find and also they are blaardy expensive. But one Saturday afternoon I had to be there to collect some stuff, so I ended up there.

I parked diagonally opposite to Loong Kee , which initially I had no intention to drop by, but the smells were just to hard to resist, as if I kena mind controlled into the shop.

Anyways, I wasn't going to buy anything, just want so see see only. But, because of the free smells, I suddenly remembered, I have not had Dried Meat Bread in a long long time. So I looked at the menu, I chosed the third option.

Thats how they serve you the D/Meat + M/FLoss Bread

If you compare how they served me in the video with the picture above, you would have noticed that the m/floss is actually inside the bun and not outside. The above picture makes it look nicer only, but definitely tasted the same, plus you don't have to deal with meat floss falling all over.

This shop sells practically everything else, tambun biscuits, tau sah phneah, heong pang, egg tarts, coconut tarts, kaya puffs, curry puffs, everything la. They also sell mineral water and soft drinks over the counter. Anyone tried their puffs and tarts yet ? Compare them with Tong Kee stuff ?

The same night we were at Jalan Alor again, this time to try some of the stalls and to specifically go eat WAW's Chicken Wings. We browsed around Loong Kee and found that they sell BBQ Dried Bacon Strips ( spicy /non spicy).

These bacon strips are definitely not traditional chinese dried Meat items, obviously puzzled by this type of meat, I asked the lady , Apa Ini ? She didn't need to explain, just asked if I wanted to sample or not, I gleefully said yes...

Good or not ? (no need to answer) We were at the Cashier paying for the Bacons strips. We bought the spicy ones ( really spicy ) so if you are the tak bleh tahan pedas type, or got kids at home type, buy the not spicy ones.

NST Travel

Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter Boycott Saga Continues

For some reason or another, I am finding this quite amusing. The saga continues with more news reports from the Star Online. And I would like to highlight this from theStar Online

Original Story Here

JOHOR BARU: The price war in the sale of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows novel will benefit the people, said Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Mohd Shafie Apdal.

“If there is a drop in price that the suppliers can afford, this is good and is not violating the law.

“If traders can reduce their prices and not sell at a loss, we should encourage this as it really benefits the people,” he said.

Carrefour and Tesco hypermarkets sparked a controversy when they sold the book at RM69.90 compared to RM109.90 by MPH, Popular and Times bookstores.

Mohd Shafie said high book prices have burdened the people.

“Since we are encouraging the public to read, to be well-informed and knowledgeable, it is important that books be sold at affordable prices,” he told reporters after opening the Gelang Patah Umno general meeting here yesterday.

In another report, apparently Borders sold out by noon. Wah not bad ah, sell at 109.90 also can sell out.. so the Bookstores' boycott alliance

I still don't quite understand why anyone would want to choose to buy a book for 109.90 when you can actually buy it at 69.90 somewhere else. Oh ya, with that additional RM40, you could buy yourself lots of YOGURT drinks, Ice Cream, your favorite potato snacks, and junk food on your way out. To add to that, most of these places gives you free parking, or convenient parking places.

Check out Britain's news, some independent bookstores are queing up to buy Harry Potter books from Tesco. Smart move for these guys.

More clips from the above link:

He said: “The magic of Harry Potter has gone mad. Nobody is making any money in the distribution of this book. Amazon, Tesco . . . are either breaking even or losing money.” Asked why he bothers to sell it, he said: “Because we are a community bookshop. We do it because we have a lot of fun. But I’m pleased this is the last one.”

Meanwhile I am going to leave this topic and go back to blogging about food. Watch this space though as I am very interested in how this story will turn out, after the Boycott Alliance meets up with Penguin Books.

I leave you with all these links:

Pro Bookstore Blogs:

Sharon Bakar

Kervin - comments on this post shows a mixed feeling about this issue too.
Jefferey Quah - who wrote an Econs Thesis on this whole harry potter thing

Pro Hypermarket Gang:

Most people in this forum supports the hypermarkets
Daily Rantings
william soo
I think this fler is selling the book online

A compilation of related Harry Potter Boycott Stories

[Latest Update - Dropped by a MidValley's Careffour , Harry Potter's new release, sold out liao]

Sunday, July 22, 2007

More Reactions from The Harry Potty Saga in Malaysia

I am very surprised at the speed of how fast the internet gets its news. Anyway I read from International Herald Tribune, that the Malaysian Government has sided against those greedy multi chain bookstores. (read the story here)

So while surfing the internet for the latest updates on all this Harry Potty Boycotts and such, I found out that this news has already been updated on WIKIPEDIA.

So I still hope all of you who pre ordered, please try and get a refund from MPH & Popular.

Here check out Yahoo Answers on Why the Hypermarket can sell it so cheap ?

Refund !! Refund !!!

Updated 1:31am.

Check out William Soo's Blog on his rants about this Harry Potty Price War Thing. He has a very similar way of thinking regarding this price war thing which is happening only in Malaysia.

Where to buy HP7 if you are in East Malaysia

I woke up this morning and was pleasantly surprised that Sharon Bakar had left a comment on my post about Harry Potter. I read her post and opinions and went on to read the comments section. I found quite an interesting mix of opinions from various parties.

We have quite a few who kutuk the hypermarkets, some were happy that Tesco and Careffour is doing this, but some unfortunately for someone like Georgette Tan who is in Malaysia, tarak Hypermarket sana and according to her blog, many walkins were turned away at Popular Bookstore in Kuching.

So I did a few searches and found a few places where you can actually buy them (not at Tesco price la).

One of them at (pic below)

The from YTL Community Website
1) Barnes
2) Powell

By making it difficult for readers to get the book, doesn't mean other readers can't buy it. Imagine , Levis Jeans, Elvis Pressley records, Coke could still be found in Eastern Bloc countries in the 80s.

The four book chain stores who are boycotting this release should consider selling their books at a cheaper price. Then and again, WHY in UK people can get their books for 5 - 8 pounds, we Malaysians have to pay 17 pounds ? Doesn't make any bloody sense.


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter Launch !! MPH should refund our money !!

TheStar: Harry Potter and the Ugly Price War

Firstly , I would like to congratulate ardent fans of the Harry Potter series who managed to get their hands on the book today. Of course, with no thanks at all to the MPH Mega Chain of bookstores.

I feel sorry for my friends who actually took the time to actually pre-order the book from MPH , Popular, Borders, etc at the RRP. Unfortunately for thousands of them right, pre ordering means you have to pay up front , and collect the books when the stock arrives la.

So, news and flyers surfaced yesterday that the hypermarket chains were going to sell the Harry Potter book at 69.90 !!! Walane... so low, so value for money !! some more don't need to pre - order .

Read this: Where to buy Harry Potter7 ?
(pic from )

So what was MPH's Response ? From Potter Price war (3rd update)

MPH, Popular, Harris and Times at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur at 4pm announced that they would not sell Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in protest against Carrefour and Tesco selling the book at a hefty discount.

The recommended retail price of RM109.90 is being violated by hypermarkets advertising and selling it at RM69.90, the bookstores said.

The four chains, with a total of 100 outlets nationwide, said they were protesting the indiscriminate discount and wanted to show customers that they were not "blatantly profiteering" from them.

However, they said they would honour all pre-orders. "This means the book will no longer be available for sale at these stores nationwide from tomorrow (Saturday) following the worldwide release," MPH Bookstores chief operating officer Patricia Chen said. "

All events related to Harry Potter will be cancelled," she said.

My problem with this statement is this. MPH have no more reason to sell Harry Potter 7 at their outlets, because there won't be anymore people buying from them. First and foremost, most people has already pre-ordered. For those who have not, you can always go buy your copies at Careffour, and Tesco , and guess what, at a cheaper price !!!

Okay la, supposedly you pay extra 40 bucks ya, you will "stand a chance" get some harry potter premiums. Hallo !!! Your mugs are out of stock liao, what a gimmick man !! Ceh !

Here, this is what Tesco and Careffour flers have to say about this

When contacted, Carrefour Malaysia corporate communications and public relations manager Yuswanis Yusof said they wanted to provide the best for their customers.

She said besides selling groceries and other essential products, the hypermarket wanted to provide a chance for their customers to purchase the book at a lower price.

"It all depends on how one markets and promote its products," she added.

Tesco Malaysia division manager Janice Chan when contacted said they wanted to make sure their customers could read the book at a cheaper price.

"We are popular for selling products at a lower price, and books are no exception.

In other words they are implying maybe or perhaps MPH has been short changing their customers. According to Sayang, when the previous book was released, kanasai MPH said, only those who pre ordered can get their books. Then they always out of stock la.. stock belum sampai la - delaying tactics.

Maybe amongst those who kena frustated from MPH's delaying tactics and high price happen to work in TESCO and/or Careffour leh ? [ have you ever thought about that ?]

Maybe MPH should help the general public by lowering the price of their books. Please do not forget, we earn our pays in Ringgit Malaysia, not in Pounds / US Dollar. Books are expensive for us, and I believe if the general public can buy the book at RM69.90[jimat 40 puluh linggit !!], everyone would have jumped at the opportunity.

For those who PRE ORDERED, you should DEMAND for a REFUND !!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Teochew Chendol @ Penang Road

Pic Taken from Fatman Seoul's Blog

On my last day in Penang, I told myself I had to pay a visit to the Penang Road kopitiam which until today I do not know whats the name. There must be three things to try at this Kopitiam. Their Asam Laksa, their char koay teo and the outside stall - Teochew Chendol.

When I arrived and found parking, I already notice people crowding around the Chendol Stall. So I took out my phone ( camera sudah hilang la )... and started recording.

Soon after I went into the coffee shop and ordered my laksa. The koay teo lady was no where to be seen, so had to wait a while la. I ordered my koay teo and everyone seems to understand cantonese nowadays.

So my laksa came, and hmm !! it was delicious. There is something different with this fella's asam laksa. I mean the soup tastes like it has tissue paper in it. Its suppose be the fish being mashed up and mixed up with the asam laksa soup. Yummy !! Quite Good i must say.

I also managed to record the Kung Fu of these Penang Char Koay Teo lady.
Short NOTE: This CKT used to be my No1 Pick !!!

The CKT arrived and I took a good look at it. RM3.50 for a plate, and her prawns are of quite decent size too. The first bite was quite inconclusive, so I took a second and a third. I hesitated a while, I told myself, today's Char koay Teo, not like last time's char koay teo already...

In the video, I also highlighted the little sticker they put on the table. It is clearly stated that they will charge you 50sen if you don't order any drinks.. KNNCCB. I ordered Chinese Tea Ice.. 60 sen ( sounds like day light robbery ). On Penang kopitiams will do this.....

Anyways I quickly finished my food, and proceeded out to order my Chendol. The young man taking care of the stall speaks good english and kept calling me sir... Fuiyoo, normally I call other ppl sir, now he call me sir !!!

Unfortunately for me, by the time I took one mouthful of it, the drizzle became rain... and guess what !! This Chendol Stall now has their own shop lot, to allow people to sit. That must have been the best news I have heard since I came to this Kopitiam.

Now you can BOYCOTT the Penang Road Kopitiam without having to boycott Penang Road Chendol. I mean to say, they don't charge you extra 50sen for sitting inside their new Chendol shoplot, unlike the kopitiam. The Asam Laksa really tasted like tissue paper, CKT punya quality also has gone down a lot recently.

Teochew Chendol - Really something to look forward to when in Penang

The Asam Laksa Stall

On a brighter note, you now no longer have to drive all the way down to Penang to taste their chendol. Just take a jam packed drive up to Giant USJ 1 and you can enjoy the same chendol. Lets boycott that blardy kopitiam... from now , and I will strike that location of my lists of must visit stalls in penang.

This trip I also didn't make it back for the New World Stalls. Must try and find that place next time hahahaha !!!

Fatman Seoul

Technorati Profile

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Help !!! Rising Crime .. What can we do about it ?

When I called Sayang this morning, she told me something about the increasing crime rate in Kepong. She's been hearing stories of her neighbour's houses getting bulgarized, slashed , etc.. and I found such a story online from TheStar Online. Its obviously bugging her a bit, so I am just going to start the ball rolling by doing some searches online.

Increase in crime rates
Posted by: chui488
I don't know if my neighbours feel the same as I do, but the thought of living in fear daily - being burglarized/slashed/robbed is definitely not the way I want to live in the neighbourhood of Kepong Baru, KL. Thieves/burglars are more brave to assault their victims with parangs etc in broad daylight. These days they not only break into your houses - as a matter of fact, they walk into your houses as though they are your friends, and they walk out of your houses thru the front gate. The neighbours won't even think it is a robbery taking place, while the burglars walk away free. What has this neighbourhood become? Almost everyday, you will hear one house on Jalan so-and-so, got broken into at 4 am in the morning. Then next day, it is the back of Jalan so-and-so that house got broken into. Who do we turn to at times like this? Yes, there is lots of anguish and frustrations but what can we do to ensure that this place is a safer place for OUR children to live in? Don't anybody care anymore? What is our MP Kepong doing about it to make it a safer place for us to live in? The crime rates has been increasing - does someone else has to die in another robbery/snatch theft before real action is being taken? There are too many access roads being opened making it easier for the getaway. Well, it is only 20 mins drive then you are already on LDP. I know that is this Visit Malaysia Year but that does not mean I welcome crime. Help us to live in a 0% crime environment. I definitely want my children to live in a safe and crime free environment.
Taken from : The Star Online

She sounded quite concerned about her wellbeing, and is quite worried for the safety of her parents. What can 2 ladies and One man do ?

My initial reaction was to take up arms, be it our own Parangs, Guns, Spears, Bows & Arrows. Why do that ? To protect ourselves. As we know the Polis can't do shit about it until you get robbed. Crime prevention is not under the jurisdiction of the PDRM ( or is it ?). You can't lodge a report for feeling scared, or afraid that some joker might walk into your house and take your things. You can try, but the police officer will tell you to go home and watch more CSI instead. So the Polis, is not someone you can turn to. [so I suppose they wont be doing that ]

Crime prevention is not solely the responsibility of just the Police Force. We as residents of our respective housing estates, or districts should lend a helping in making our houses a safer place to be. Have you spoken to your Local Resident's Association , Rukun Tetangga, or your MP ? Does it exist ?

So far I found a few websites, namely Nwatch, USJ, PJNET, KK Community that actually has got an online presence and is actively involved in crime prevention. What about Kepong and Cheras ? Don't seem to be able to find any links regarding Kepong and Cheras....

You probably don't read too much of these stories online or on our local newspapers, unless someone got shot, or died from a snatch thief. I am not sure why, but perhaps or maybe the newspaper editors find these items not news worthy, or they are not in the business of telling the public how unsafe it is for us to live in KL.

A family house broken into in Cheras

I recently had a first hand account, of my friend , whose house was broken into. It happened just last month, when their house was broken into by 3 chinese guys ( ya chinese also in the business, not only Indons). One of those jokers were caught, clobbered up by his wife, and later tied up. Unfortunately the other 2 guys escaped with quite a bit of stuff, handphones, jewellery, etc.

I did not understand why that 1 guy was caught. Was he trying to hurt someone ? The story goes like this:

This mofo was trying to get into one of the rooms, where his son and daughter in law and grand kid was locked up inside (obviously to keep the kid safe la). This joker don't know for what reason, was trying to knock the door down. He managed to break the door knob and was trying to push his way into the room. He managed to get in halfway as his son pushed the door in and pinned him down. My friends wife, got a wrench and started clobbering the mofo. They had to clobber him until he was unconscious, before they tied him up.

The family was obviously upset for the past one month.

So WHAT's UP ?

These stories keep cropping up lately. So what can we do about this ? I really have no idea how to counter this man... I mean how prepared can we be, to face a situation when this jokers decide to walk into your house ?

Shoot to Kill ?
Chop his fucking hands off ?
Chop his cock off and feed to your dog ?
or Invite them in and hope they don't hurt anyone ? [ any more ideas ? ]

In the meantime I am just going to read up a little bit more on some of these websites below.

Phone numbers of various Stesen Polis

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Food & Tea Restaurant @ Berjaya Times Square

Actually on the opening night of Transformers, we went down to Berjaya Times Square. We very happilly proceeded to IMAX to get our tickets on the tenth floor then we came back down to the 3rd floor where most of the eateries are located in Times Square.

This place is so huge, we didn't want to risk getting lost in this enourmous shopping is huge, I mean someone can really get lost in this place. We saw Food & Tea, Hei Foon Dei (Happy Land), and thought hey maybe we try HK cuisine.

The only other Food & Tea outlet I have been to was the one in Taman Segar, outside of Leisure Mall. Used to go there often because that outlet allows smoking in their premises. But this one at Berjaya Times Square, I thought was a bit different.

It nicely renovated, with nice red chairs, comfy, their premise was brightly lit and so forth. Their staff was very attentive too. By the time we sat down, someone attended to us.

The surprise came in the menu, they have a new one. A SET MENU, to entice us to order more at a better VALUE. I as usual, lazy to decided just opted for a SET. It definitely works very to have a set menu , when your customers do not know what they like or are new to your premise.

My set was Pork Chop Cheese Baked Rice in Red and White Sauce ( Yin Yong ), it came with soup of the day and a scoop of ice cream. All that for only RM11.90.

Crabmeat Soup ( if not mistaken)

Mushroom Soup

Cheese Baked Riced with Pork Chop

Pork Chop Baked Rice in Red and White Sauce ( Yin Yong )

The dishes offered were just simply delightful. I mean it makes you hoi wai.... Its not something special or exotic, but its just fried rice, baked in a bowl with Spaghetti Sauce and Some kinda Mushroom sauce. Although simple, it was tasty, and easy to swallow.

They serve pretty good Cham Ice ( Tea/Coffee) . Their coffee here is quite nice too. If not mistaken they also have a few more outlets in some other shopping complexes. If you don't know what to order, here is what you should get over there, TRY their Cheese Baked Rice. It will come in various combinations of sauces, I still haven't tried all of them yet, but in general, they all should taste quite good wan.

I never liked their Nissin Noodles, in my heart, its just Maggi Mee Soup with a piece of spam and an egg in it. Then they charge you bloody 6-8 bucks for Maggi Mee.

Also try their Coffee and Cham Ice. They also have quite a selection of smoothies, and drinks with really weird colors. Some are lime green, some are sky blue and the list actually goes on.

To summise, I think it is quite an okay place to eat. Look out for the thumbs up ( Chef's Recommendation) on the MENU. Confirm won't disappoint you.

Some other fellas who has been to Food & Tea:
Tan Kiasu
Three Meals of Goodness

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Restoran Wing Heong, Seremban

It was one of those weekends, where you know you are going to be fatter, last weekend was one of those. Sure fat wan. I was told that we will be attending Sayang's relative's birthday celebrations, they are asking us to go for lunch in Seremban.

Does Wing Heong Restaurant from Seremban ring a bell to anyone ? Nope, not to me either. Although this place is not well known to KL guys like me, I am sure they have quite a reputation with the Seremban people. We just expected a simple lunch to celebrate Sayang's Grand Aunties b'day, but instead they decided to cook up a very delightful 10 course lunch for their guests.

So join me, as I try to recall the dishes on the menu which overwhelmed our taste buds. Excuse the pics though, as I lost my camera during the Penang trip, so have to make do with a 2MP Phone Camera instead.

Very unsual, but the first course was, Loke Yuk Sau Meen ( Venison Long Noodles). It was a brithday celebration as such they serve Long Noodles, even the vegetables are long symbolically to wish Sayang's Grand Auntie a long life. The noodles were very nicely done.

The second serving came, an Assorted platter of appetizers. Unlike the usual 4 seasons platter which we are so acustomed to in KL Restaurants, theirs came in a tower. I also noticed something, they no longer put fire or candles onto this platters , instead they put in little devices which emits flashing lights (like feng tau lights ). The top level appetizer was somekinda fish ball wrapped in bacon. It is really something different from the usual, the fish gives you that very healthy bite, until the juices flushes into your mouth, and combines it with the sweetness of the bacon... wuaaaa... Jieng !! Ichiban..

The one on the left is a fusion of Squid/Sotong Jelly wrapped with Vegetarian Abalone and Chicken. The one on the right is Steamed Prawns covered with Mash Potatoes sprinkled with Finely diced fried Garlic.

Below the picture shows the fourth appetizer, mixed herbal something something...

We were very impressed by the tower, very very uncommon. Then came the soup. Its somekind of seaweed seafood soup which was served individually. Yummy !! Very hoi wai already.

This dish is Stirfried Fish with Mixed Vegetables, with Deep Fried Bones ( really nice ) and Macadamia Nuts.

This duck dish comes with a surprise package. When the waiter put this dish on the table, I must say, someone got turned off. Aiyo got duck dish means they wont serve any Chicken. Very true, but then the hosts, for some reason decided that, they won't be buying us a normal lunch, it was going to be something different.

This duck was stuffed with Good Stuff inside. The chefs here did a good job in preparing this dish. The ingredients must have been special too. This duck did not have the usual smelly duck smell that comes with all duck meat. Even sayang, whom is not a very big duck Fan, agrees. No duck Smell wo !!! She helped herself to one or two more pieces of duck than usual.

The prawn dish came. It was prepared in quite the usual way, the simple way. Ching Jing Prawns but they add garlic oil after the they steamed it. Prawns were fresh and the size was average.

They served two vege dish. One of them is Stir Fried Kai Choi ( dunno what it is in English) and the other one , I call this the Lo Hon Zai dish. Standard vege dish lor.

Of course, when you have birthday celebrations, we always end up eating the birthday cake right ? The hosts baked their own Sugee Cakes. She must have spent an entire day baking those cakes for this party.

To sum up, this place really just looks like the normal Chinese Restaurant, with Air Cond. On a normal day, if I drive past this place I wouldn't go in and try on my own. I am not sure if their normal food stuff is ok or not, but after we kena this special 10 course lunch, I must salute these guys. Definitely will come back when we have the chance.

They managed to impress us with their food. Yat Low ah !!! Two Thumbs up. We had a long drive back and everybody was just happy with their food although 10 courses was a bit too much to eat for Sayang's parents. But then because the food was so good, how to resist ?

As you can see, no exotic dishes were served in this lunch. Exotic ? What I meant was, the menu did not have real abalones, no Buddha jump Over Wall dishes, Lobster Dishes, or Ikan Kelah dishes served. Instead, this restaurant just turned very simple ingredients like fish ( dunno wat fish , ahahaa), duck, chicken and vegetables into dished that will satisfy even the most fussy taste buds.

So how do we get there ?
I am not sure if I can go back there again, but I will try to make this as simple as possible. After you reach Seremban town, look for signs to go to Rasah Town ( Seremban's satellite town). The road to Rasah, is also the road that leads you to PD. After you passed Rasah Town, Jalan Tok Ungku ( formerly Loop Road) is on a turnoff on the left. Wing Heong is just by the roadside on the right hand side.

Restoran Wing Heong
2018, Taman Bukit Blossom,
Jalan Tok Ungku, Seremban

Monday, July 16, 2007

Sri Kembangan Spicy Pork Noodles

I was a little bit bored of the food around my office and decided to head on to Sri Kembangan, town center. Decided to park my car near the market, just behind the main road, Jalan Besar (of Sri Kembangan) near the MCA Office. Directly opposite the MCA Office is the market itself and a coffeeshop that sells, Claypot Chicken Rice, and Pork Noodles.

What caught my eye, was that sign , Spicy Pork Noodle.

So I walked to that lady, and asked, whats spicy pork noodle ah ? She answered, Ma Lat Chee Yuk Fan... oh... ok I will have one bowl please....

The bowl arrived in less than 5 minutes, apparently this place somehow do not attract the crowds because it is not on the main road, and yet it's not so difficult to find. The cili padi she put there really made me sweat buckets. Hahahaha... it was so bad, I finished one packet of tissue paper. A bit too hot, and next time I come back , will definitely ask her not to put so much Cili Padi.

Taste wise, it tastes like any other Pork Noodles, except that it comes in a spicy broth. Good stuff for cili lovers.

How do you get there ? Come into Sri Kembangan, along Jalan Besar. Drive past KFC (on your right), and reach a traffic lights junction. Turn Right, you should see some multipurpose/community hall on your left, drive up the lane and you will come to the area where this yellow building is located. Park your car here or nearby and walk directly opposite the yellow building.

So this lady also serves Claypot Chicken Rice, Dim Sum and Pao. I don't remember seeing an Economy Rice booth in this coffeeshop, but I really do not mine trying any shop's economy rice here. The people in this area are generally above average cooks. I ordered White Coffee and I thought it tasted pretty decent.

Not sure if anyone has written about this place before. So no links for this post.