Thursday, August 30, 2007

Restoran Kam's Kitchen

Restoran Kam's kitchen , started off as a little Tai Chow, situated under a huge tree in Kampung Cheras Baru , off Jalan Kuari. To be more exact they were situated only outside of Poh Yep (famous door manufacturer). They opened only at night. They have now moved to the shops next to the big tree now.

Kam's famous for offering simple food which tastes good, small servings, and reasonable pricing. It has become a joint where I could go have a quick dinner with mum and dad. I mean just the three of us, if you wanted a variety of dishes , but don't wanna stuff yourself up too much, this restaurant's the place to eat. A vegetable dish is priced from RM6, meat from RM 8, and fish ( very reasonable).

Usually we'd just come by and order one Vege, one Fish , One Meat, and maybe a Chicken Dish... but two weeks back, we just wanted to try out something a bit special from them.

We ordered a Steamed Cod Fish, Mutton Curry, Nai Yau Prawns, and Fried Brinjal.

We ordered COD fish, because we thought it would be nice to see if they can do fish nicely. It turned to be pretty good. The meat was firm, and the gravy wasn't done badly at all. Have had better, but at this price, I think one of the best.

It was a surprise for me that Mom & Dad decided to order Mutton Curry... I was skeptical as to whether chinese chefs know how to cook mutton or not.. but as it turned out, I thought they could have prepared the mutton a little bit better.

Their Nau Yau Har, was by far the best dish, in terms of taste. The combination of ingredients, definitely make this dish a very appetizing one, unless the cook, dunno how to prepare it. There was only one way to improve on this serving .... bigger prawns.

This pic was a bit blurr, I must have moved my hand . Its one fantastic dish,. I don't really remember what dish they call it, but its brinjal something. Its not a common way to cook brinjal, but the end result... it turned out grreeatt !!

These fellas are not a fancy restaurant, and they do well because they cook decent food, variety, and good pricing (but serving size also smaller).


No 6 Jalan 18, Kampung Cheras Baru
Tel: 012 290 5623, 017 677 3997 ( better bring the phone number in case you need directions)

How to Get There:

Assuming you are coming from MRR2, use the Jalan Kuari roundabout and turn left ( From Ampang ) . Go straight and keep right. You will reach a BP station with traffic lights. Turn right , and go up the hill, and turn left on the second junction. The restaurant should be there.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Restoran Oversea (Cheras) @ PGRM

I am not sure where I read it, but someone did complain that August is the month of many birthdays, so much so, I would love to apply to change mine from August to maybe perhaps, July or September. Even out abit ma, so that, your friends and families no need come out so much in August to buy gifts, food, etc.

Surprisingly for us when we arrived at 730, we found the place, virtually empty. Hmm.... but we were soon ushered into our room, alamak, got Karaoke wan. Later we noticed that our room actually has an extra thick door , I belief for sound proofing (plus point so that our singing don't disturb other patrons while they eat).

Mom + Dad sang a few songs, before the food arrived ( didn't have to wait too long).

Sliced Suckling Pig with Fruit Salad, this dish came with a single serving plate (actually the entire dinner was going to be like that), carefully decorated, and placed on a nice white plate. It looked so good, I almost didn't eat it ... but of course I emptied it in no time.. hahaha....

This one, I also dunno what its called. It tasted abit like fried lobak, with egg, dried shrimps, salted egg yolk and caviar. To be eaten, using the cabbage , in background to wrap. It was so , so only....

Double Boiled Meat Ball with Dried Scallops and Cordyceps, this soup is one of the best soups I have had in a Chinese Restaurant. They serve the soup, without adding starch to it, unlike the ones they serve with Sharks Fin. I totally hate those starched soups. I think it's made of simple ingredients, but the chef actually took a long time to prepare this soup... lovely...

Fish Steak Chinese Style, whoa when I saw that on the menu, I was curious to know if we were gonna be served with a 200g COD Fillet.... hahaha... guess not. They just put in a piece of COD fish, I think it weighed about 50g. The stroke of orange was thousand island dressing, I think put there more for decorative purposes, as it didn't really help with the taste. It was a good fish dish.

Vegetable, beancurd and sea cucumber dish. This dish actually came in a pot on a stove. They made it as if they were cooking it, and then served on a dish , and put on our table when it was ready to be served. Again , very nice presentation and this dish definitely tasted as good as it looked.

Minced Garlic Fried Prawns, hmm, I remembered this dish very well. Sayang's favorite dish of the night. I found it to be okay, but it was actually a huge prawn rolled up into a ball like that. They later then sprinkle finely diced fried garlic on the prawn and a little salad dressing by the side for decoration.

Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce, okay, this one really tasted like Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce. Yucks, I took two bites and left the rest there.

Dessert was Yam Jelly. This was supposedly something made by the chef last minute, to replace something else on the menu we ordered.
The food we ordered that night was not only eye candy, it was also pleasing to our taste buds. Well all of them except for the Spaghetti. It was a half hearted effort at making Spaghetti, of which I am sure I could cook better spaghetti than that fler.

In spite of some dishes done badly, the other dishes made this one of the best experiences in a chinese restaurant for me. Environment is great, especially when you get a private room. You don't get to hear all those noise of other people chatting (which can be very loud in a chinese restaurant). The assigned one waiter to serve us full time,while the manager popped in once in a while to check if everything is alright. Good food, good service and good environment...

Name :
Restoran Oversea (Cheras) Sdn. Bhd.
Address :
Lot 3-01, Level 3, Menara PGRM,
Jalan Pudu Ulu, Off Jalan Cheras,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Person In-charge :
Teng / Meng
Tel :
603-9281 2718
Fax :
603-9287 8698
Email :

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Curry Mee @ Jalan Kaskas Stall (Tmn Cheras)

Taken from

The stall with a blue tin roof

This place serves the best Hakka Laksa Lemak with cockles in town! Open only at night and closed Wednesdays. The wantan and sui kow with its simple preparations, bring back memories of how purity tastes. The ABC or air batu campur is like what we used to have at the canteens in school years ago. Just lots of shaved ice, syrup, evaporated milk, corn and red beans. That's all we need, right?!

Location: Taman U Lek, Cheras at Lorong Durian

While reading the article, I can't help but wonder, how the writer actually managed to find this stall. In my opinion its definitely not the best curry mee I've had, but I won't say its terrible la. Nevertheless, he wrote enough to stroke my curiosity, that night I went down to that stall...

Their curry noodles, comes with tau fu pok ( something made of soya bean), a few pieces of chicken, taugeh, and cockles. The curry broth was okay la. A little too watery for my liking. I thought the really good curry laksa like the ones served by Red Ginger ( i think its Rm12.90 per bowl), of which those curry is kao kao wan.... but then this stall sells a bowl at RM3.50.

Their Kon Lou noodles were so so only, no wonder the article did not mention this dish. But have to try la. Sayang ordered this, so what she did was, to pinch some of my curry laksa, and added it to her kon lou. Whoa, definitely tasted much better after.. hahaha...

I remembered they used to make very good ABC here. I like my ABC's ice finely shaven, their red beans to be appropriately marinated with sugar,and no peanuts. There must be enough sirap ros, evaporated milk, Coconut Milk should be added if any , and most importantly, there must be enough gula melaka......

That night we visited, there wasn't enough gula melaka.... but it still tasted quite ok. Now this stall also serves, Pan Mee, Ching Tong(clear soup), and various types of kon lou noodles. Their curry mee is pretty good but I am sure its not the best (have had better).


Drive from Loke Yew towards Taman Cheras ( Yulek). Take the Taman Cheras round about, from KL means to take a left. You will reach one traffic lights, keep right , and turn right. Then you will arrive at the BP traffic lights, there you go straight. You can keep left or right, both lanes also can go straight. You will follow that road and you need to drive past 7-11, and the Yulek Market (along the blue highlighted road) until you reach the junction.

Go Look For parking.

Also try the restaurant which opens next to them, Cosy Corner

Monday, August 27, 2007

Steak @ Suzi's Corner

When was the last time I had a steak ? [count..count...lost count]

Was at Suzi's sometime earlier this month. It was just an impromptu decision to go over to Suzi's, as I met up with a client and was having a drink at Pelita, near Ampang Point. It just struck me that, the fler is from Penang, tak kan pula I belanja him Nasi Kandar , right ?

So I suggested to him, got one place, Steak very nice... he said ok , why not.. We got up the car, left the car park outside Pelita, and took an inch by inch roll down to Suzi's. It took us 20 minutes.

So its true, Suzi's has become an Expat's mamak. Its good to see those Mat Salleh's letting their hair down, eating food a cheap stalls like Suzi. Really have to go see to believe. I also wondered, why the Mat Sallehs love this place so much.

I went down to Suzi's to try their Steak , so I ordered my steak. My client, ordered his chicken chop and so did my colleague. Mine was a Sizzling Black Pepper Steak (asked to cook to Medium Well).

It didn't feel like we waited very long but the food finally arrives........

I wasn't expecting very much from my steak, especially from a place like Suzi's even though I heard a lot about their reputation of serving mouth watering steaks. Ya but reputations are just reputations, nothing much.

I sliced a piece of my steak, revealling a juicy, really cooked to Medium Well piece of meat. Wow, I am already impressed. However, so , since I am not a steak connoisseur, I don't really know which cut was served. But I happilly chowed down the steak. Gotta say, their sauce is quite good too.

I think the chicken chop is okay, although I usually just never chicken chop when I go out and eat. Good steaks, I must say they tasted above average... what a surprise !!

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Know your Hitzstory - taking stupidity to a new level !!

Every morning we get brain washed as we get stuck in the crawl on the way to the office. Although I only get the last ten minutes of their stupid jokes ( stupids but I likes it)... I have already been brainwashed and now I become a zombie walking around preaching Hitzstory 101.

The Morning Crew: Did you know, in 1957, Hitz.FM was called the Hitz.AM ?
General : OH!!!!!
The Morning Crew: Did you know, in 1957, we Malaysians invented the word etchelli ? Before 1957, the British people use to say , Perhaps, However, etc... [wakakakaka]
General: [refraining from laughing] OH !!!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Heroes Season2 Resumes September 24 2007

The last scenes as I remembered it , were the two Petrelli brothers, exploding somewhere in Mid Air, and with Hiro having travelled back in time to Medieval Japan. Since then I have been waiting for Heroes Season 2 to come back. Gotta say, have not been hooked to a TV series, since ST: TNG. Although I love Supernatural, it just doesn't come close. And just when I thought Traveller was going to fill the void, until Heroes returns for a new season, they cancelled the series...

Look heres a Preview of what is to come: Heroes Generations..

Watch out for the Date : September 24th 2007. Your lives will never be the same again..

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

CODO @ MidValley

If you are looking for a nice environment, decent food, and a fairly cheap place to eat, do come to CODO. Its situated on the 3rd Floor of MidValley, and definitely one of those places that I frequent.

I remembered I had dim sum set the first time I ate here. I was quite impressed and somehow there was some kinda draw, and I kept coming back since.

I liked the decor of this restaurant. Its a fusion of chinese, traditional kopitiam and romantic. Plus, this restaurant is situated on top of a busy 3rd Floor Podium area of MidValley, which is not as noisy as the restaurants below. Additionally, you do not get passer by's stopping to watch you eat.

The lighting is dimmer than most kopitiams or restaurants which serves dim sum, but bright enough to take a business associate out for lunch. They also have booth tables which gives you that kind of privacy you wish for a business lunch or a romantic date.

For some reasons which I can't pinpoint at, this restaurant has got a fairly low noise level, which adds to the plus points.

Well, in the most recent visit, we tried their SET Lunch for Two, with Fried Rice, Beef Noodles (phoa - ya quite authentic) and three side dishes. I thought the noodles were pretty good and so was the fried rice ( although not very special). Their side dishes are always very special, but not to be mistaken for being authentically Vietnamese.

Okay, those were the dishes we had recently, but trust me, you should try their Chargrilled Lemongrass Beef. This dish reminds me of Philly Steak marinated with Lemongrass... whoa... jieng !!

The second thing I thought you have to try is their Dim Sum set. It will come with a set of the current favourite items, although you should not expect them to offer you a whole range of dim sum dishes like the usual dim sum place ( etc, Jln Ipoh dim sum restaurants) .

The servings here are usually sized from medium to small. But their pricing is quite decent too. It doesn't cost you an arm and a leg just to try out Vietnamese Fusion food stuff.

And guess what, I have yet to find a negative comment about this restaurant yet.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Claypot Chicken Rice @ Restoran Teow Chew (Taman Desa Aman, Cheras)

I used to call this place Desa Aman Duck Rice (Ngap Fan) stall when they were still located at the roadside, opposite of Cheras Business Center, simply because they used to have a big duck signage infront of their stall. I have been to this stall countless times, as this place serves some pretty good Claypot Chicken Rice, and also teochew dishes.

They moved some months ago, when DBKL decided to move everyone into a new food court complex in Tmn Desa Aman. Surprisingly, they managed to get a shoplot in Desa Aman and there moved there.

This is my first time at this place since they moved.

It was just a simple dinner, as such we ordered one serving of Claypot chicken rice, some Loh Duck (Loh Ngap), Loh Eggs, and Ham Choi. All very nice to eat dishes I must say.

My favourite over here is the Claypot chicken rice. I don't mean to say it tastes astronomically better than every where else, but I must say they're ok, haven't got anything bad to say about their food here.

You can also add in salted fish for extra taste if you wish.

Below: A pic of their new back drop.

Oh yes, I recommend this drink to everyone. Red Bean Ice ( Hoong Tau Ping)... they serve the most pekat Red Bean Ice in KL. For me it is a must have everytime I visit this place... yummylicious !!


Drive from Loke Yew towards Taman Cheras ( Yulek). Take the Taman Cheras round about, from KL means to take a left. You will reach one traffic lights, keep right , and turn right. Then you will arrive at the BP traffic lights, there you turn right again.

At that point you will be on Jalan Kaskas once you turn right. After a short while the road splits into two ,like a Y, you keep to the right. Follow the road as it bends to the left, and take the first left turning. You should be on Jalan Desa Aman 2, the restaurant is right at the end of the road.

Restoran Makanan Teow Chew
19, 21-Block C, Desa Aman 2,
Taman Desa Aman
(Next to the Desa Aman Food Court )
Tel : 012-6800729

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Namewee's New Video is out - Cutegirl

If anyone's been listening to the radio or reading the national papers, you would have heard of this Malaysian kid studying abroad in Taiwan, who allegedly insulted our Country. I only just recently went up to Youtube to watch the entire video and I thought, the mofo is quite funny, and he got his facts quite right about most of the stuff he was rapping about..

[Not: decided not to put that video up , coz sked the LAW might take action but I saw the one with english subtitles !! ]
I gotta say, he made a big mistake by making insinuating remarks about the "Azan". Nevertheless, he has now moved on , after making his video apology also on Youtube, I just saw this new video clip of his.

I think this song is called , Cute Girl ( Ke-Ai de Nui Hai) - soli my mandalin not so powder

So what do you think ? This fler is talented right ?
I think he is talented, but unfortunately stupid. Anyways, good luck to NameWee, should the Malaysian law decide to take further action.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wong Kok - Char Chan Teng @ Leisure Mall

This Wong Kok, is strategically placed, right opposite of Fitness First, at Leisure Mall Cheras. Sometimes after class, on Sundays, we may end up at this place for a drink and a quick bite.

I don't quite understand what the appeal is for this CCTs ( Char Chan Teng), but I always notice a crowd at these restaurants. Right opposite ( outside of Cheras Leisure Mall) you can find another cafe, Food & Tea, also always packed with customers....

Anyway, this time we came over for a quick lunch, before BC class. I knew we were running late and couldn't eat much so I ordered for Mantau with Luncheon Meat... I must say this dish is really nothing special... wakakakaka... just spam and mantau cut into pieces...thats it.... oh ya those yellow lines are mayo. Nothing special but it was quite tasty...

Sayang ordered her Szechuan nisin noodles. I always thought those were maggi mee, served with Szechuan meat or something like that.. waakakaka

Now you see why I am quite puzzled as to why these CCT's are always filled with people ?

My theory is that, they serve really simple food, which tastes quite okay. I mean how bad can you fry a piece of luncheon meat ? or How bad can your Maggi Mee be ?

Oh yes, I remember something really good to mention about this place. Their Coffee, Tea, and Cham tastes really quite good. I mean they have a recipe that appeals to the general public. I mean you can't complain about their coffee, unless you are comparing them with Starbucks' coffee. Then of course, its value for money in a pretty decent environment.

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Flat Grill ( Teppan) Char Koay Teow @ Uptown

Nowadays, after we finsih combat at Uptown, we will surely try to find some food within the area of Uptown 5. Hence, the increased frequency of eateries we frequent around DU / UPtown area.

Yes I was on one of those Char Koay Teo rampage, where I went try different CKT at different places. We ordered Fried carrotcake and CKT from this place.

While filming the video (che WA !!) the auntie came and talk to me. Telling me how long they been frying their koay teos. Since before there was UPtown , they had a stall by the roadside, until today, they already have two grown up sons. Now helping out in the stall also la.

I am sure you can't help but notice, my voice, I was giving that "oh ya ka " demeanour to the auntie.. wakakaka... In my mind, wait and see la, let your CKT do the talking....

One of the reasons why I tried this stall is because, they use a flat grill to cook their CKT, secondly, there are easilly 10-15 stalls out of 50 in UPTOWN that sells Char Koay Teo, so which one is good, which one is not... aLamak... got dilema ni !! Once I saw Flat Grill, try lo...

The auntie kept telling me, their CKT damn nice la , this la that la... So finally the Char Koay Teo arrived. FYI, this CKT has got no pork, or lard,. I only found that out after the first bite.. then only I noticed, in UPtown... Mamak and Malay stalls open side by side with the chinese stalls, so have to serve no PORK lo.

To be frank, I wouldn't go back to her stall again, although the next time, if I eat there again, must ask them to cook extra Spicy la.. the taste was a bit flat, no real hot wok taste, and I am sure its just not the lard that is missing...

Their stall really serve nothing special in particular. Everyone is selling ikan bakar, sotong kangkung, Fried Rice, etc...


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Teochew Char Koay Teow @ Jalan Imbi Night Stalls

Anyone tried Teochew Char Koay Teow ? It must have been one of the weirdest thing I've seen, when I first saw this stall @ Jalan Imbi (opens only for dinner). After trying so many CKT's in Penang, I really am trying to find a subsitute for CKTs.. in KL.

To be frank , I have not been to these stalls for a few years now. But luckilly for me the Teochew Char Koay Teow stall is still around. I had a few words with the lady frying the good stuff, and she told me, that they have been there for 38 years. Needless to say, she must be the second generation frying Koay Teow in this same spot.

We also ordered Fishball Noodles from a stall in the same place.

We waited quite long for our CKT to come. Long ? Yes, considering the fact that most CKT's are cooked in within 2 - 3 minutes, depending on how hot they keep their WOK. We waited about ten minutes, and when it arrived , it looked pretty good.

When it arrived, it was just fresh off the WOK. The aroma filled the air, but I bet it came partly from the lady's wok. The cockles were large and prominently displayed on top of the plate. We were definitely looking forward to it.

Let me explain the difference in Teochew CKT as compared to the Penang Variant, which I think everyone is so used to. Teochew CKT is brown in color, because they use cili padi instead of sambal for their chili. Teochew CKT also has got a type of teochew pickled cabbage ( choi bou - said in cantonese) which is quite normally served as a side dish for Teochew Porridge.

Its definitely a different version of CKT as compared with the ones found in Penang. But I must admit, it wasn't the best CKT I have had. Definitely worth a try, to check out the Teochew version.

Next up, our Fishball Noodles (kon lou). If you are looking for something simple, and clear I think I'd recommend this. Nothing special in particular, even the fishball and stuff in the other bowl below is normal. For me it tasted , ok la only. Nothing much to shout about.

On a short note, as we were leaving the stalls, I bumped into a friend who was also eating there. I noticed he ordered some ikan bakar which looks enticingly good... Oh ya one more thing, there is a new Penang CKT stall recently opened in this area.. that makes two CKT stalls in one area. This one is Teochew, situated right in the middle of the area, next to the Yong Tau Foo stall.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Restoran Leong Ya @ Taman Sungai Besi Indah

Remember my last post on Yong Tao Foo ? Wasn't that long ago isn't it ? Restoran Leong Ya , is famous perhaps for 2 dishes... their Yong Tao Foo and Paper Wrapped Chicken. Sometimes because I eat too much... I have to cut down of carbs & red Meat, I will come over to Leong Ya just to eat their Yong Tao Foo , without rice for lunch. Its also good to sometimes try to lower down Carb intake... kekeke

There are 3 Leong Ya's in the vicinity of Taman Sungai Besi Indah. This one belongs to the daughter, opposite of Azhar Maju Mamak. I must say this Leong Ya is the most packed during lunch and dinner, and yet I couldn't find a single blog review of this place... You should be able to see in the map below the Leong Ya (in black) and Leong Ya in Yellow. There should be another Leong Ya somewhere in the front, with air cond.

The way they serve their YTF is slightly different from the ones in Ampang. The sweet sauce is served together, and their chili sauce is slightly different from the Ampang YTF that most people are accustomed to.

Unlike Ampang Homeland(got factory to make YTF), these 3 Leong Yas make their own YTF individually. So you might have to sample YTF and Chee Pau Kai ( paper wrapped chicken) in all three branches.

Also try their other dishes. I personally like their Vietnamese Seafood Pot , and they also know how to steam fish ( results always better than average). Prices are reasonable too. Sorry no pics for those dishes, but definitely worth the try.