Friday, November 30, 2007

Ching Chong Lady Strikes back

Sometime ago , we read on Kenny Siau's blog, he got a call from some ching chong lady, supposedly a scam. A few weeks back Sayang also kena, but luckilly for her, since she can't understand any Mandarin, her conversation did not carry on for long. While my call didn't begin with, " congratulations, you won't 240 thousand upyourass dollars , and so on and so forth.!!", I thought it be fun if we recorded it just in case, it came to that...

Yesterday another Ching Chong lady, called me up, UNKNOWN CALLER, appeared. I picked up and the lady spoke Mandarin to me. WTF !! I told her, me no understand.....

NOT very clear... I don't understand, and when I try to communicate with them in cantonese, she gave up (hopefully she vomits blood too), and passed it to another ching chong lady who speaks my dialect.

To Listen to the Snippet click here: ChingChongLady Phone Conversation
You can download the mp3 file here

I hope this is not the beginning of a scam where they call you up on pretense of something else and ask for consent to register your details into a database. In the end I have requested not to be registered.

Dec 02 , Genting Arena of Stars
Got somekind of exibition for electronic gadgets right (from what I gather from that phone conversation?)
Listen for the password, listen for the name, and please feel free to attend the event... wakakaka

Vietnamese Noodles @ Richmond, Melbourne

One of them places, my cousin brought us to , was this restaurant in Richmond. Unfortunately for me, I have forgotten what this place is called, and in Richmond, you have many Pho houses on that particular street. We also walked into a few Vietnamese provision shops to look at the abundance of food stuff we can buy for cooking Asian Food.

So, when we walked in, the restaurant was already quite full. Mind you it was about 12pm, not exactly lunch time, at least not for us. We were just doing brunch. The reason why I did not remember much of it was because I did not do the ordering nor did I pay much attention to its menu.

My cousin ordered this mini fried popiah, which was quite tasty. To eat this fried spring roll, we were given a bowl of sweet chilli sauce , which tasted like less starchy Thai Chilli Sauce.

As an additional side dish for our noodles, we were given this plate of beansprouts, and mint leaves (really reminds me of ULAM). We were to squeeze a bit of lemon onto the salad, and mix well.

I remember eating their beef Kuay Tiau soup , while Sayang had the chicken and pork one. I liked the stuff they serve here, price wise, pretty cheap when compared with the rest of the stuff available for lunch. One bowl of these noodles costs about 8 bucks each. Unlike in KL , the 8 bucks comes with a huge bowl of noodles, lots of meat, lots of vegetables. Go to Pho House @ the Curve, I believe they give you about 1.5times the serving.

This must be how much food in their kopitiam costs. Vietnamese Coffee was good, because we finally managed to get some Kopi C. Had been drinking too much cheap brewed coffee, which I didn't like very much. Most cafes were just serving, expensive coffee which didn't taste very good. I really forgot which one this restaurant is, but if not mistaken this is one of the more popular ones.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Nasi Beriani Gam Johor JB Power @ Restoran Anje, Bangi

I remember the last time I was in Batu Pahat, about the same time last year, I spent 45 minutes looking for Beriani Gam Power JB, and when I got there it was closed. Not open for dinner konon. Luckilly for me, one of the Profs from UKM actually told me where to find Beriani Gam in Bangi.

It did not take me long to figure where it is, because she told it is situated somewhere behind the Petronas Station next to NIOSH building in Bangi.

It did not take me long to find parking, although you might have to walk 5 minutes to the restaurant. When I walked in, I saw a packed restaurant, and on top of that, the queue was about 15 people ahead of me. I am quite alright with that, because I can take my time to look at the menu, and decide what I want to eat.

They have, Ayam Goreng Kampung, Ayam Masak Merah, Kambing, Daging Rendang, Daging and so forth. I asked for Nasi Beriani Daging.

The gravy was very tasty, with a handful of papadam, acar timun, and a bowl of dalcar (RM 5 - 6). Their serving size can vary, and but I normally ask them to reduce the amount of rice they give me. Separuh !! Thats what you hear me say all the time. Hahaha...

I like the way their rice is cooked. It doesn't stick to each other, which means their Beriyani was done correctly, not too dry, and just moist. Taste wise, I must say, its very nice. The gravy that came with the beef was quite nice, and didn't find it too salty. The dalcar however is not something I like. Just my preference, so I normally do not touch the dalcar at all.

To sumise, I prefer this place to the one @ Nasi Beriani Putrajaya which I find abit too expensive. I read about House of Briyani which is near Warta from nochickenwing's blog, so I will try to drop by one of these days to see if they are open yet.

My bill came to less than Rm10 for lunch that day. Really good value for money, and I can't say you will complain about how the food tastes, unless you just totally hate it. My sayang will never say the beriani gam is great, at most you just get an ok la from her. She prefer's her authentic real Briyanis.

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Restoran Anje
Nasi Beriani Gam Johor JB POWER

15, Jalan SS 15/1C
43560 Bandar Baru Bangi


Exit North South highway at the Bangi Toll
1. Take 12 when you meet the first round about ( rectangular and huge)
2. Drive until you reach a second round about (rectangular and huge also) and take a 6, something like a u - turn.
3. Drive past the NIOSH center and immediately take a left turn at the junction after the Petronas Station.
4. Turn right at the first junction. Restoran Anje should be on your left, next to the Tayar shop.

If you still got problem call 013 7428160.

Hokkien Mee & Stout @ Online Pub, Damansara Kim

Recently I have had posts about places that serves pretty nice food, where you don't expect it. In Malaysia, it is not common for people or the general public to walk into a pub and try their Hokkien Mee or their pork ribs, because, for one, we don't expect to sell anything other than beer, stout, or whiskey......

One of these places, is Online Pub at Damansara Kim. For its description please read this previous post I wrote about . I just recalled that I did rant about their ribs and hokkien mee in that previous post, but did not have the right gadgets to take pictures of it in the dark some more. hehehe. Not to mention , this little pub serves some of the best Guinness on Tap ( no they don't taste the same in every pub).

To begin with, we were supposed to go to GYM that night. Its a suprise even to the pub owners themselves, oh... this is the first time you guys turned up on a weekday... I winked, and said, yeah.... we wanted some good hokkien mee, so we're here. In actual fact we were just too lazy to go to gym. What else better to do when you skip gym ? We drink and eat lots of great food... wakakakaka !!!!

Recommendation #1 - Mutton Curry Rendang with Sandwich. No frills mutton curry rendang, with potato chunks served on a plate with a few slices of fresh cucumber. After one spoonful, we we felt something was missing. and oh.. no bread....... With the bread it was just nice.... to counter the spiciness and saltiness of the mutton rendang.

Recommendation #2 - Their deep fried Pork Ribs. I am not sure how they prepare this, but it does taste a bit like their ribs were marinated using fermented beancurd (Nam Yue). Their ribs comes out hot and crispy. Just the nice kinda of food to compliment a Pint of Icy Cold Guinness.
If you don't like to take pork, you can always opt for their Chicken Bites or their fried chicken wings.

The biggest surprise for me was how good their Hokkien Mee is. Its done like the rest of the other stalls might cook it, same ingredients, in fact looking at this picture , it does remind me of my mee goreng mamak. The difference, this one has got loads of lard on it, starchy, and appetizing. I can't say they serve the best, but its good.

Nothing beats going to Online Pub to catch up with some old friends, have some fresh Guinness, and enjoy some great snacks. Another reason to come by, is to watch their inhouse band play, Wednesday(or Tuesday ah ?) and Friday nights (most of the time in gym).

When the band's not playing, they will belt out countless classic hit songs to sooth the background.

Online Pub & Restaurant
32 SS20/10 Damansara Kim
47400 Petaling Jaya
03 7728 0532

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Nasi Lemak and Lamb Stew @ All Stars Cafe , Mid Valley

When we walked past All Stars Cafe on day looking for a place to eat, we noticed a little Standee outside the restaurant. This "pub" actually serves lunch !! So we walked in and sat down. I had no idea before that day that All Stars serves lunch, let alone be open during lunch time. Did you know ?

We did get our orders into the kitchen, and we did not have to wait very long before our food came out. I asked for a Lamb Stew dish, with rice, while Sayang ordered her Nasi Lemak. The food turned out to be quite tasty, which otherwise would have totally ruined our lunch.

Lamb Stew Set with Rice

Their lamb stew dish came with a bowl of butter rice, lamb stew and a generous helping of steamed salads. The taste of the lamb stew was abit salty, but I believe everyone makes it that way. I have no idea why. The lamb was not overcooked, and found the meat to be rather tender. It almost tasted like the Irish Lamb stew, which can be found at Secret Recipe.

Sayang's Nasi Lemak came with a piece of Rendang Chicken, the usual Fragrant Rice, accompanied with crunchy ikan bilis, fried peanuts, acar, one whole hard boiled egg, and a slice of cucumber and tomato. The serving was quite big gotta say. By tasting their Nasi Lemak, you can somehow tell whether the quality is good or not. Whether or not their Fragrant Rice stick to each other ( I was told once, that if the Nasi is done correctly, it should be fragrant, fully cook (soft) and should not stick to one another. Their's crumbles when you put a spoon into the rice. Their sambal was cold, so there's a hint that perhaps they actually get their sambal supplied from somewhere. The rendang chicken tasted quite good too. But then, their acar came cold, fresh from the fridge.... thats not good...

Nasi Lemak Set

Although their service is bad, I have to take my hat off to the kitchen of All Stars. They managed to serve lunch which tasted above average. Their Nasi Lemak was not bad at all, while my Lamb stew is also comparable with the Award winning Irish Lamb Stew which can be found at Secret Recipe (really can't think of anyway to describe the taste of that dish already).

If not because of the slow service , and badly trained front line staff, I'd actually given this restaurant a 7.2 out of 10. Instead I am giving them a 5.6/10 rating for the entire place. I hope they keep improving their service as well as their food. Will definitely return to try some of their other offerings on the menu.

Phone : 603 - 9368 3885
Fax : 603 - 9368 3882

Address :
Lot E11, Ground Floor
Mid Valley
59200 Mid Valley City
Wilayah Persekutuan

Operating Hours :
Mon - Sun, 11:30 a.m. - 2:00 a.m.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ampang TYF @ Orchard View, Ampang

Usually I won't drive all the way down to the old Ampang Village area just to get some YTF. But that day I was picking up some stuff for work, and thought it might be nice to actually eat some YTF in the real place itself. Even though some might say Orchard View is not the original shop that served YTF, but they do look the most organized.

This lady is preparing Sui Kao - for frying / soup. You know they are good when they openly prepare their YTF infront of you. It means you get them fresh, and hot.

The kitchen staff busy frying those sui kaos, and yong tao foos. This place is very organized. They have a system for , sending food out from the kitchen, and a system to validate your order when you pay. These fellas should actually document their system and patent it. Its like they run everything with a SOP in mind.

Thats what I ordered, a 10 piece assorted platter of YTF (in other words 10 kin cham cham, lol). What can I say, their fish paste is quite alright, really can't find anything to complain about the. You can tell that their YTF is cooked twice, once cooked in hot water (kukus) and then fried to give you a crunchier texture when you bite into them. Another plus is that, their YTF do not fall apart when you bite into them. Wonder why...

Their Fried Sui Kao, is another item on their menu that is a crowd favorite. After seeing how they mass produce their sui kaos, I also didn't wanna lose out, ordered 2 pieces . The skin of the sui kao was crunchy, and hot. The temptation to bite into them and wait for the juices to flow into your mouth is there, but please becareful, the sui kao's veli hot, and might scald your gums if you are not careful.

Orchard View's Fried Sui Kao is like McDonald's French Fries . Get the metaphor ?
Always hot, always crunchy, and always fresh...

Note: my favorite YTF is still the kind they call Hakka YTF, where the fish paste has a little salted fish in them. Another thing to look out for when eating YTF is their sweet sauce and their chilli sauce. I think both of these came out quite nice at Orchard View.

Wikimapia Link for Map

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Banana Leaf Rice @ Restoran Sri Kortumalai , Brickfields

It was a Saturday afternoon, and for some reason, we'd wanted to try some banana leaf rice in Brickfields. Since we were in MidValley already, why not, its just a short drive down the Federal Highway. When we arrived at the vicinity of the restaurant (near the Seri Kota junction), we were greeted by a massive traffic jam. We were quite lucky because we saw an empty space infront of those shops.

Its roughly about one month before Deepavali, and the traders had already begun setting up stalls by the roadside, vending festive goods, decors and stuff for the coming Deepavali celebrations, that definitely did not help with the traffic. We were very lucky to get that space for our car.

The restaurant is actually situated at the corner near the junction. We sat ourselves down and did notice quite a lot of people already enjoying their banana leaf rice, eating with their hands. For me, I have yet to acquire the skills of eating with my hands yet ( it gets messy), but I reckon I will pick it up in time to come ( do they allow us to eat with our left hands ?).

I went for the standard vegetarian set lunch that day, didn't feel like eating meat. So I asked for my nasi separuh , and the usual sayur "manyak portion" for my meal.

I had fish curry and sambar drenching my rice, while Sayang had her's flooded with Sambar only (notice the word drench and flooded). Sayang love to have her rice flooded with sambar, and nothing else, while I still like a little mix of other types of curries when available, although I'd equally enjoy a "only sambar" dressing for my rice.

Below - the other stuff they sell at this place.

We later asked for Rasam but surprisingly, it came in a small saucer. Drank it all up and thought it was a tad too oily for my liking. Their fish curry also was a little too salty to my taste, although it did taste quite alright.

I will come back to Brickfields to sample the other restaurants and will try to come back again to Sri Kortumalai someday. Surely..

No. 215A, Jalan Tun Sambathan, Brickfields
Phone number: 03-22737728

Chocolateria San Churros @ Melbourne

What is a Chocolateria ? Never heard of this term before, but we might have stumbled upon a similar style cafe when we were discovering Darling Harbour. We saw a Lindt Cafe, which sells everything Lindt in it, from chocolate drinks, pies, cakes to chocolate bars.

I assume a Chocolateria is some kind of a new word which combines Chocolate and Cafeteria, to form a word Chocolateria ? That night after we finished our dinner at Bimbo's , we took a slow walk down the street to this place San Churros. What is a churro ?

When we walked in, you could see Sayang's face light up in excitement. You could almost hear her squeal in excitement like a child would (oh ok I imagined it) when she saw all those chocolaty items behind the glass case.
They have Cakes, Pies, Ice Creams, Drinks and Tapas all made of Chocolate.

One of those Chocolate Tapas served with White Chocolate Dipping...

Another tapas, served with Dark Chocolate Dipping .... everything is so chocolaty here !!

This picture above here is taken from the display casing which basically shows us what they have. Churros (the Spanish Yau Char Kwai , I call it) was what we went for. All of us ordered our Hot Chocolate Drink, and help ourselves with the generous amounts of churros we ordered. 8 bucks per serving that has 4 sticks of churros. We must have ordered like 2 of those.

We were given three cups (300ml each) of different types of dips for our churros. Of course we have the standard dark chocolate, White Chocolate and Milk dippings. All too sweet for my liking, but my cousin coolgray was totally indulging himself in all these chocolates. I can imagine him bathing in chocolate heaven or some kinda fantasy with chocolate in it.

My hot chocolate was so KAO(too thick), it became a bit Jelak before I could down half of it. Luckilly they served free ice water which helped tremendously in flushing down all those chocolates down my throat.

The churros were nice, but I doubt anyone who can finish a basket of churros by themselves. After 2 churros, the jelak-y feeling came again, and I told myself that's enough coklat for the night.

If you like Coklat, you must come to this place and try them Chocolateria's offerings. I should have tried their Chocolate Truffles though, @ 1.95 per pop, its a bit pricey, but should have tried it.

Chocolateria San Churro
227B Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
Phone 9419 9936
Mon-Fri 11am - 11pm
Sat-Sun 10am - 11pm

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Note: While visiting Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, I did see one stall / or was it one bus also selling churos, but not sure if it is served with chocolate also... I suppose churros can also be ate with peanut butter, sugar, or whatever else you feel like dipping them into... (too bad no durian jam to dip those churros into... that will be super !!)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Pizzas @ Bimbo Deluxe, Melbourne

It has taken a while but I have finally come to blogging about the last city we visited in Australia before we came back. We were to meet up with some of Sayang's really good friends when in Melbourne. I am really excited about writing about this place, because, it we had a great time, catching up with old friends, we had beer, the place was some sort of a hang out kinda place.

When we arrived, that night , it was already 7 plus. We walked into a dimly lit and congested pub, with loud music playing and lots of people just mingling and such, the kind of scene you expect to see when you walk into BarFlam in Bangsar on a weekend. The only difference is that, it was Wednesday night... hahaha, happening place...

Bimbos is famous for serving cheap pizzas on Sundays - Thursdays, 7pm - 11pm. All their pizzas go for 4bucks each. Its 4 bucks for a 12 inch pizza with different gourmet toppings, and beers on tap go for only 3.50 per mug. Everything cheap, no wonder so many people hang out here.

So we actually had to wait and hunt for a place to sit. It was seriously full, and we actually waited 15 minutes before we got ourselves a table, but the best thing was we had to go hunt for chairs. By the time we sat down I finished my first Carlton Draught (recommended by one of those guys at the bar...)

I think Sayang was buying dinner, so she actually did the ordering. I had initially wanted to help give ideas as to what to order , but after seeing those pizza names, I gave up. Take a look at the menu yourself..

This pizza's presentation need to be worked on , otherwise I remember them to taste quite good when I put them in my mouth. Don't remember what it's called though.
I liked this one (seafoodish pizza)...

I liked this too... looks like peperroni pizza
The pizzas above came out within 20 minutes of the order taken, which I found impressive. Although some of those pizzas did come out abit different in shape (see first pizza), the taste was not that bad actually. When I heard it was only 4 bucks each, I really thought they might give you less ingredients.. but no wo... everything came out to be quite standard. The last pizza was the lamb pizza, topped with a lot of strange herb (green leaves, donno what it is, I liked the lamb but not the leaves..hehe)..

This pic above, depicts me glutting on those pizzas. There is something special about this pizza place. In most pizza places in Australia, they give you chili flakes at most, over here they give you chilli oil (chinese style, or more like dim sum style). You see that bottle behind the beer.. thats the chili oil. Also from this picture you can see a Hoegaarden and a Asahi Dry next to me. Those were both mine. You can also see lots of free plain water served in this restaurant (maybe pizza uno can pick up on this, instead of charging rm3 for a bottle of el cheapo mineral water ). That night I must have also tried some Stella Artois beer. I had quite a few beers that night... the beers all tasted so so only la...

To be very frank, this place does not exactly serve you the tastiest pizzas, but when they charge you only 4 bucks per pizza, what more can you ask for. No frills pizza place.. hehe.. Just to compare between our Dominoes in KL with Bimbos, I believe Bimbo's pizzas win hands down (just for comparison sake la).

T outlet is filled to the brim, the service was quite there (mostly self service, like at a pub unless you ordered food). It look like a good place to get beer and have some pizza after work, and chill out with friends. Had a good time, thanks to the company.

The Map:

376 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, VIC 3065, Australia

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The burgers arent that good @ Carl's Jr - Mid Valley Branch

Note: I am posting this review without picture because I had a bad experience. You can look at pictures of those allegedly "best and succulent" burgers from other blogs, links below at the end of the review

Now I usually do my research before I do a review, and the first link that came up was Klue Blog. Sarah Chan, blogged a review of this Carl's Jr, and sang praises for the outlet in Sunway Pyramid. She totally loved it, like its the best freaking burger ever. I guess she's paid to do it, because I don't believe what Klue tells us nowadays - they are paid to say nice things....

I was at MidValley's outlet, newly opened of course, with all those anticipation of this "really good" burger hype la.

You can't miss it, its located on the third floor of South court of Midvalley, right smack infront of GSC's ticketing counter, and next to McD's. I had bought myself two tickets to Beowulf, 7pm. We arrived at Carl's at 615pm...

The line was ok, 5 customers ahead of us and we reached the counter in about 5 minutes(not bad). Counter guy asked, Eat in or Take Away ? I said EAT IN. I ordered a Western Bacon Cheeseburger, and Sayang ordered something like a , LOW CARB Chicken Sandwich thing. Low carb being , burger wrapped in lettuce ( I seriously think this is quite cool, low carb burgers and all).

So we paid 40 over bucks for our combos... which means you get free flow soft drinks, and a small bucket of fries. They also give you a number, then it dawned on me... have to wait for my burgers wan ah.... We turned around to look for a seat.. to my horror, the freaking restaurant was so small, it was full with about 50 seats only. Shit !!!! Why did the counter guy ask eat in or take away ???

Its not a good situation, we waited 20 minutes, for out food to come out, 640 pm already. Finally I managed to stare a lady out of her table (yeah it actually worked, lol !) and two minutes later , the food arrived. We were trying to catch a movie, at 7pm, and we had to wait for a seat and had to wait for our food. So Carl's Jr, heres a new tag line for you, free wan, no need to pay copyrighter fees... "A place where you WAIT for your FAST FOOD..." , "Its so GOOD , you don't mind waiting for FAST FOOD!!!!"....

I ate those burgers and thought, maybe the Big Mac tasted better, but I agree, those Big Mac's definitely not as big as these Junior's. But to be fair, I don't really think it was that big a burger. Was it a quarter pounder patty that you gave us ? My burger was a single patty serving. In actual fact , the BUNs were huge, much bigger than the beef patty ( hint of overcooking the burger perhaps or patty too fat, shrank too much!!!).Big buns, small patty ? I AM NOT IMPRESSED ..... To pay 18 bucks for that burger , fries and free flow of soft drinks is totally not worth it. Burger King's Double Whopper will kick Carl Jr's ass anytime, I recommend it (go ask at BK's counter for a double whopper, they also give you free flow of soft drinks, and a bigger bucket of fries).

My sayang however, enjoyed her chicken burger very much. Her low carb chicken burger or sandwich came wrapped in Lettuce. I liked that idea, and she thought the chicken was quite tender. Nice, soft, juicy, and tasty. She really thought the chicken bacons were a nice touch, tasty and crunchy, definitely adds texture to the burger (I agree...) Her low carb burger costs 22 bucks I think.

You add up our meal, its 40 plus bucks including tax.

As for free flow of soft drinks, we aren't impressed by it.

Question: Do you ever go for refills when you order a LARGE burger meal at MacDonald's ?[rhetoric]

At this rate Carl's Junior is going, by the end of next year, you will find some Pro Direct salesman knocking on your door selling you 2 for 1 deals @ Carl's Jr. They will come up with some bull shit, CNY promotion la, In conjunction with the opening of Carl's Jr la... something along those lines la...

Before you read the other reviews below or click on those links for pics, I recommend that you try the Beef Burgers @ TGIF or at American Chillies (they costs about the same price but give you real juicy and thick patties) or go TRY Burger King's Double Whopper Combo Meal.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pancakes On The Rocks @ The Rocks, Sydney

We were briefed about how popular this place is even before we made our way to this restaurant. There must have been this look of disbelief showing on my face, because my cousin actually took the trouble to drive past this restaurant in the middle of a Saturday night jam (jam caused by a lot of cars trying to show off their mods, macam la 2fastnotsofurious movie like dat). Ok so we saw a long line waiting to get a seat at this Pancakes on the Rocks place.

To be frank, when it comes to Pancakes, I am abit jakun. Huh, what ? Some joker can open up a restaurant selling just pancakes ? You see, not only does it sell pancakes (actually they also have steak, and other stuff la), it is a very very popular restaurant in Sydney.

Anyway, to cut the story short, we came back on Monday night, when the que is not that long. But still this place was packed. I mean business was brisk, no doubt about it. So we ordered this Pancake, Thai Chicken , some kind of Savoury Pancake. Can say, my first Ever savoury pancake.... Its a pancake made of chicken pieces in some kinda sweetish curry sauce. You can see some beansprouts and a clove of fried ginger on it.

How did it taste ? You get an OK la from me only. The serving size is quite ok la, but I doubt one Pancake like that will satisfy my appetite. My cousins loved it to bits. They actually came down here the night before and that day they came again because they wanted us to try this place. I am not complaining la, but that pancake costs, 14.95 each.

Being our first time having pancakes like this, so we have to also at least try one sweet pancake isnt it. So we orderd this Devil's Delight, 2 pieces of chocolate pancakes, cream, chocolate ice cream, got strawbellies, and drenched in chocolate sauce. Nice ! Finally something sweet and choclaty we can identify to. But I think Sayang enjoyed this the most.

Frankly speaking, now that I know they serve ribs (only at 24bucks, don't know how big the serving is), if I get the chance to go back there, might actually go for their ribs.. hehehe..

I notice one thing about this place, they open until late, actually The Rocks outlets opens 24/7... and very very popular with Asians. We also walked past their Darling Harbour outlet and found it to be full also. So if anyone here is looking for a bite in the middle of the night, can check out this place.

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4 Hickson Rd, The Rocks, Sydney
Trading Hours: 24 HOURS, 7 DAYS A WEEK
Phone: 02 9247 6371 | Fax: 02 9252 2900

100 Briens Road (Corner of Redbank Road) Northmead
Trading Hours: Sunday to Thursday 7am-11pm | Friday and Saturday 7am-Midnight
Phone: 02 9683 4322 | Fax: 02 9683 7587

229/230 Harbourside Shopping Centre, Darling Harbour
Trading Hours: 7am-12am 7 DAYS A WEEK
Phone: 02 9280 3791 | Fax: 02 9280 0467

I guess this is the last post on Sydney, will move on to the Melbourne ones after this..

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ribs and Chops @ Cagayan , Centerpoint BU

After you have tried those pork ribs made by Tony Roma's restaurant, you feel like you have just been initiated into the world of Ribs. I can now join in a rib conversation and say, "yeah, those ribs are just about as good as Tony Roma's.... " or otherwise.

I remember some time back we were standing outside Cagayan's and looking through their menu outside their main entrance. We then told ourselves, okay we gonna come back and try their ribs some day. At that time we just ate at Checkers.
The ribs in Cagayan come in three different sauces, and in three different sizes. It comes in , Spicy, Oriental and Classic sauces. According to him the Classic Sauce was the most popular ( I really thought he made it up). The sizes comes in 4 ribs, 6 ribs, and 8 ribs. Would have gone for 8 , but to be safe we ordered 6 , just in case not nice ma...

The ribs took a little while to come, but we were okay with it. When it arrived, we noticed the ribs being accompanied by a scoop of mash potatos ( like KFC ), a scoop of wetter than usual coleslaw (like KFC again) , one leaf of lettuce.

I definitely expected the ribs to taste a little better, but we finished it up nevertheless. Although we were not quite impressed with what came on our table, we will definitely return to check out their Spicy ribs.

We also ordered Pork Chop. When it arrived we found that they came with French Fries (like KFC) and Coleslaw (also like KFC). The mushroom/pork chop sauce they served tasted like normal sauces you find at MArket Western Food stall type pork chop.

Serving size however slightly bigger than those market stalls.

Totally not impressed by this restaurant. Yes , they serve pork, pork chop, etc but it really does remind me of the Yulek Western Stall I used to eat on Sunday mornings. Philipines food... my first really... I read the reviews by EFTL, he thinks its a great place to be, and saw that he ordered quite a number of other dishes. Will find time to go back and try those stuff....

At the end of the day, the bill came out to be quite reasonable too. So no problems going to back to try their other stuff...

Eat First Think Later
Eat First Think Later: Revisited
KampungBoyCity Gal
Meiyen was there also - recommended other dishes

G107-108 Centrepoint Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama
Opening Hours: Daily, 11.30am-10pm

Phone: 03-77241022

Monday, November 05, 2007

Doyle's @ Watson Bay, Sydney

This was the same day we spent the entire day around Sydney Harbour. We bought an all day pass to a ferry to get us from Darling Harbour to The Rocks , and from the Rocks to some small little Island Fort (forgot its name, definitely not worth stopping), then to Sydney's Zoo (unfortunately did not spend time there, heards its a very good zoo, so I guess we will just have to content ourselves with just Zoo Negara or move down south for Singapore's zoo). From Sydney Zoo ( I think its called Taronga Zoo) the Ferry's goes off to Watson's Bay.

If you remembered my post on Sydney Fish Market, it was the same day we had our second visit there. We had our brunch there so to speak. So by the time we had a walk around Darling Harbour, caught our first ferry to The Rocks to visit the much talked about Sydney Opera House, our next stop was Watson's Bay. We were already hungry, and since we didn't get enough seafood, we had some more, this time at Doyle's.

We ordered a little bit less stuff for our late lunch, more like tea time. By the time we arrived at Watson's Bay we were famished to say the least. Actually at Watson's bay you can either have Doyle's Takeaway, or the other Seafood joint (forgot its name).

This time around we ordered a Cup of Seafood Chowder , 6.90. Sayang complained that it wasn't as nice as the one she had in San Fran, because this wan got no isi inside, all soup only. I liked how it tasted, and thought it was alright. But really , they isn't any stuff inside the soup.

We ordered a seafood platter , where they put in prawns ( more like shrimps , a lot smaller than those offered at the Sydney Fish Market), squip, fish fillet, Scallops, and served with rice and salad on the side. It cost us 13 bucks i think.

One thing about Australia I don't like is that, we have to pay for soya sauce, tomato sauce, mayo, or extra sauces which the outlet may serve. They usually charge about 0.50 each. So not used to paying for those sauces. And most of the time, their drinks cost a bomb. A cup of cappuccino will set you back 3.50 to 4.50 depending on where you dine. A bottle of 500ml softdrink will go for about 3.50, while a bottle of mineral water will also set you back 3.00. But then, most cafes, serve water, thats quite cool I thought.

The atmosphere is just great. I mean you are at most a 15 minute ferry ride from Darling Harbour, and yet the water here is clear. We are in the middle of a city, you can see these jetties being frequented by boats and ferrys shuttling passengers through and fro the city and yet, there was not a hint of oil slick here. Try comparing their water with Port Dickson's.

Anyway, it wasn't until we boarded the last ferry back to Darling Harbour, I looked back at Watson's Bay realized how beautiful these houses by the hillside were. Snapped this pic, and wish I had one of those I can call home... beautiful isn't it ?

Note: All pics here taken with a Nikon D80....