Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sick Bear Bear

I have fallen sick, I lost the battle. One week away from CNY and I am feeling like this already.

It was a rather busy weekend, which just went by without much recollection of doing anything, except for a special dinner with Sayang's family, the part where we were able to monitor the nocturnal activities of Kepong residents (mostly from Kepong), throwing stuff out of my room, falling sick, vommitting all that shit I put in my tummy and sleeping the whole day Monday .

My body today decided to develop a slight fever, which I am not too amused with. Looks like I have to swallow those panadols after all. Lazy and no mood to work. Feel like sleeping in again today but there is work to be done, people to see and all. So I am back in the office, blogging .

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Asam Laksa in MidValley - Halal wan

Famous Asam Laksa can be found in many places in Penang. But we stumbled upon this place, Garden Cafe, in 2nd floor of Jusco MidValley. It is unusual to find a cafe situated in the middle of a Electronics Floor. While walking pass this cafe, you cant help but notice, bustling with activity and a long queue waiting to order. Usually it doesn't take long for the Asam Laksa aroma to hit your nostrils.

(Ting ! ) Light bulb glows, hmm looks like a nice place to eat.

Two months after that, we finally came by to eat.

Asam laksa smelt very nice. Serving was small, but it does taste different compared to the Penang ones. Penang Asam Laksa , tastes sweetish, got more of that Prawn paste while this place I think they stinge on that abit, instead, they hentam more MSG into the bowl of noodles. Garden Cafe's Asam Laksa is a bit more salty compared to the Penang Variant. Here they stinge on the fish, noodles serving is quite large.

Overall, it tastes quite okay, just that they stinge on some of the ingredients. Penang flers go try la !!! Not bad wan.

Gym Fashion

Before you jump to conclusion that I had travelled back in time with my Nokia 6210 , snapped a few pics and came back to present time to blog about it, I did not.

I was perhaps the case where the fella was caught with nothing else to wear to gym. All his clothes were in the laundry so he just grabbed whatever he could from his kid sister's closet and came for a workout. When I first saw the fler, I asked myself, Guy or Girl lai de ?

Ok confirmed guy, because the fler was balding. Then I asked myself , Is that a pair of panties ? And looks like he is wearing a Fifi Top also, yer.. why so kem wan... :rofl:

So it looks like we got a contender for best dressed in Gym... sorry la Fifi, year 2007 you got competition, no more walkovers for you. :grin:

Friday, February 02, 2007

Sup Adabi - Anika Sajian Warisan

Picture from Kuali

Sup Adabi, hmm, definitely not something I was brought up eating or drinking. Mom, never encouraged us to cook soup using soup cubes. Soups are supposed to be done slowly, using herbs, free range chicken, and double boiled for many hours. So the first impression I got when I saw this restaurant at Tmn Melati , was just that.. Instant Soup and Rice. What so nice ?

Firstly, the restaurant does justice to itself. Decoration wise, quite decently done. It gives you a spacious feeling, not cramped up like most chinese Restaurants like Six Happiness, Overseas where they like to put in the most number of tables possible for the space they rented. No flies bugging you like most Malay eateries. Its not stuff , humid and hot like most stalls you find by the roadside, but neither is it air conditioned. Nevertheless, we did not feel very hot when in the restaurant.

Sup Ayam Kampung Warisan

The menu was quite extensive. Usually a malay eatery will give you a piece of paper, printed on both sides and thats it. Their menu takes time to explain what is in a dish. I ordered a Sup Ayam Kampung Warisan Set, which comes with Kangkung Belacan, White Rice and Telur Dadar. To top it up, I also ordered Epal, Asam Boi and Limau Kasturi Mix Drink (KatChai Shin Mui with Apple Juice - confirm no lao sai and tastes very very nice).

Four of us, ordered four sets. Two of them ordered Sup Tulang Nusantara Set. It was a clear soup with tulang and daging in it. Soup ayam warisan is the standard spicy soup , which we normally get when we order Mee Soto Ayam. Nice !!

To cap it off, we had Ice Kacang which I thought could improve abit. It was too sweet for one, and the ingredients were red jelly, green jelly, Canned Red Beans, Chendol ( not so fresh), Watered Down Gula Melaka, Too much Sirap Ros and not enough Milk for my liking. Oh ya not forgeting Roti Arab... It was a weird crepe of somekind, I suppose of Middle East origin, didn't like it, but it came with Sambar and Sambal ikan Bilis.

To summise, this place is quite pricey, but then, the food seems clean and the environment quite nice. Food , ok la only.

Picture from my Nokia 6210

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Restoran Yap Chong - Jln Pudu Ulu

Its FT Day and Thaipusam combined today. This means nobody works which means traffic congestion every where in Kuala Lumpur. So what do we eat for lunch if we were too lazy to cook ourselves or we have been eating the same old stuffs everyday ?

Yong Tao Foo ??? The Jalan Pudu Ulu Yong Tao Foo restaurant has been a favorite for Cheras and Kl people, for many years now. I am not sure how I came to know about this restaurant, but I remembered many many years ago, mu uncle brought me to this place to eat Yong Tao Foo.

It is the little lane next to PGRM HQ at Jalan Pudu Ulu. It used to be a squatter area, but since the PGRM HQ building was completed, the government systematically cleaned up the squatter area, relocating the Squatters into little pigeon hole low cost flats in the area.

Okay so we ordered, Curry Fish Head, Yong Tao Foo and a serving of Fried Vegetables. It was really cheap, the place is air conditioned and the food is quite tasty. Really have to point this out though, Yong Tao Foo comes with soup right ? Their soup does not seem to contain MSG. But then the rest of the dishes were too oily for my liking. Especially the curry fish head. If I were to eat there everyday, surely my arteries will be clogged up within a year.

Kekeke... nice food , cheap and tasty

How to get there :

Sorry address I tarak, but can show you on the map...

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