Monday, November 27, 2006

Nasi Dagang Ulik Mayang @ Taman Melati

Of late, I have been having cravings for authentic Malay food, especially from Pantai Timur. From Lipis, while having nasi kerabu for breakfast, friends there recommended, this particular restaurant, Nasi Dagang Ulik Mayang. So over the weekend Sayang and myself went there to cari makan. I ordered Nasi Dagang, its no big deal with this dish, served with a mix of Nasi and Pulut (very fragrant and tasty on its own). It looks just like white rice, but it smelt good. They serve the dish with one side dish , Acar which was not very well done and a bowl of Fish Curry , the texture of the meat was some kind of Tenggiri but it didn't have a strong fishy smell, good.

Sayang pulak ordered Nasi Kerabu, surprisingly it came out white color also. Served with (as the pic above , minus the ayam percik top), Finely Grated Ulam , Telur Masin, Keropok Ikan , White Rice (middle) with Kudu Sauce and Sambal Belacan Sauce over the Ulam. The taste was heavenly.

On top of that we also ordered, One piece of Ayam Percik and Ayam Goreng Kampung Berempah. The Ayam Percik was superb, just like the real stuff you find in Kelantan but the Ayam rempah... not so nicely done. We ordered keropok lekor too. Their tag line is, Secret Recipe of the Patai Timur.

To finish off, this restaurant is quite adequately furnished, good environment which make you feel like you are in a kampung place. No flies were seen flying around which I must say is a big problem for most Malay eateries. Overall its a nice place that serves nice authentic Malay food.

Link to Write UP by Harian Metro
Mengenai harga di NDUM, Stapa berkata, bagi Nasi Dagang Ulik Mayang, seseorang hanya perlu membayar RM4.50 untuk lauk ikan tongkol, RM4.80 (ayam) dengan tambahan telur pula hanya RM1.

Bagi Nasi Gulai Kawah Tok Mek pula hanya RM5.50, termasuk ikan masin dan ulaman, manakala bagi setiap tambahan salad lada, pelanggan harus membayar RM1.

Restoran itu turut menjual Nasi Minyak Puteri Saadong pada harga RM4.80, Nasi Kerabu Cahaya Bulan biasa (RM4) dengan tambahan ayam goreng pada harga RM1.50 dan salad lada, RM1.

Pelanggan juga boleh memilih nasi gulai nanas ikan masin pada harga RM4.50 dan nasi berlauk ikan tongkol (RM4.80).

Bagi pemanis mulut, NDUM menyediakan bubur kacang pada harga RM2.70, Laksa Siti Wan Kembang (RM4.50), Keropok Lekor Arjuna (lapan potong RM2.90), Satar Tok Wan (lima biji RM2.90).

Otak-Otak Tok Wan (lima batang RM2.90), Pais Ikan Pari Tok Wan (RM2.50), Pais Ikan Temaling Tok Wan (RM2.80), telur penyu (sebiji RM4) dan ubi kayu rebus (RM2.70).

Pada setiap Sabtu dan Ahad pula, pelanggan boleh menjamu selera dengan Bubur Lambuk World pada harga RM4.50.

Minuman paling digemari pelanggan pula ialah jus pelbagai buah-buahan yang dijual pada harga RM2.90 selain ‘ice-blended’ (RM4.50).

NDUM turut menjual minuman disediakan syarikat jualan langsung pasangan suami isteri itu seperti ‘Red Guava Cafe’ pada harga RM3.50, ‘Lasindah Cafe’ (RM3.50), ‘OXY Pi - D’ionik’ (air oksigen tanpa asid) yang dijual pada harga RM3.95.

Nasi Dagang Ulik Mayang,
55G, Jalan Melati Utama 4,
Melati Utama, Setapak KL

[Updated: 1st August 2007]
managed to find a few posts to update on Nasi Dagang Ulik Mayang.
Sinar FM together with Bernas ( mentioned something about di jamin pilihan ) but the links don't work.

kravenx - with a short mention on this place

Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Wedding Day To Remember Part 3

We played games, we bribed the girls, we drowned stuff into our tummies and most important of all we RESTed before Dinner started. As it is, I broke my record of waking up pre 9am on Sunday mornings, for two weekends consecutively. Why need to rest ? Simple, the reunion of the college buddies, means, drinking will be in the program. Confirmed. It seems like these reunions which are not common (luckilly) means it we all have lesen to drink.

The hot and humid day was welcomed by the downpour that evening as the sun sets. We were all up by 6pm and was getting ready for the dinner, Sayang was putting on make up while I hanged around downstairs doing something but was doing nothing (figuratively speaking). It took awhile to maneuver through the traffic during this downpour. Detoured abit, paid toll and we were there.
Nicela, the wedding planner did a good job or Renaisscance Hotel did a nice job, the Banquet Hall was nicely decorated without making you feel intimidated and yet it was properly, adequately done. This is the first time I see a huge main table, the one Yew Meng and Pick Yuen sits on, nice big one.


So we caught up with the Metro gang. I apparently have not met the gang for dinner for the past 3 dinners already. Kena complain kot, but I have been attending weddings of friends, like Kamarul and Andy Woo. Hmm.. but the last event we met up with was obviously Andy Woo's Son's Full Moon, and World Cup was this year wasnt it ?

Table 29 Before the Drinks

So the standard dishes were served, no complains but we were as usual helping ourselves to the drinks. One very different experience this time around, I no longer make my way outside the hall for smokes anymore. Yeay !!! I quit ! But also kinda felt left out. The newly weds started their rounds almost as soon as they had the champagne poured. When they came to our Table, oh ya No29 .... we were the loudest and rowdiest...

The Toast

Apparently our friend didn't drink until he came over to our table. Kenalah our friend, so we started a drink frenzy.... and finally after everyone has left our table remains. Remember wei Table 29, can go buy number with it, otherwise not much use for it. Anyone kena with Number 29, please donate some here, wakakakaka.

Aftermath-Red Faces

You see this video, since it doesn't tell how much time has passed, it really wasn't much time that has passed. But it looks as if all the guests are long gone, but the actual fact, The couple has just shook the last hand of the Dinner Guests for that night. Yew Meng got sloshed and passed out. We had to carry him back to the Bridal Suite (hmm nice name). My suspicions though tell me, he pretend only. So after that we went up to the room, uh hmm !! Suite.. he threw up in his underwear... then Sayang and I left. What time ? 1230am.

That was it, one whole Sunday dedicated to his Wedding, but I bet the preparations were done way way before. Phew! I am sure they are glad everything is done and over. Would just like to wish this couple a long lasting relationship, Grey Hair Till Old (cantonese saying la)...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Wedding Day To Remember Part 2

It was quite an ordeal to go thru, the Five Tasks... actually only four.

oh ya the fifth one was reserved for Yew Meng
E) GIVE ANG POW... (Lets watch the Video and see when he decides to come out with the Arsenal... heh...

So we made it through the final hurdle, the Bride decided it was enough, she was kept in her room away from her darling for so long, hmm it must have been tormenting. Enuff is enuff.... she opened the door and in went Yew Meng, who couldn't wait to unveil his bride and kiss her (listen to the Tai Kam, wakakaka ).

Okay so that was it, they went on downstairs to do the TEA Ceremony which went on forever, while we waited outside and had our breakfast, Fried Bee Hoon, Curry Chicken and Red Bean Porridge. It really took them quite a while to finish the Tea Ceremony, she must have had a lot of relatives. Anyway by the time they were to ready to go over to Yew Meng's we were already quite tired fromt the lack of sleep and heat from the morning sun. Already waiting in the car and managed to snap this photo
So we went back to Yew Meng's where we had a quick TEA Ceremony with all the relatives from his side, and everyone chowed down lunch, His Mom made Nasi Lemak, nice... with some Fried Chicken and Curry from some Kampung Pandan mamak. The bestest was still the Roast Pig, yums....

By 1pm we all went home. I got home, showered and slumbered. The rest was much needed as we had a long night ahead of us. The Metro Gang will regroup for this wedding and our table will definitely help Yew Meng finish his liquor / wine /beer.

To be Continued.....

Monday, November 20, 2006

A Wedding Day To Remember Part 1

It was indeed a day to remember, and one which we were looking forward to, for a long long time now. Hmm, I really forgot when Yew Meng actually messaged me on MSN and told me, I have to be free on Nov 19, 2006. So I asked him, why ? Getting Married ah ? Surprisingly, his reply was , YES, how did you know .... Since it was gonna be many months more to come, we quickly forgot that he was getting married come November and talked about Golf and life in Atlanta. Oh ya thats the fella there on the left getting married on Nov 19. Had to take a picture of him dressing up like that also, because you will never see him dress up like this ever again.

3 weeks ago, our friend called up, eh, how many people coming for dinner ah ? I said two la, I replied your RSVP ma..... Suddenly I realized, wuah, our friend's wedding is coming soon jo. With a blink on an eye, so many months has passed, although I still don realize how many months has passed since he told me get myself
free on Nov 19.

VIDEO = Getting Ready in the Morning 9am

My day began 730am, when I woke up, and slept back again for another 10 minutes. These days, sleep is
precious. So by 8am sharp I got a call from Sayang ! wei u coming yet?. " On my way out," zipped up my trousers and off I went, raced down the Loke Yew Road towards Kepong to pick Sayang Up. We reached Yew Meng's about 9am. By that time, Wei Sing and Alvin has already reached. I scanned around to look for more guys to form the Motorcade to the Bride's house. 2 cars, Alvin's and Mine. And the Yew Meng's Flower Car. Alamak.

So we set out for Pick Yuen's place at about 915 and reached probably at about 10am or something like that. Little did we realized that they had the grill door locked up , with all the girls in there. Fuiseh, they formed a human wall of some sort, and after we handed over the Roasted Pig, Wine and Fruits, as our door g
ift, we were staring blankly at each other. The Big Kam (the lady who talks almost in rhyme all the time, you can hear her in the background most of the time) began her work. While we began ours.

The negotiations began,as we the Brothers (Heng Dais) face up to the Sistas (Zhi Muis). First thing, they asked for was Money, alamak. So nice , pay RM9,999.99 can get off scot free without having to do any tasks. But instead we also have ask la, what tasks we have to do first. hehehe. So they let us pick Cue Cards, nicely printed and slotted into Ang Pows (wow, nice touch to it). So the First Tast we had to do was EAT FRUITS.... yikes... What fruits la.Nice touch, A banana and two grapes tied to the waste of one of our brothers. The girls must have a wild imagination. Wakakaka.... Then we had DO EXERCISE, DRINK WATER and SING SONG. Wakakakaka. Obviously we passed the tests with flying colors. Oops except for the SING SONG part. Nobody spoke Hokkien. kekeke.

This video was from our final task, DRINK FRUIT JUICE. KEKEKE. After which we proceeded to the next stage, after they opened the grill door. I noticed just one thing through out the entire ordeal. There was lots of laughter.

To Be Continued.....

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Recently I have been getting tummy ache due to eating carelessly. After a brief discussion with Sayang, she decided to blog about it pulak. Anyway, no tummy ache is ever gonna stop me from trying out food. But to be honest, I did chicken
out from trying out the Bakso when in Bali. The Bakso really looked too dirty to try la. Recently, during the Fasting month, I remember avoiding stalls which specifically had too many flys hovering around the food. Just in case la... although those food looked mouthwateringly delicious. Scared also leh.

Anyway as a follow up to the previous post about Siti's house, I decided to go back to the place, which is very near the center of Lipis town and snap this photo. The picture speaks for itself, wakakakaka. I mean this place really has nothing to do. I tried getting lost today, and I found myself back in town somewhere in Lipis. Yikes, its so small, want to get lost also difficult.

Ratha Curry House , Raub.

So last Saturday, on the way back home from Lipis, we decided to stop by Raub. I wanted to try this place called Ratha Curry House, the Famous Fish Head Curry House. I always wondered, how good can you be , since you are famous. Famous for what in the first place ? This place got a good location too. The first thing you see as you enter Raub old Town, is Ratha's Curry House. So I stepped in, the first impression is a standard Indian restaurant. Quite normal la, with lots of Chinese people in it. The establishment was quite clean also, with fully tiled floor and also fully tiled walls with plaster ceiling and downlights. Generally, a bit nicer than a normal Mamak stall but not as nice as the Pelita Restaurants or Kayu restaurant we find in town. The difference is that, they have a pic of the Sultan of Pahang dining in this place. Also got a pic of Tun Ghafar Baba also ada. So because of this they famous la , kot.

So I sat myself down, looked at the menu, ordered a Thosai Masala and Nescafe Ais. The Thosai came in about 10 minutes, quite fast la, the Nescafe was normal, actual it was quite watered down. It came with Dhal and Fish Curry and as you can see on the right most, I asked for Vege. Hmm, I thought Thosai always come with that Orange and White coconut thingy. Anyway, this is how it came to me. The Thosai was nice, quite garing, it tasted sour enough but not too sour, just nice. My complain would be, the Dhal and Curry both came cold. Like they had no money to keep their dhal and curry warm. Sad. I don think I will come back anytime soon. Oh ya, they have a branch in Goh Tong Jaya, so next time anyone travels to da Gentings, you all can go try trys this famous curry Fish Head la. Kampung Pandan mamak also claim their Curry Fish Head Veli famous wan, but frankly they are just not done nicely, Either the fish too big or it is over cooked. Wanna eat fish head ? stay with Chinese style wan.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Arsenal 3 Liverpool 0

Another big match another big loss for Liverpool. I wonder how many of those players who played in that match actually felt that they deserved to wear that jersey.

Sigh !! Year in, year out, this is the kind of torment we get as Liverpool Fans and then they will come up with some come from 3 goals behind victory to make you feel good again. This team will do it , just when you have just about given up hope about winning anything.

What can I say, I switched off the TV when Arsenal scored the third and watched Heroes. Grrr !! Watching Heroes could have been much better time spent. Grr !! We lost to Manure, and Chelski... and now Arsenal pulak, who else can we loose to ? Geramla want to blog about the match.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Nasi Lemak Bes @ Kuala Lipis

After dinner last night we were all wondering what we could have done all la, so we all decided to try out this so called nice Nasi Lemak Stall next to a TNB transformer station along the Kuala Lipis - Merapoh Highway. So we set off of Lipis town straight towards Gua Musang, its only about 10 minutes out of town and we saw the TNB station.

Being early in the morning, all sure blur blur, but when you talk about food, everyone can wake up. We had to come early because they always sell out by 10am or something like that. Whats special here ? Nasi Kerabu and their Nasi Lemak. Try la, jangan tak try. Its really decent food, besides they keep their food in a cupboard with netting to keep flys out. Che wah, bersihnya gerai ni.

The pic on the left is the Nasi Lemak, they serve it with the usual condiments, the Sambal Ikan Bilis is served on a piring, and I ordered an extra piece of chicken. On the right, you have nasi kerabu, with telur masin and a piece of fish masak lemak. Two pretty nice dish , and very cheap. Although they could have spent abit more on the ingredients but they do taste nice, clean and is presentable.

Lunch and dinner was nothing special as we managed to see the Rakyat, turn up to support their local pasar malam , on a Friday night. Nice.

How to get there ?

From Benta (KL) drive towards Gua Musang. Drive past the first and second exits (right) to Kuala Lipis, and shortly after, you can see a TNB transformer station on the right. Its huge and hard to miss, with those huge pylons, being very visible in the station. This stall is situated right next to it.

They only serve breakfast and lunch.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Up and Down , Lipis Jerantut


The day has passed on to be quite eventful, although it seemed like I was gonna bitch about it since early in the morning. Apparently people who live in small towns do wake up before the sun rises, I am saying about 530am. What makes it worse is that I could hear my neighbour talk on the phone as if he was right next to me. If he pull that talking loudly on the phone again, I am gonna make sure he doesn't get enough sleep.

Alright , the morning was okay, we set off to Jerantut for a quick site visit before we started work on building the house at the site. Its raining season and the riverbanks are bursting. However so, the site we were visiting is about a good 15m above the maximum recorded river level. The river is flowing much more faster and is only slightly higher than the previous visit, which was about 3 months ago. One look at the river , it reminds me of Teh Si ... flowing , yucks... that gives a new meaning to the drink doesn't it ...

Lunch came soon after we quickly finished our work there, identifying the site where the building and equipment should be erected. Mak Long's Gerai was where we headed to. Standard Malay cuisine is offered here , I had Nasi Ayam. Whats nice is the keropok which they pack into little plastic bags. The one in pic is called Keropok Bawang. Hehe, and this stall has Cili Jeruk.. wow this one made me sweat buckets. Siapa Makan Cili Dia Akan Rasa Pedas, but me I just sweat... What else do they have here, Kuih balam, Kuih APit , and many more funny kuihs which they packed neatly for sale.

So this Gerai is situated right in the middle of the Jungle, or Palm Oil Estate on the way to Kuala Tahan, about 1 hour's drive from Jerantut. So after lunch we quickly rush back to Kuala Lipis as we have more discussions to make with our contractor.

Along the way we managed to stop by Kuala Tembeling Jeti, the place which marks a 3 hours scenic journey to Kuala Tahan, the main entrance to Taman Negara. Nice little jetty it was 20 year ago, today, you call it a huge under utilised jetty. As you can see, there are three other guys in the background, those guys work there. No tourists in sight.. oh ya, there is one... taking photo ma.... :rolleyes:

This jetty somehow got one of the nicest toilet entrances I have seen in this part of the country.
The entrance is graced by yellow curtains, as if inviting to go sit on your throne, for 30cents. Pricey but I couldn't resist the temptation of visiting my own throne for only 30 cents.

Anyway we adjourned back to our quarters, after making our way round this new jetty building. It is really one heck of a jetty complex without anyone using it. We had our meeting with the contractor and then we went back tidor awhile.
So after a short rest we picked up the guys at the hotel and then went had our dinner. Lipis punya Bahtera Karam, fuiseh, punyala glamour nama dish ni. At first I thought what was this hoo har all about this Bahtera Karam, see see, ceh, SeeFood Tomyam wo. Not complaining, the dish was ok la !! hehe

After that tried to blog but couldnt, grr !! Anyways here it is.... Hope to bring more nice food stuff during my travels here at the Lipis area... Hope to see some nice food in Jerantut town also. and perhaps one of these days when I can escape my Colleague I can find some really non halal food to share. muahahahaha !!!

Paparazzi Moment

I think a few months ago, I received a SMS which goes like this,

"From today onwards, Datuk K will deposit all his mani into Sitibank "

Guess what, not in my wildest dreams that one day I might just sit right outside of Siti's house and snapping a picture of it too. But of course I had the best excuse to do it, my client who was sitting next to me in the car, had attempted to locate her Mansion for a year now. So finally after one try I located her mansion to his delight, first thing he asked for is to have this picture taken.

Anyways, this town Kuala Lipis has not much excitement or attractions in it. You know why ? They have a stone that reads, Rumah Siti Nurhaliza. How lame can a town be ?

Well nothing much to do nevermind lo, but this place has got some really good restaurants. Famous for Ikan Patin here, and also the availability of Ikan Kelah, well I have never heard of this fish until I came here. Apparently a fish which has thick juicy sweet flesh, and doesn't smell.

Oh well, I hope to blog the day I sink my teeth into some Ikan Kelah flesh and take a pic to show it. It is said to cost about Rm300/kg, but the think is, whether you can find the restaurant that sells it and cooks it well.