Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sick Bear Bear

I have fallen sick, I lost the battle. One week away from CNY and I am feeling like this already.

It was a rather busy weekend, which just went by without much recollection of doing anything, except for a special dinner with Sayang's family, the part where we were able to monitor the nocturnal activities of Kepong residents (mostly from Kepong), throwing stuff out of my room, falling sick, vommitting all that shit I put in my tummy and sleeping the whole day Monday .

My body today decided to develop a slight fever, which I am not too amused with. Looks like I have to swallow those panadols after all. Lazy and no mood to work. Feel like sleeping in again today but there is work to be done, people to see and all. So I am back in the office, blogging .


SC said...

Awww....kesian bear...mmmmmmuaks!! Sayang balik lor.

Anonymous said...