Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Food & Tea Restaurant @ Berjaya Times Square

Actually on the opening night of Transformers, we went down to Berjaya Times Square. We very happilly proceeded to IMAX to get our tickets on the tenth floor then we came back down to the 3rd floor where most of the eateries are located in Times Square.

This place is so huge, we didn't want to risk getting lost in this enourmous shopping is huge, I mean someone can really get lost in this place. We saw Food & Tea, Hei Foon Dei (Happy Land), and thought hey maybe we try HK cuisine.

The only other Food & Tea outlet I have been to was the one in Taman Segar, outside of Leisure Mall. Used to go there often because that outlet allows smoking in their premises. But this one at Berjaya Times Square, I thought was a bit different.

It nicely renovated, with nice red chairs, comfy, their premise was brightly lit and so forth. Their staff was very attentive too. By the time we sat down, someone attended to us.

The surprise came in the menu, they have a new one. A SET MENU, to entice us to order more at a better VALUE. I as usual, lazy to decided just opted for a SET. It definitely works very to have a set menu , when your customers do not know what they like or are new to your premise.

My set was Pork Chop Cheese Baked Rice in Red and White Sauce ( Yin Yong ), it came with soup of the day and a scoop of ice cream. All that for only RM11.90.

Crabmeat Soup ( if not mistaken)

Mushroom Soup

Cheese Baked Riced with Pork Chop

Pork Chop Baked Rice in Red and White Sauce ( Yin Yong )

The dishes offered were just simply delightful. I mean it makes you hoi wai.... Its not something special or exotic, but its just fried rice, baked in a bowl with Spaghetti Sauce and Some kinda Mushroom sauce. Although simple, it was tasty, and easy to swallow.

They serve pretty good Cham Ice ( Tea/Coffee) . Their coffee here is quite nice too. If not mistaken they also have a few more outlets in some other shopping complexes. If you don't know what to order, here is what you should get over there, TRY their Cheese Baked Rice. It will come in various combinations of sauces, I still haven't tried all of them yet, but in general, they all should taste quite good wan.

I never liked their Nissin Noodles, in my heart, its just Maggi Mee Soup with a piece of spam and an egg in it. Then they charge you bloody 6-8 bucks for Maggi Mee.

Also try their Coffee and Cham Ice. They also have quite a selection of smoothies, and drinks with really weird colors. Some are lime green, some are sky blue and the list actually goes on.

To summise, I think it is quite an okay place to eat. Look out for the thumbs up ( Chef's Recommendation) on the MENU. Confirm won't disappoint you.

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