Saturday, July 07, 2007

Spices of Malaysia - @ The Mines Shopping Fair

Claypot Chicken Rice & Double Boiled Soup Stall

Everyone's always on the go during lunch time, and food courts are just the place to provide us with a quick economical refuelling before we head on back to work. If you work in or near a shopping complex, you will be at times spoiled for choices, don't know where/what to eat (ie MidValley).

Anyway, one of those days I had to stop by at Mines Shopping Fair to look at some Computer parts I needed for work, and was pleasantly surprised that the once gloomy, and 15 years ago looking Foodcourt had been renovated, and it also has been given a name, Spices of Malaysia. It used to look like a hawker center, whoa, now it looks just a world apart.

This is not the first I have been here, and everytime I come here, I always end up ordering from one stall, that sells Claypot Chicken Rice and Double Boiled Herbal Soup ( Dan Thong).

The newly renovated Food Court Entrance

Claypot Chicken Rice ( can add eggs, salted fish, etc)

Chicken Herbal Soup

Their menu, check out the simple soups and herbal soups, very cheap.

The first time I ate at this stall, I have tried their Sizzling Noodles on HotPlate, not sure if they still serve it, and found them to make good noodles. I also ordered a bowl of soup too, for just RM4.50 for a bowl of Herbal Chicken Soup, you just can go very wrong can you ?

Alright I managed to flick this photo from the Mines Website that still lists S&M Foodcourt as their tenant. That was how it used to look like, stalls putting their stands all over the place. Lighting was inappropriate ( looked like Amusement Center right? ) . Now, definitely much better and the air conditioning also enough power.

I tried to find other Blog Reviews but can't. There are other stalls, and one of those Malay mixed rice stalls caught my eye. Will come back more often now.

Oh ya, there is ample parking at the Shopping Complex, unless there is an Event going on at the MICCCC ( their convention center, forgot how many Cs liao). But of course, you can always park at the MICCCC, there should be enough parking lots for all, unlike MidValley.

Anyway for a list of other :

F&B Outlets at the Mines Shopping Fair click here.
Mines Website Click Here

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