Monday, July 16, 2007

Sri Kembangan Spicy Pork Noodles

I was a little bit bored of the food around my office and decided to head on to Sri Kembangan, town center. Decided to park my car near the market, just behind the main road, Jalan Besar (of Sri Kembangan) near the MCA Office. Directly opposite the MCA Office is the market itself and a coffeeshop that sells, Claypot Chicken Rice, and Pork Noodles.

What caught my eye, was that sign , Spicy Pork Noodle.

So I walked to that lady, and asked, whats spicy pork noodle ah ? She answered, Ma Lat Chee Yuk Fan... oh... ok I will have one bowl please....

The bowl arrived in less than 5 minutes, apparently this place somehow do not attract the crowds because it is not on the main road, and yet it's not so difficult to find. The cili padi she put there really made me sweat buckets. Hahahaha... it was so bad, I finished one packet of tissue paper. A bit too hot, and next time I come back , will definitely ask her not to put so much Cili Padi.

Taste wise, it tastes like any other Pork Noodles, except that it comes in a spicy broth. Good stuff for cili lovers.

How do you get there ? Come into Sri Kembangan, along Jalan Besar. Drive past KFC (on your right), and reach a traffic lights junction. Turn Right, you should see some multipurpose/community hall on your left, drive up the lane and you will come to the area where this yellow building is located. Park your car here or nearby and walk directly opposite the yellow building.

So this lady also serves Claypot Chicken Rice, Dim Sum and Pao. I don't remember seeing an Economy Rice booth in this coffeeshop, but I really do not mine trying any shop's economy rice here. The people in this area are generally above average cooks. I ordered White Coffee and I thought it tasted pretty decent.

Not sure if anyone has written about this place before. So no links for this post.