Sunday, July 22, 2007

Where to buy HP7 if you are in East Malaysia

I woke up this morning and was pleasantly surprised that Sharon Bakar had left a comment on my post about Harry Potter. I read her post and opinions and went on to read the comments section. I found quite an interesting mix of opinions from various parties.

We have quite a few who kutuk the hypermarkets, some were happy that Tesco and Careffour is doing this, but some unfortunately for someone like Georgette Tan who is in Malaysia, tarak Hypermarket sana and according to her blog, many walkins were turned away at Popular Bookstore in Kuching.

So I did a few searches and found a few places where you can actually buy them (not at Tesco price la).

One of them at (pic below)

The from YTL Community Website
1) Barnes
2) Powell

By making it difficult for readers to get the book, doesn't mean other readers can't buy it. Imagine , Levis Jeans, Elvis Pressley records, Coke could still be found in Eastern Bloc countries in the 80s.

The four book chain stores who are boycotting this release should consider selling their books at a cheaper price. Then and again, WHY in UK people can get their books for 5 - 8 pounds, we Malaysians have to pay 17 pounds ? Doesn't make any bloody sense.