Sunday, July 22, 2007

More Reactions from The Harry Potty Saga in Malaysia

I am very surprised at the speed of how fast the internet gets its news. Anyway I read from International Herald Tribune, that the Malaysian Government has sided against those greedy multi chain bookstores. (read the story here)

So while surfing the internet for the latest updates on all this Harry Potty Boycotts and such, I found out that this news has already been updated on WIKIPEDIA.

So I still hope all of you who pre ordered, please try and get a refund from MPH & Popular.

Here check out Yahoo Answers on Why the Hypermarket can sell it so cheap ?

Refund !! Refund !!!

Updated 1:31am.

Check out William Soo's Blog on his rants about this Harry Potty Price War Thing. He has a very similar way of thinking regarding this price war thing which is happening only in Malaysia.


bibliobibuli said...

it's a good idea to get your facts right before you blog. perhaps if you had read the wikipedia entry a bit more closely you might have been able to work out what the story actually is

the bookshops here were selling the book for the recommended retail price - the same as in Britain with no extra for the shipping.

most bookshops were prepared to give a discount in one way or another (10% at least, 20% in some cases)

incidentally the amount from each books sale going to the publisher is £10.74 a copy. That's RM75.37. if you do your maths you will see that the booksellers weren't exactly making a killing.

the hypermarkets were in fact making a loss on each copy they sold to undercut the booksellers.

in other words they were using the book as a "loss leader" to get people into the store to do their grocery shopping there.

(that was the bit of the wiki article you didn't understand perhaps?)

Kervin said...

I support bibliobibuli. Factoring in the pre-order people I don't think I was cheated. I got a 20% discount, Harry merchandize which I think made my paying price on par with what the hypermart is offering, the bare essentials. Also its not the price that is the contention is the hypermarts made their move. After months of hype and promotion by the bookstores, they announced a day before of the price cut undermining the bookstore's efforts. If they were sincere in 'helping' Malaysian readers they should have announced earlier of their price reduction and allowed people to choose, not carry out an ambush attack.