Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Restoran Wing Heong, Seremban

It was one of those weekends, where you know you are going to be fatter, last weekend was one of those. Sure fat wan. I was told that we will be attending Sayang's relative's birthday celebrations, they are asking us to go for lunch in Seremban.

Does Wing Heong Restaurant from Seremban ring a bell to anyone ? Nope, not to me either. Although this place is not well known to KL guys like me, I am sure they have quite a reputation with the Seremban people. We just expected a simple lunch to celebrate Sayang's Grand Aunties b'day, but instead they decided to cook up a very delightful 10 course lunch for their guests.

So join me, as I try to recall the dishes on the menu which overwhelmed our taste buds. Excuse the pics though, as I lost my camera during the Penang trip, so have to make do with a 2MP Phone Camera instead.

Very unsual, but the first course was, Loke Yuk Sau Meen ( Venison Long Noodles). It was a brithday celebration as such they serve Long Noodles, even the vegetables are long symbolically to wish Sayang's Grand Auntie a long life. The noodles were very nicely done.

The second serving came, an Assorted platter of appetizers. Unlike the usual 4 seasons platter which we are so acustomed to in KL Restaurants, theirs came in a tower. I also noticed something, they no longer put fire or candles onto this platters , instead they put in little devices which emits flashing lights (like feng tau lights ). The top level appetizer was somekinda fish ball wrapped in bacon. It is really something different from the usual, the fish gives you that very healthy bite, until the juices flushes into your mouth, and combines it with the sweetness of the bacon... wuaaaa... Jieng !! Ichiban..

The one on the left is a fusion of Squid/Sotong Jelly wrapped with Vegetarian Abalone and Chicken. The one on the right is Steamed Prawns covered with Mash Potatoes sprinkled with Finely diced fried Garlic.

Below the picture shows the fourth appetizer, mixed herbal something something...

We were very impressed by the tower, very very uncommon. Then came the soup. Its somekind of seaweed seafood soup which was served individually. Yummy !! Very hoi wai already.

This dish is Stirfried Fish with Mixed Vegetables, with Deep Fried Bones ( really nice ) and Macadamia Nuts.

This duck dish comes with a surprise package. When the waiter put this dish on the table, I must say, someone got turned off. Aiyo got duck dish means they wont serve any Chicken. Very true, but then the hosts, for some reason decided that, they won't be buying us a normal lunch, it was going to be something different.

This duck was stuffed with Good Stuff inside. The chefs here did a good job in preparing this dish. The ingredients must have been special too. This duck did not have the usual smelly duck smell that comes with all duck meat. Even sayang, whom is not a very big duck Fan, agrees. No duck Smell wo !!! She helped herself to one or two more pieces of duck than usual.

The prawn dish came. It was prepared in quite the usual way, the simple way. Ching Jing Prawns but they add garlic oil after the they steamed it. Prawns were fresh and the size was average.

They served two vege dish. One of them is Stir Fried Kai Choi ( dunno what it is in English) and the other one , I call this the Lo Hon Zai dish. Standard vege dish lor.

Of course, when you have birthday celebrations, we always end up eating the birthday cake right ? The hosts baked their own Sugee Cakes. She must have spent an entire day baking those cakes for this party.

To sum up, this place really just looks like the normal Chinese Restaurant, with Air Cond. On a normal day, if I drive past this place I wouldn't go in and try on my own. I am not sure if their normal food stuff is ok or not, but after we kena this special 10 course lunch, I must salute these guys. Definitely will come back when we have the chance.

They managed to impress us with their food. Yat Low ah !!! Two Thumbs up. We had a long drive back and everybody was just happy with their food although 10 courses was a bit too much to eat for Sayang's parents. But then because the food was so good, how to resist ?

As you can see, no exotic dishes were served in this lunch. Exotic ? What I meant was, the menu did not have real abalones, no Buddha jump Over Wall dishes, Lobster Dishes, or Ikan Kelah dishes served. Instead, this restaurant just turned very simple ingredients like fish ( dunno wat fish , ahahaa), duck, chicken and vegetables into dished that will satisfy even the most fussy taste buds.

So how do we get there ?
I am not sure if I can go back there again, but I will try to make this as simple as possible. After you reach Seremban town, look for signs to go to Rasah Town ( Seremban's satellite town). The road to Rasah, is also the road that leads you to PD. After you passed Rasah Town, Jalan Tok Ungku ( formerly Loop Road) is on a turnoff on the left. Wing Heong is just by the roadside on the right hand side.

Restoran Wing Heong
2018, Taman Bukit Blossom,
Jalan Tok Ungku, Seremban